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Runescape Quest Map

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Well this was a WAY bigger task than i ever thought it would be but i'd like to present my map of all the quest lines in runescape. I've seen many people attempt this before but they're always just a bunch of names and an incomprehensible mess of arrows, i wanted to do something way better

There are a few major differences between this and most people's attempts at this map. Firstly all the arrows flow downwards, as such this map also acts as like a timeline of the story through runescape. Secondly as you can see i didnt just use a bunch of names and arrows but used quest artwork for each of the quests. Most of these icons required me to expand the pictures outward to fit the area, and there where quite a few quests that didnt have any artwork and required me to make icons for them from scratch. The shields used to show the quest difficulty was inspired by a similar set of shields used in the old runescape manual, sadly i couldnt find the manual anymore so i had to make my own. Thirdly i should point out that this is a cylindrical map, in other words the left and right edges loop into eachother so i've make the image tilable in the horizontal direction. The final important difference in this map is i changed some of the connections. mainly by connecting the world wakes to missing presumed death, these quests are direct sequels and SHOULD be connected. From this change i also removed alot of double connections thus simplifying it down (hopefully)

I really hope you guys like this, it took WAY longer than it should have. Will try to update this image as new quests come up so feel free to use it as your own personal quest tracker ^_^

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I can't get over how great this is!! You must have had a huge computer screen, right? How...else could you have organized this so well?
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Hehe no crazy computer screen, just a regular one. Actually coming up with a way just to plan this out was a task in itself. Tried just typing all the quest lines out and connect them but that quickly went too crazy, tried writing all the quests on many scraps of paper and string them together with thread but very nearly webbed by entire room together. In the end i had to use my 3d model software, alot of coloured points connect them up and gradually bring them close together as simply as i could. Took ALOT of tinkering around just to get a rough design to use and for most of it i was convinced it was impossible for it to be a clean pathway

Glad people like it, even saw a few people turning it into a full on quest tracking tool linking each pic to its wiki page. I should update it for sliske's endgame and fix 1 connection thats slightly off but honestly after how long i spent on this i needed a break XD
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Sorry for replying so late.

Honestly dude, Jagex oought to pay you a heafty sum and make this official and add to this. It's just so awesome!

I can't imagine how much work and headaches this gave you.
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Tifa-AmakuraHobbyist Digital Artist
this is some top notch stuff! wow! 
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I had same idea, but gave up, because it got very messy really fast :) Nice to see that you have made order in that mess. Great work! (Y)
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god that's a mess... a lovely sexy mess... good job!
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Holy shit dude. This is perfect!
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wow, this is awesome
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Socoolgirl94Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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This is awesome! It took me longer than I do like to admit to find cook assistant however.
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Alliedforce35Hobbyist General Artist
This is absolutely incredible! It's like a biochemistry reaction chart! I really don't doubt the effort it took for you to make this.
Absolutely fantastic work!
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BlazeDekuHobbyist Traditional Artist
You're going to have you're work cut out for you when Sliske's Endgame comes out next month.

All the same, great work! You've clearly put a lot of effort into this!
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Seer99Hobbyist Writer absolutely incredible. Awesome job in creating this, Gamez
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