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Welcome to the group dedicated to ALL Games’ Love Interests. We are so glad you found us! Please follow these rules when submitting artwork (the rules do change from time to time, so be sure to check them out periodically). If you have any questions feel free to send us a note. :)



Romantic theme. First and foremost, this group is about love interests. Please submit only work that has a romantic theme.

Gaming. Work in this group is related to gaming, and gaming only, mainly video games, although if a tabletop game comes up, we can discuss it. No movies, books, or other fandom allowed. There are other groups for those things. THE GAME'S NAME MUST BE INDICATED SOMEWHERE IN THE DESCRIPTION OR KEYWORDS.

Members only. Only members can submit work. If a member sees work by a non-member that would go well in the gallery, send me a note with the username and I will invite them to the group.

DA rules. All submissions must adhere to DeviantART Terms of Service.

Submission Limit. Submissions are limited to ten per day. This is a new DA rule, not mine. It sucks, but it is what it is.

Folders. There are tons of games, and for the more complex games, there are tons of characters. We have folders and subfolders like you wouldn’t believe. PLEASE SUBMIT TO THE CORRECT FOLDER. If a piece is submitted to the incorrect folder, I will approve it and move it to the right one once for each user, and then I'll decline it. If you don't see your game, place the work in the Other Games or Unknown folder. If you’d rather ask, please don’t hesitate to note me, and I’ll help you find the right one. Submissions to the Featured folder are not allowed. However, if you see a piece you would like to have featured, note me with that, too.

Other Games: Again, any images submitted MUST have the name of the game somewhere on the deviation or in the description. I don't know every game, and if I can't recognize it, I will not approve it.

Original charactersOriginal characters are permitted without an existing NPC, as long as the characters are clearly part of the game and not just made using the character creation apps. Of course, they also must follow the rest of the submission rules. NOTE: If I am unfamiliar with the game in question, I will ask for clarification from each user one time. After that, I'll decline the submission.

NPCs Portraits of NPCs are welcome. For portraits of OC's, I will judge them on a case-by-case basis according to the other rules.

Androids and robots. Androids are permitted as long as they appear and act human and follow the rest of the rules. Robots will not be permitted.

Mature content. Smut and erotica are allowed if they are properly tagged as mature. Bondage or any sort of BDSM artwork needs a mature tag even if there is no nudity.

Fiction. Fanfiction and comics are allowed. These pieces don't have to be solely romantic. The romance can be part of an overarching story, as long as it's in there somewhere. Individual chapters with no romance are allowed, again, as long as the overall story has a romance.

Screenies. Screenshots are allowed, as long as they have a romantic theme.

Cosplay. NPCs only unless the OC is in a romantic situation with an existing NPC. All other rules apply.


Combat. NO COMBAT OR COMBAT RELATED IMAGES. This includes wielding weapons, casting spells, or anything that might be construed as combat. That said, some characters pose with their weapons while not actually wielding them. I will take that into consideration when they're submitted.

Duplicates. Only one copy of an image is allowed in the gallery. Duplicates or nearly identical images (for example, the same image in a different color) will be declined.

Wallpapers. No stylized posters or wallpapers allowed unless they specifically contain a romantic theme.

Death. This category is very subjective. Images of someone who has just lost a lover may be permitted; we'll handle it on a case-by-case basis. However, heroic poses of your kill, combat aftermaths, and corpses in general will not be permitted.

Memes. Memes and characters sheets are not permitted.

Journals. No journal entries or blog pages.

Crafts for sale. Please do not hawk your wares in the group. I will allow deviations with Patreon rewards as long as they follow the other rules of the group and as long as this does not get abused.

Raw roleplay. If you would like to submit a roleplay to the gallery, please put it in story format. Raw RP is hard for people to read, and story format can filter out all the excess and unrelated content. All other rules apply as well.

Children and Animals. There is--or should be--nothing romantic about a child or an animal. IMAGES CONTAINING CHILDREN, ANIMALS, AND FAMILY PICTURES WILL NOT BE ALLOWED. Pokemon, dragons, and other mythical creatures count as animals. Ash Ketchum is a child. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles count as both. I also count chibis as children. I don't count Khajiit or Argonians as animals, and they are permitted in the gallery as long as they follow the other rules. These are Elder Scrolls races; if there are beast races in other games, let me know and I'll take a look at them.Werewolves in beast form are subjective. I've counted them as animals in the past, but I've actually seen some very poignant images that I would have allowed, so I'll decide on a case-by-case basis.

Monsters.</i> As a general rule, monsters are not allowed in the gallery. However, their submission is open to discussion if you believe an individual image should be allowed.

Dream Cast. No "dream cast" images. I love these and do them myself, but they don't go with the romantic theme and will not be allowed.

Works in Progress No works in progress. Finish it, and then submit it.

If anybody has any questions, always feel free to contact Whisper292, and I'll help out as best I can. I check DA and this group nearly every day, and I look at every piece that is submitted to determine if it should be allowed in the gallery, but I’m not infallible. If I decline something and you want to state your case, please do so--but nicely. I'm a nice person, and I don't bite. I will listen and may change my mind.

If you are trying to join and are getting an error message or if you are having any other problems please note me.

Should we modify the "must have an NPC" rule to read something like "must be directly related to the game"? 

4 deviants said Yes! OCs are the heart and soul of a game!
1 deviant said No. It would be too easy to abuse.
1 deviant said There's more to this question. See my response.

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2 - Something Went Wrong, ApparentlyTwoLittle Conversations"I could not help feeling that they were evil things-- mountains of madness whose farther slopes looked out over some accursed ultimate abyss."H.P. LovecraftAfter Alex hung up with the Sheriff, he made another call. A sultry feminine voice answered after a few rings."Bon soir, mon ami!""Bon soir," he replied. "How is my favorite witch this eve?""Wicked," she said with a giggle.It was a conversation they'd had a dozen times in the past year or so. When she had changed her name last December, she had chosen Morgan after Morgan le Fey from King Arthur lore, but through endless jesting and teasing, they had somehow come around to the Wicked Witch of the West.Alex loved this vibrant woman so. In 200 years, he had never met anyone like her. He had become jaded, aloof, and he would never have even thought of playful banter, with his childer or anyone else. But Diane would have none of it. She had rejuvenated him, forced him to come out of his shell and enjoy his existence again, and he had rewarded her with the Embrace. He counted the nights till the time her studies ended so she could rejoin him here in New Orleans."So. What's going on in the Big Easy?" she asked, pulling him out of his reverie. "Anything juicy?"He chuckled. "That's one way to put it. You might be interested to know a couple of kine crossed my threshold tonight. They were looking for you."There was a pregnant pause on the line, and then, "Who?""She said her name was Margie.""I don't know her.""Oh, I think you do. She claims to be your sister.""Oh, shit! Should I come home?""Not just yet. You must complete your studies, and there's more to this. They didn't say so, but a little telepathy told a much bigger story. Besides, we may already have a Masquerade violation on our hands. Let us not make it worse by letting your sister see what you've become before the time is right."Morgan let out a heavy sigh. "Gods damn it, I should have known she wouldn't let it go. Let me guess: the boyfriend is really her partner, and they're still investigating my disappearance.""Eh, yes and no. They're investigating a series of murders that may be Sabbat related. I believe they used your photo to get a foot in the door here. I've phoned the Sheriff.""Alex, please don't let him hurt them," she entreated him with a quiver in her voice. "Please.""No one will hurt them, cheri, I give you my word.""Well, keep me posted and let me know if I should come home. Je t'aime.""Je t'aime aussi. Goodnight, my love."* * *Michael and Janelle waited twenty minutes for Mister Guidry's return. They chatted quietly, staying in character in case he was listening. Michael finally got impatient and got up to go find their host, but the front door opened and two men came through the shop. He sat back down and eyed them curiously.Both were wearing expensive business suits, and neither looked comfortable in them. One was imposing and looked like a hitman for the mob, or maybe a professional wrestler. He even had the blond hair and scarred forehead you might see on a seasoned veteran of the ring. He blocked the doorway, arms folded, and scowled at them. The other was smaller, with olive skin, tousled black hair, and a scruffy beard. And a warm smile. He had something Michael had never seen before other than on some ex-cons: face tattoos. The two marks were elaborate, both black and done in a flame motif. One of them crossed from his forehead to his left temple, and the other stretched from his lower right cheek down his neck."Ah, good, you're here," said Mister Guidry as he came down the stairs. "Mister Kai, what a pleasant surprise! I didn't expect to see you here."The smaller man shrugged. "I was in the neighborhood."Guidry waved his hand toward the two on the couch. "Justin Schneider, Kai Kekoa, meet Steven and Margie Stanfield.""Oh, we're not married," they said in unison.The wrestler stepped into the room and loomed over them. "I hear you're looking for someone. And your search has led you . . . here. How did that happen?"Michael wasn't one to be intimidated, so he stood up. Schneider had barely given him room to move, but he did it anyway, pressing up against the larger man. "Dude. Why don't you back up a bit? You're scarin' mah girlfriend."Schneider didn't move, simply stood and glared down at him. Michael did the only thing he could think of. He climbed up on the couch and smiled down at the larger man.Justin Schneider smiled back, but it was a cold smile. He still waited for Michael to answer."We've hit pretty much every occult shop in town," he finally replied. "I think this is the last one we hadn't been to.""And why the occult shops?"Michael grimaced and regarded the giant suspiciously. He had conducted countless interrogations, and he knew one when he saw it. This gigantor was interrogating him. He couldn't fathom why, unless he and Janelle had walked into some sort of trap. He looked down at Janelle, and she shrugged, so he told the truth. "Diane was pretty active in the occult community. We're hopin' we can find a connection somewhere."He turned his head toward Guidry, who was chatting quietly with Kai. "You said you could help," he reminded the proprietor. "But I'm startin' to feel like we're helping you. What gives?"Kai chuckled. "He's not afraid of you at all, is he, Justin?""I bet I can make him scared."That would take some effort. Michael had seen a lot, and he wasn't afraid of much, and certainly not any man, no matter how big he was."Now, now," Guidry chided him. "Why don't we take a beat and discuss ways we can help each other?"Justin stepped back, and Michael sat back down."Your sister has been here," Guidry assured Janelle. "She did not stay long, and I don't know where she went."There was a tell, a minute tic of the eye, that Guidry probably didn't even notice. But Michael did. Guidry was lying."Well, what did she do while she was here?" Janelle asked."Oh, just some shopping. Friendly girl, I remember that. Very pretty. You look very much alike.""And that's why you had to call in goons?" she challenged him. "Did you think you were gonna need protection after you gave us such measly information?"Kai smiled broadly and stepped closer, then sat down next to Michael. "My, do we have a pair here! Who are you two really?"Michael furrowed a brow. "Whadda ya mean, 'really'? We told you."Kai stared intently into his eyes for a long moment, then said, "I can spot a lie, too, my friend.""I'm certain you noticed his aura," Guidry suggested."Oh, yes. Your aura screams . . . Michael."A chill went down Michael's spine. "What the hell?""Somehow, I don't think that was just a good guess," Janelle accused the tattooed man. "How did you know his name?""Would you believe I can read his mind?""Not for a second," Michael grunted. He held his gaze boldly, refusing to let this asshole know he was spooked."Clairvoyance, I've seen," said Janelle, her heavy Cajun accent dropping slightly. "But telepathy is a myth.""Is it, though, Janelle?"Schneider chuckled. "My size didn't scare you, but that did, didn't it? I can smell it on you.""I think it's time we left," Michael announced. He started to stand up, but Kai placed a gentle hand on his shoulder."My apologies, Michael. I truly didn't mean to scare you. Sometimes, when the situation is right, I'm compelled to show off." He looked up at Guidry. "I think we might be able to help each other out, don't you?"Guidry shrugged. "If you think it's advisable. But I'll need to make a call.""By all means, bring her here." He turned back to Michael."Oh, God," the big man groaned. "How many times have we had this conversation, only for it to end badly?"Kai ignored him and turned back to the couple. "What do you really do, Michael? Police? Private investigator?"Michael bit his lip so hard it bled, but the compulsion to answer was so powerful that he practically blurted it out. "NOPD. Eighth District.""And you're working the Diane Stanfield case? Or is there more?"Again, he felt as though someone were forcing the words from his mouth. "More. Some reports of human sacrifices."Schneider groaned. "Let me guess. Reports of people getting their heads bashed in. But when you arrived at the scene, you found empty graves.""We are so dead," Janelle muttered.* * *The night is quiet as he and his team make their way through the city in the wee hours of the morning. Really quiet--too quiet. When the attack comes, it's out of nowhere. His team, half a dozen experienced Navy SEALs with the acute senses of men who have spent years operating in the shadows, are taken completely by surprise.Everything is a blur, and what he does see is terrible. So terrible. Monstrous creatures, fangs, claws, screams, sprays of blood. He shoots them, but it only makes them angry. Or worse, it makes them laugh. A head flies by, and his clothes get splattered with brains. Something grabs him from behind and bites him. He screams, fights, the creature snarls--* * *"MICHAEL!"He opened his eyes and sat up in bed, a scream still on his lips. He was trembling and drenched with sweat, but the terror faded quickly. In the two seconds it took for him to shake himself awake and look back at Janelle, he relaxed and was fine. He didn't even remember having a nightmare."What?" he asked abruptly."What do you mean, 'what'? You were thrashing and screaming bloody murder. Scared the hell out of me."With that, he shrugged. "Dunno. I don't remem--wait--how did we get here?" The last thing he could recall was that guy with the tattooed face sitting down next to him, and now he was at home in his own bed."I was going to ask you the same thing. I woke up when you started screaming, and I have no idea how we got here, either. Look at the clock."Michael looked over to see that it was 0500. They had entered Mister Guidry's around 2030 last night and had been there about a half hour when the two men arrived. What the hell had they been doing for the last eight hours? A violent chill shook his entire body, and he began to hyperventilate. Sheer terror overtook him, and it was all he could do to keep from shrieking. He had felt like this before."Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God," he whimpered over and over.Janelle placed a gentle hand on his shoulder, and he suddenly realized he was curled up with his arms over his knees, rocking back and forth and dripping with sweat."Babe. Babe! What is it?" she prodded with a look of horror on her face.He looked at her with bewilderment. "I don't know. I honestly don't know." He turned and started to get out of bed when he noticed a piece of folded paper on the nightstand. He picked it up and opened it. It was a note, written by someone with a shaky hand.,"There is no way I'm calling that number," Michael declared.Five minutes later, he was picking up the phone.
Thanks to all you guys for voting on my poll. As of today, I will change the rule about NPCs to reflect that OCs may be included without an existing NPC, as long as they are directly related to the game and follow our other rules.
If anyone has submitted work before that I declined for this reason, feel free to submit it again. I will ask, however, that if it is not related to Elder Scrolls or Vampire: the Masquerade, you give me some context. As usual, I'll ask for clarification the first time, and after that, I'll decline anything that isn't clear.
By the way, I've also tweaked some other rules. The only one I really changed was the one about werewolves. I've considered werewolves in beast form animals, but I've seen some romantic images that negate that belief altogether. Thus, I'll start taking werewolf works on a case-by-case basis.
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