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Blank Meme: [link]

Well I had no idea what possessed me to do it, but I did a kissing meme! Drawing anything romantic always makes me flustered and rush stuff so I hope this came out ok. >////<

So yeah, I saw ~Chao-Lover2's version in her gallery and thought, "Why not!" and had a go. It was supposed to be just sketches at first, but then I thought it'd look boring and inked it, then it still looked too boring and coloured it in. :laughing:

So we have Arill & Draven again! I put days on there to show how long they've been going out for X3 and the way those questions were placed were perfect for it! And for the third panel, yes I know she is more nibbling his ear (nom nom :heart: ) it just seemed to fit better then her kissing it. :XD:

Oh! I also wanna thank ~Lilith13thevampire for helping me with the pose for the fourth panel :hug: (T'was crap earlier XD )

Draven is (c) to both me and ~Lilith13thevampire
Arill is (c) to me
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awww cute but you skipped to many days