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Duover Part 3 by Slofkosky
[SKY] Series : Cosmy by XallowArt
Duover Part 2 by Slofkosky
Dragon Ball Z
Gohan and Videl by sarifromwonderland
Piccolo by Thrillosopher
DBS SUPER HERO - Beast Gohan by Unialien
VRChat | Beerus near the Loser by Fuflotyuk
Sloane Plunderman (Sonic Version) by Caniri4TheWin
Eggman The Hedgehog sketch by ZaxsSouven
Sonic Cyborg Sketch 1 by ZaxsSouven
Sonic Cyborg Sketch 2 by ZaxsSouven
minervamon by Kingly1Arts
Pico Devimon by Sapsanka
Phoenixmon by dragonnova52
Phoenixmon Merciful mode by dragonnova52
Tea Gardner: A Friend You'll Heart by TheNaughtyGoblin
Marik Doll by Sner2000
Ishizu Doll by Sner2000
Tea Doll by Sner2000
Pokemon 2
Free Raffle - Beacheon (OPEN) by Roxalew
Lunala and me _ Pokemon GO by K4nK4n
Lunala looking at SPOTLIGHT _ Pokemon GO by K4nK4n
Caught Giratina on the 1ST THROW (2 November 2002) by K4nK4n
The Legend of Zelda
Link and Zelda by Dawgweazle
Link and Zelda Doodle by Lighane
Chilling tuning by LovelyPrincessN64
LEGEND of the OCARINA by HiMyNamesJakob
Blinx The Timesweeper
Defects gonna destroy demons... by UchihaSama224
Warrior girl with spear - adoptable auction open by AVA-core
Cold star warrior- adoptable closed by AVA-core
Mother - adoptable ( closed ) by AVA-core
Ratchet and Clank
+sakurafarious+ by xXHanaChanXx
rivet + kit by xXHanaChanXx
+insomniac nostalgia drip+ by xXHanaChanXx
space cat gfs~ by xXHanaChanXx
Birthday 2022 by Sierra-700
Call Of Duty
Call Of Duty Modern Warefare 3 fanart - Charcoal by TheArtOfCasty
GRIM-Tendo by HiMyNamesJakob
The Elder Scrolls

Mature Content

Keerava _ The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim (3) by K4nK4n

Mature Content

Hug by UchihaSama224
Sly Cooper
For Emilie: The Cooper Family. by OliverRed
Jak and Daxter

Mature Content

Yumeko alter. version by Pezalay
Black Butler
Beast and Betty by sarifromwonderland
Sasori Akasuna Scorpion by Ezerfri
Customized characters
HB: For You, Baby I Will Bring The Whole Circus by HaraaJubilee
Exploring the sphere by TellerySpyro
Ice Age
Toothless and Scrat by Guy-Inkognito

Mature Content

Resident Evil 3 - 'No Escape' Page 5 (Censored) by hombre-blanco
Robot Unicorn Attack
Griffon And Unicorn Banner Horse Pegasus Adoptable by StephanieSmall
Krystal _ 20221020 by IndigoMystiere
Fairies, angels and Merpeople
Inktober2022 day 24 - Fairy by LeoMitchell
Lisa Simpson crossover JoJos Bizarre Adventure by IndigoImmortalis
ASIB: Raccoon Buddy Forever Part 3- (The montage begins with Ame and Raccoon Man playing rock music, then they start going to the Whak-A-Doodles by motorcycle, as Raccoon Man slices a fire hydrant to soak Officed Ruski. Then at the Whack-A-Doodles, Ame and Raccoon Man start playing the Knock-A-Robot-Master Down game. When Raccoon Man misses, Ice Man then wins the prize. Raccoon Man then puts a TNT in it and makes the prize explode in Ice Manís face, thus making him angry. After that, Ame and Raccoon Man head to the park and take pictures of each other. After the montage ends, they sit at the bench.)- Ame (America): Wow, Raccoon Man, you really are a cool robot master. Since when did you get into cool hobbies like free-will and such? - Raccoon Man: I do it to rebel against the police. - Ame (America): I kinda do the same thing too.- (Mega Man appears behind an empty trash can.)- Mega Man: Ah-ha! Iíve come here to tell you if you really are in jail. - Raccoon Man: Well, this is the prison yard. - Mega Man: Then where are the walls? Huh, huh, huh?- Raccoon Man: They hadnít finished building them yet.- Mega Man: This is a park, not a prison! I am going to prove it to everyone about this!- Raccoon Man: *Whispering* Cut it out. Youíre going to get me arrested.- (Mega Man growls in anger, and then teleports out of the location. The next scene cuts to Ame and Raccoon Man in the mall.) - Raccoon Man: Want to see something cool?- Ame (America): Okay. Sounds like it. - (Raccoon Man then throws a blade at Guts Man, but Ame defends him.)- Ame (America): Are you crazy? You almost hit Guts Man! - Raccoon Man: PleaseÖ The laws are nothing but garbage.- Ame (America): Youíre a criminal robot! I knew I shouldíve not trusted you. And I am not going to let someone hurt anyone!- Raccoon Man: Youíre telling me what to do?- Ame (America): Bring it on.- (Mega Man and his gang then appear.)- Mega Man: There you are, Raccoon Man!- (The gang then arrest Raccoon Man.)- Ame (America): Sorry for doubting you, guys. Iíll make sure that will never happen again.- Mega Man: Donít mention it! Letís get home, okay?- Ame (America): Okay!- (The episode then ends.)
Champions of Norrath and Return to Arms
some kind of poof mof by deadaccount-mount
Ben 10
Insurgency Ben Tennyson by dead82
Darkstalkers Power Couple by Dawgweazle
Daily Paints 14th March 2022 Optimus Prime by ryanbarlin1
Comics and literature
Witch of the Wilds (Fan Art) by Slofkosky
Character sheets
Paragon City: Lazarus by Acaciathorn
My little Pony
My Wombo Pony _ AI is Magic (10) by K4nK4n
Happy Tree Friends
Gladiolus Amicitia by xKamillox
The Forest (October 2022) (3) by K4nK4n
Empty Bases, Lineart, Templates and Memes
Create your own America Murder AU Cast by Caniri4TheWin
Left 4 Dead
Ashley Graham by JoshPointOhII
Silent hill
monsters? they looked like monsters to you? by vyvilha
Deltora quest
Battle Arena Toshinden 3 - Cuiling by FranjoGutierrez
How about a round of Gwent? by Mircalla-Tepez
Craft and sculptural
Crochet Master Ball Free Pattern by Ludaritz

Mature Content

Shutara Senjumaru by gin-1994
Quack Quack! by AlphaFeaverDream
Ser Cameron Locke by AuriV1
Fury lava bathing by Huy137
Bloodborne Sketch by SolidStro
Amara defeated SFW by Huy137
Yu Yu Hakusho
Wind Petal Circle Formation! by sarifromwonderland
Adventure Calendar Countdown #1: ProtecTeam Trio by Caniri4TheWin
Other games
Tartaglia Genshin Impact by KNPaint
Other books
Adventure Calendar Countdown #2: Gadget Doodle by Caniri4TheWin
Other movies
Tama-Siblings by Caniri4TheWin
Cosplay Folder
Adventure Calendar Countdown #4: Countryreindeers! by Caniri4TheWin
Team Fortress 2
SPY is ENGINEER! by IndigoMystiere
New Multiverse (Toonanime Friends Forever) by Caniri4TheWin
Lara Croft by xKamillox
5 Things You Never Knew About Mega Man by Caniri4TheWin
Warhammer 40k Space Marine 20221122 by IndigoMystiere
Featured 2
rider.sfw by Atit-Artworks
Featured 3
Devious Folder 2
inktober 2021 Granamyr the red by Tom Kelly by TomKellyART
Devious Folder
Inktober 2021 Skeletor Crosswords by Tom Kelly by TomKellyART


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I've been having problems with one of the bosses on Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove. I have tried to defeat Specter Knight too many times and I keep on dying, I guess she's too strong. (She because body swap) Are there any techniques or methods that I can use to defeat her? Is there any items or other necessities that I can use? It will be very nice if someone can help!
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A group for fantasy and Gaming alike!!
If your a gaming fan this group is for you, and same goes if you love your fantasy! :)
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By the way the rules of this group are:
1. you must love either fantasy or gaming or both
(I will allow SCI-FI because it can overlap in both fantasy and gaming.)
2. you cant cyber bully others or you will be removed from the group
3. NO ART theft what-so-ever
4. be respectful and no put-downs
5. Unlimited Submits
6. Feel free to spam
7. Have fun!

What we do NOT accept:

"Twilight" related things.



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