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Tales Of Catlington Chapter 1 - The beginning by GameyGemi Tales Of Catlington Chapter 1 - The beginning by GameyGemi
Tales of Catlington
Did you ever wonder what do your pets do when you aren’t looking after them? Especially outdoor pets? 
Katy walks down the main street of her town in fast pace.
i want some food i am hungry. Oh yeah there are some bird seeds. The white cat proceeded to catch the bird on the bird food house and ate the bird and the seeds. i am gonna take a nap. The cat went to a warm roof were the sun shined. Katy fell asleep in the next 2 seconds. KATY KATYYYYYYY! Oakeye shouted. KATY help me they are attacking me again and they are licking me with their tongues to glue fur on me! Katy ran over to Oakeye and hushed the bullies away. Oakeye! are you okay? Yeah… Both felines went under a tree to chill out. But then… OAKEYE wake up! Wha? They suddenly found themselves in a animal control truck. How can I get out of here??? I don’t know Katy but maybe we are going to a better place. Katy panicked trying to get the cage that she was in to open but nothing worked. It felt like an eternity in there, but she managed to start conversations with other animals in the truck. First animal she met was a brown dog named Grump. I am Grump I got abandoned by my owners because too aggressive even tho they almost knocked me out to death! What do they expect? Katy looked at Grump with a sad expression. A really lively was in the cage next to her. HIIIIII I am Gray! I don’t know where I am from! I just love to talk do you like to talk? Katy ignored Gray because he was too obnoxious for her. She then saw a really weird “thing” in the back of the truck alone. Oakeye acted fast by saying: Don’t talk to her! She is dangerous trust me. Jenny turned around in her cage and said: You will see me one day just wait.. The white cat got shivers down her spine but she calmed herself with the blanket in the cage. They finally arrived at the shelter. Ugh.. not a shelter! Jenny said. Katy was lucky because white cats were preferred in that season of the year. Katy staid in the shelter for about 1 week and she didn’t see Oakeye ever again. I really miss Oakeye she was such good friend that I could always talk to. Then a girl with her Grandma came in the shelter and the girl focused on Katy. She wanted Oakeye first but the white cat was too elegant to not pick up. Grandma I want the white kitty! Ugh… exclamaded the old woman in an annoyed voice. Katy was TERREFIED she was always told as a kitten that humans are dangerous. In the first day she was always hiding under the bed. But then… when she finally didn’t hide… WHAAAAT? 6 cats?
Katy looked around seeing all those cats. I am Gemi. You shouldn’t be here you disgusting rotten maggot. The cats looked at her in disgust. The new feline went into the house with a sad look.The girl suddenly picked her up. Lets go upstairs! i have a surprise for you! Terrified was a feeling that Katy was feeling. She suddenly got happy and surprised when she saw the girls room with cat toys, food,fresh water and a comfy soft bed. She played around with the toys. Outside Dalmi,Gemi`s sister exclaimed! Iris and I can only stay in the mornings why does that maggot get a room?! The next day she went refreshed outside. She explored the garden for herself. When suddenly… She saw something shiny behind the green bushes infront of a big tree. Huh? She suddenly saw a portal. A really small one that she barely could fit in. She put her paw in the portal but that was a huge mistake because the next thing she saw was black. Then a light stroke her and she fainted. When she woke up she was naked and confused. She could stand on two paws! WHHHAAAT? She also had flowing,soft and beautiful blue long hair and three ear pearcings. She went into the city on four paws because she still doesn’t get how you can walk on two paws. The “people” in the city weren’t normal humans. They were fully clothed animals on two legs! Katy was starred at because she was naked. She smiled nervously and hid behind a trash can. Suddenly a cat named Sammy came up to he and said: Hello there! I am the guide of Catlignton. Catlington? Katy thought to herself. Come on! I`ll show you around. Here is the clothing  store! But we have fur! uuuuuhhh thats a long story... You should buy some clothes! Don’t worry first arrivals get everything for free! Katy looked around till her eyes watched attention to a yellow hoody. That looks like my owners hoody! Then a 70s pants grabbed her attention and later some black shoes too. This is all I want. The cashier said goodbye to them after Katy got all dressed. So she told all her frenemys about the world but they didn’t believe her. So she forced them to enter.Woaaaaah!!! Gemi got some black hair,Whiskey got orange hair and then Dalmi and Brownie got brown hair, Iris got yellow hair. Again they got greeted from a Unishi. What will happen next? Will they save the world? (maybe) till next week!
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