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It's a Volcano!

Location  Kalav Volcano


This was a scene from my Return to the Negaverse story, during the Pirate Wars (Part 18-4). It was too sweet to not draw and really highlights Ikuyim's spirited and carefree personality! And it hints her strength just the same: since her little sister is a lavabender, she's used to dealing with volcanoes, and further earthbender training has made her capable of walking barefoot in a volcano without her soles burning off. It's kind of like how Moana went her whole journey barefoot, even at the volcano! Oh, and in Zelda: Breath of the Wild, did you know Link can stand barefoot in shallow lava and NOT take damage? Dude is damn strong! I'll bet Ikuyim could do that just the same!

Oh, and the new One-Punch chapter where Saitama bathes in lava and casually spits it from his mouth, but he's Saitama, he can do that.

The girl screaming at her is Yddam Yhprum, doing a classic anime face fault. They along with others are traveling up Kalav Volcano on Planet Arim's Bioless. On their journey to defeat the Meta-Beast Pirates, they must scale the perilous volcano, relying on Ikuyim's earthbending every hot-footed step. Ikuyim doesn't wear any new clothes post-timeskip, and the differences from Miyuki's old look include a sweater instead of a frilly-cuffed shirt, a bowtie instead of a ribbon, and her gradient irises are inverted (the orange part on top and white on bottom). I also gave her long, white nails, but kind of hard to notice against her pale skin.

Yddam © :iconagentnumbuh227:

Ikuyim © Kids, drink Fireproof Elixirs and wear Goron Armor before hiking up volcanoes.
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I'd say Ikuyim is dong just fine on her own, and if she does get burned then this'll be a teachable moment for her. So its a win-win situation! XDDD