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Happy Birthday, Varstar!

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Today is July 4, known as :iconsarstar98:'s birthday! And I think some sort of holiday. Actually, it's also the birthday of one of my coworkers, who's also named Sarah! I also noticed that just about most of my pics for Sar are about Dimentia and Plex, but that's getting a bit cliché, so I decided to use Varcrutis instead! Cheren Uno and Maddy Murphy are in attendance, but I'm sure other ops are across the table, maybe even other guests, too. Var's design was also based off her chibi form, naturally. How did she get suckered into this? Who knows~ XD

Varcrutis © :iconsarstar98:

Maddy Murphy © :iconagentnumbuh227:

Cheren Uno © Me and Mika
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Its great that you've decided to switch up the characters sometimes, but even if you did go with Dimentia and Plex I would've loved it either way. Also I'm guessing Cheren promised Var a grand buffet in exchange for her little appearance! XDDD

Though I am still sad, for the Tinytia that didn't make it ... 3X

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She would make a good cake decoration, I can always add purr later! X3

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I speak of the one lost in the Birdley attack ... 3X

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Murrr ~ 83333

Sudden thought - Purrex is buried within the cake cause he wants to remain hidden whilst enjoying the nom-noms. 8O

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Better be careful he doesn't get cut by the cake knife!

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Sensing the cake about to be cut, Purrex dug himself out of the deliciousness and jumped down with Tinytia before then sharing a large piece of cake that he had saved for them both. They then enjoy their delectable morsel, Lady and Tramp style. 83

So I guess they left Floofwizard by himself to defend against Tachihuahua? XP

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The Floofwizard bravely chose to fend off the Tachihuahua so the two could feast on the cursed cake!

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Oh, this looks nice.

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