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The Tea Party, Chapter 9
Remember how easy the old Big Mom was? Well, I guess she does have something in common with her ancestor. Play “Poor Unfortunate Souls” by the Jonas Brothers!

Chapter 9: Bad End Musical

Luna Nova

The Grand Charion’s right arm blasted at Queen Sherry like a rocket, the very air vibrating as she blocked it with her Soul Quartz combined with Psychic Chi. Meanwhile, the left fist flew and destroyed the platform the queen was standing on. Sherry fell, but was rescued by Zeus, the nimbus performing a somersault in the air before diving at Charion full speed. “BREAKING POINT!” Sherry spun around as pink psychic amassed on her sword in the form of a drill. The mecha extracted a shield and pushed the drill back, using all the power it could muster to do so. Constanze felt the shield weakening, so she boosted away from the Titan.
“ZEUS!” Sherry jumped as the raincloud flew to the sky. “Prometheus!” The sun
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The Tea Party, Chapter 8
Little trivia about the magic show: Akko purposely cast Jasminka as the star to get back at Mickey Mouse. :3 Play “Crimson Bow and Arrow” by Linked Horizon.

Chapter 8: One Note Musical

Sweetopia; Bridge of Carmel

After the excitement of the magic show, it was unbelievable that the witches still had energy to run at the speeds they were going, even considering Hannah swapped their show clothes with their gym clothes. Alas, when they were being chased by the first Titan to hunt human prey in 5,000 years, should they really question such a blessing? How ironic they were briefly chased by Bowser one month before, and they didn’t feel one-tenth of the fear they felt right now.
“SHERRY, PLEASE!” Akko screeched at the top of her lungs. “DON’T EAT ME! WE’RE FRIENDS! PLEASE, STOP!”
“AKKOOOOOOOO!” For just a bit, Queen Sherry slowe
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The Tea Party, Chapter 5
Time for a cute fight scene!

Chapter 5: Preproduction Begins

Whole Cake Chateau; Kiddie Corn Room

Corlan the Fishboy spat gushes of water with the speed of bullets, Amanda swiftly dodging as she shot back fireballs, but when Nati the Fairy sprinkled more magic dust on her, Amanda grew sleepy. This gave the giant Glomourian, Glonno the chance to kick Amanda across the room like a toy. Corlan ran to sink his teeth into Amanda’s leg, but the angered witch lit it on fire to force him to let go. Glonno leapt overhead and SMASHED Amanda beneath his rump, then got off before Corlan spat water in her face.
A young Amanda was pinned beneath the foot of a giant, who then began to mold spit in his mouth before drenching Amanda’s head. The furious girl lit herself aflame, turning the saliva to steam as she began to burn the overgrown bullies. The poor girl was given detention and a scolding from her parents.
“GRAAAH!” Amanda lit up again and lashed a
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The Tea Party, Chapter 7
You ever get that feeling where you’re scheduled to give a presentation for a project you’ve been working on and you’re like super nervous? Well, that’s the feeling that Akko’s side-plot is supposed to represent. Because nothing is more relatable than the threat of execution. :)
…Wow, I gave myself goosebumps while writing this plot twist…

Chapter 7: Because She Is My Friend!

Party Plaza

“Listen to those Big WOOS as guests flock in from all across the universe!” Big Bird declared as the plaza was bouncing with sentient tables, cups, and sweets. “Watch as they all line up and present to Great Grandma their luxurious gifts! From the galactic mine of Knowhere in the Nicklodia Galaxy, it’s the Collector, Taneleer Tivan!”
“Good morning, Your Majesty.” Tivan bowed to the queen. “For a gift, I present to you, this Precursor Egg, the last relic of a fallen kingdom.” He held up a larg
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The Tea Party, Chapter 4
Some of Cheren’s training regimens are based off Link’s Champion Trials from Breath of the Wild.

Chapter 4: Dinner At Grandma’s

Hyrule; Hebra Mountains

Gon had returned to his sector for the night, while Panini remained at Bisky’s cabin. It was past midnight and the vice-leader had fallen asleep. As Bisky enjoyed another cup of tea, she looked down to Cheren, who had just passed out after climbing out of the hole for the umpteenth time. After making sure Panini was fast asleep, the Drill Sergeant climbed down and approached Cheren. “I’ll give you credit: you didn’t stop trying once. Even after losing your bending, your three years of training have made you more durable and more determined. Hmm…”
Bisky lifted him over her shoulders and carried him up to the cabin. She set him by the fire to warm his frosted body, cooked up meat and fruit, and slipped them into his mouth while she helped him chew. “I have
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Seven Lights: The Last, Chapter 39
Play “King of the Koopas” from Paper Mario!

Chapter F-39: May We Give Blessings

Final boss: Lord English
Lord English inhaled a deep breath, drawing in the Time Chi around him. BONG. . . His goal was to obliterate the army of heroes in one Roar of Time. MaKayla, George, and Miyuki combined their powers and stood their ground against the condensed chi, sending it back to land the first blow against His Lordship. “Didn’t he wipe out two galaxies with that same move?” George asked.
“Calliope must really be holding him back.” Kayla deduced.
“This is our chance, everyone!” Cheren declared. “Don’t hold back! Give him EVERYTHING you have!”
Cheren, Sheila, and Maddy were the first ones to go in, the Time Lord countering Cheren’s blade with his golden sword, and when Maddy and Sheila threw powerful punches at his head, Lord English expanded a bubble in attempt to reduce their ages,
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Seven Lights: The Last, Chapter 38
The end is near. Play “Hideout Helm 2” from Donkey Kong 64.

Chapter F-38: Why Didn’t His Lordship Love Me?

Act Last: English Manor
Jessie Sidney and Harvey Harper approached the steps to the manor, but the doors were completely sealed. After searching around the courtyard for a moment, Harvey could feel frantic emotions coming from the fountain. He poked his head underneath and realized Key Fish were swimming in a vast underwater cavern. Jessie inflated a fish bubble and got inside, using it to submerge and maneuver under the water. One of the Key Fish was shaped like a triangle while the others were green skulls, so he decided to chase that one. Jessie was able to grab the key, but all the other keys began swarming and trying to pop his bubble. Harvey threw a yo-yo underneath and through Jessie’s bubble, the president grabbing it as Harvey reeled him up.
With that, the two could enter the foyer of the mansion. Billiard Boys greeted
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The Legend of Zelda: Araea's Mask, Chapter 6
I don’t think I’m gonna tackle sidequests right now; we’re just gonna get started with the 2nd world. (Also, resisting the urge to use a Coco song during this beginning scene.)

Chapter 6: The Murdo

Clockwork Island; Stock Pot Inn

Everything that had transpired took place in a single day, so it was no surprise that Link was extremely tired. Luckily, the hero kept his pajamas with him. Sometimes, he thought about going around in his pajamas, but he would get very sick from the cold. After all this cold and swimming, he welcomed a nice warm blanket.
What made it slightly warmer was Ayri’s hologram laying next to him. She served as a nightlight for the tired hero. “Yaaaawn… Master Link, the Sheikah Slate does not require sleep to remain active. This is just one of my… yaaaawn, personality settings.”
“I know, but you feel more like a real person if you get tired, Ayri.”
“Did your little sister
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The Tea Party, Chapter 3
Any scene that includes the Big Mom Pirates makes me incredibly hungry, and this story is no exception. XD

Chapter 3: Mission: Meet the Family


“I don’t believe this place! This is a nightmare!” Mr. Jelly said as the Brotherhooders explored the town of Whole Cake. “We need to get these people to the Dentist Planet pronto!”
“What I can’t believe is that you’re actually RELATED to that hag.” Cuppa Joe replied. “Then again, you do go a little crazy at the sound of taffy.”
“T-T-T-T-T-T-TAFFY?!” The dentist panicked.
“CHEW IT!” Lunch Lady shoved a steak into his mouth. “It’s a damn good thing we’re all related, because this is the closest the Brotherhood will come to setting foot on this planet!”
“Ixnay on the hotherbood.” Joe replied. “As long as we’re here, let’s collect as much info on this queen as we can. My only concer
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Index and the World Rings, Chapter 17
Play “Seven Rings In Hand” by Runblebee!

Night 17: With Their Fates In My Hand

Final boss: Hoopa Unbound
“I lived as your pet for a billion years, Scheherazade!”
Hoopa bellowed as his six arms and tail glowed the colors of the World Rings. “No longer will I be repressed by you! I will remake this dimension in MY IMAGE!”
“These feelings aren’t yours, Hoopa!” Index declared. “Mark my words, I will cleanse the darkness in your heart! IT IS MY FATE!” With a mighty stroke of her trident, the Rukh blazed across Hoopa’s chest, the Djinn screaming before flying further. Index flew at lightspeed with her golden wings, but Hoopa outran her as he formed portals in her path, intending to send her back. Index swiftly evaded the portals and caught up to the Djinn, and instinctively conjured a golden barrier to block out Hoopa’s Hyper Beam.
When Hoopa ceased, Index condensed the shield into a b
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The Tea Party, Chapter 2
Time to introduce our side-plots!

Chapter 2: Akko’s Biggest Fan

Luna Nova Academy

Classes had ended for today at Luna Nova, so now the students were engaged in either homework or leisurely activities. The academy’s protectors, Sector LN were resting under their favorite tree by the sports field.
“Mmmmm… Fruit tarts.” Jasminka’s mouth was a paradise as the sweets made the journey down her throat.
“Well, it costed a detention, but at least you’re happy, Jasminka.” Amanda told her.
“Honestly, didn’t your Negative teach you how to restrain yourself?” Diana asked.
“Hey, she’s been working real hard at restraining herself. And that’s why she deserves a reward.” Amanda scratched Jasminka’s belly, earning a giggle from her pudgy friend.
“Aaaaahh.” Atsuko Kagari sighed as she hugged a paper to her chest. “Can you believe the universe was almost destroyed again
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The Tea Party, Chapter 1
Welcome to the first prequel to Pirate Wars, the start of a short story series that feature the Four Pirate Emperors. This story will feature “Great Grandma” Sherry Linlin as we begin a charming fairytale about family, friendship, and sweetness. :)

Chapter 1: The Tale of Princess Sherbet

Planet Earth; about 5,000 years ago

“Big Brother… are we gonna be okay?” spoke the small, round girl in fear.
“Yes, Sherry. I promise the demons aren’t gonna get us. We just have to be happy.” replied the older boy, hugging her in comfort as a single candle provided them warmth and light. “Demons hate happiness.”
“I don’t think I can be happy, Brother.”
“Just remember the Fairy Sisters, Sherry. If you keep smiling, the fairies will come to see us. They’ll make everything better.”
“The fairies are gonna come?”
“Yes, Sherry. We’ll get to see the fairies and the
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Seven Lights: The Side Stories, Chapter 33
Are you ready to learn why this is Noah’s Arc?

Chapter B-33: The Ark

Gumdrop Cove

It was twilight when the Marzipan Pirates returned to Gumdrop. The village was more hectic than usual—some houses were on fire and pirates were beating the sugar out of each other. “Why pirates devolve into Neanderthals?” Nel asked, riding her captain’s shoulders.
“I reckon it’s to do with that business in the sky.”
“THE END IS NIGH!” cried Gelatin Gerald, standing on a pile of defeated Soda Pirates. “Brandon, Ay’ve defeated yer crew, now BUILD me a soda rocket so that I may return home- NYAR!” Augustus grabbed him off the pile.
“Gerald, where is Brandon?! I need to ask him something.”
“Where ya think he is, boy, where ’e always is! Too afraid ta face me, he is.”
The Marzipans fought through the crowds and made it to the Soda Can, which was empty except for one person. Bubbly Brandon
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Legend of the Seven Lights, Chapter 74
I didn’t really have the strength to make a 3-chapter arc out of this. This chapter was after a huge writer’s block. I’ll save my strength for the real action later.

Chapter 74: Galactic BOE

KND Moonbase

“So, these are supposed to be our Keyblades?” April asked as she held the colorful key designed like a paintbrush.
“These things are WAY too small.” Sheila complained, holding the light-brown key with sun teeth and a straw hat Jolly Roger keychain. “I’ll just stick with me fists.”
“Then those are seven of the Twenty Keys that will open the Gate of Time.” Jagar observed.
“Ah reckon.” Kimaya shrugged. “Oh yeh, I got one for you too, Mr. King.” Kimaya showed Jagar the key with a clock design. “Got it from some dude called Ford, said he was your dad.”
“You met my father?!”
“FORD?!” MaKayla overheard. “He was the one that wrote the journal
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On The Way, Chapter 6
Shout-out to :iconIDAOfficial: for mentioning The Thirteen in his Guide to the Multiverse!

Chapter 6: Limbo

Unknown Location

His eyelids opened to a ceiling of bright white. He sat up and looked around. The walls were white, the floor was white, his bed was white, and his shirt and pants were white. “How many times have I woken up in some strange random place…” Nerehc Onu asked himself. “At least I remember who I am this time. What was I even doing…” He climbed off his bed, his bare feet touching the posh white floor. It felt as cold as he expected it to, but it also felt odd in some way he couldn’t explain. “Wait… I dove into the Sanzu River to rescue Ganondorf. And then…”
Nerehc caught a whiff of something from down the white corridor. It smelled like tea. Nerehc followed the scent to a room with a small white table and steaming teacup. The back of a strange man in white clothes was facing him. &
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The Horrorverse, Chapter 14
I’m officially marking this as the 3rd Newborn story instead of the 4th. It’s more fitting for Araea’s Mask to come next, since that one’s about winter, and this is autumn. Play “Vs. Marx” from Smash Bros. Brawl!

Chapter 14: Darth Ferior

Final boss: Frightmare Affright
The titan conjured a scythe in Horror’s Hand and slashed it down, piercing the street, but missing his adversary. Darth Ferior had teleported skyward, forming a massive Psycho Sphere and forcing it down onto Affright. The giant raised his hand to block it, no matter how much pressure he added, the sphere only seemed to increase with strength before exploding. Affright flew further across the city, all the while shooting Fear Spheres from his palm. Nolan swiftly dodged the spheres as he flew after him.
After landing on his feet, Affright released red smoke from his hand in the form of demonic boars. Nolan expanded a psychic bubble between them
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Pocket Witch by Friendlyfoxpal Pocket Witch :iconfriendlyfoxpal:Friendlyfoxpal 120 33 Princess Froppy by Josh-S26 Princess Froppy :iconjosh-s26:Josh-S26 336 67 Shrunken Ruby and Weiss by PrincessDuni Shrunken Ruby and Weiss :iconprincessduni:PrincessDuni 95 35 SPOIL 246 - Yachiru and Nell by Koklico SPOIL 246 - Yachiru and Nell :iconkoklico:Koklico 148 15
Jane, Defender of Decura Chapter 1
The Adventure Begins
"Your lunch break was over thirty seconds ago" snickered Myra before pointing at the clock on the wall of the employee lounge. "Please manage your time better Jane or I'll have to report you to Selena."
A confused Jane looked up. "I still have two minutes left" she said while pointing at the clock.
"Well it's super busy out there" Myra explained. "So I'm ending this break three minutes ago. Come on, up you get."
Jane rolled her light blue eyes and dragged herself from the table. "Pretty sure you take more than three minutes every single day" is what she wanted to say but wisely chose to keep it to herself, insulting the assistant manager was not the best idea for somebody wanting to keep her job at Foodland. After putting her long black hair up in a bun, Jane left the lounge and returned to her register.
Despite her break ending sooner than expected, Jane put on a brave face and prepared to do her best to help any customer in need. Unfortunately, that enthus
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LoZ - School work by Mitsuyuki32 LoZ - School work :iconmitsuyuki32:Mitsuyuki32 395 77 [The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker] Crab by Display-This-Anyway [The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker] Crab :icondisplay-this-anyway:Display-This-Anyway 141 16 [MMM] Team Work! by FreezyChanMMD [MMM] Team Work! :iconfreezychanmmd:FreezyChanMMD 4 4 Paper Mario: The Book of Ages by ChetRippo Paper Mario: The Book of Ages :iconchetrippo:ChetRippo 2,073 459 Every Paper Mario Partner by Nelde Every Paper Mario Partner :iconnelde:Nelde 765 265 Cheer up, Beth! by SweetIntent Cheer up, Beth! :iconsweetintent:SweetIntent 114 33 Art Muesum by Friendlyfoxpal Art Muesum :iconfriendlyfoxpal:Friendlyfoxpal 108 84 Element symbols by V-PK Element symbols :iconv-pk:V-PK 46 39 And Screw Your Spiky Hair Too by InotNedloh And Screw Your Spiky Hair Too :iconinotnedloh:InotNedloh 114 47 16 Bit RWBY by Stickgag 16 Bit RWBY :iconstickgag:Stickgag 39 9 Comission: Gameverse's Carol Masterson by OperativeNumbuh227 Comission: Gameverse's Carol Masterson :iconoperativenumbuh227:OperativeNumbuh227 2 6


Welcome to the 16th review of Gamen Watch Reviews. Today, we’re gonna review the film trilogy, Lord of the Rings, the 3rd film of which I just finished recently.


You know, in many ways I relate to Akko from Little Witch Academia. One of those ways is that Akko doesn’t favor the boring, old-timey ways of magic, and she wants magic to be fun. That’s exactly how I feel about Lord of the Rings. To me, this trilogy is old and tasteless, for reasons I will get into now.



Story and Setting


A young Hobbit named Frodo must suddenly leave his peaceful life in the Shire when he is tasked to take the One Ring and go on a journey to Mount Doom to destroy the Ring, before the Dark Lord Sauron can reclaim it and become unstoppable. On the way, he forms and enlists the Fellowship of the Ring, consisting of armies from all the main races. And that’s probably the best part of the whole trilogy! I like seeing races work together.


Otherwise… there’s not really much to comment on. The main story is pretty simplistic with nothing especially surprising or mind-blowing.


The setting is also a great part of the series. It’s not the most impressive fictional world, but it feels very atmospheric most of the time. One of my favorite scenes was “Light the beacons!” It made me wish we had a quest like that in Breath of the Wild. Just climb on top of mountains, burn beacons, and they would all form a shape. Like a cute li’l smiley face. :)


There were a few epic moments here and there, like the Undead Army, or when the female warrior killed the overhyped demon general. But, all in all, I really didn’t care for anything in the story. I didn’t care if anyone survived or died, no parts made me sad, I was just waiting for it to get done. Combined, the movies were 12 hours long, and they were just a lot of deadness.




There were very few characters that popped out to me. If I had to pick a favorite, it would be Aragorn, because that Undead Army was pretty badass.


Let’s start with Frodo. It seemed like Frodo was the main protagonist of the first film, but there’s just nothing remarkable about him. The only two things you can say are that “he misses the Shire” and “the One Ring is corrupting him.” That was the only conflict he struggled with throughout all three films, and in the end, he couldn’t even fight the corruption himself! If it wasn’t for Gollum ripping off his finger, he would’ve given in. Now, we had a few sweet moments between Frodo and Sam, but he was unremarkable overall.


In fact, he was SO unremarkable that he barely has any screen time in the next two films! His entire mission feels like a side-plot, even though his mission is the most important. Aragorn essentially replaces him as the protagonist.


And as for the villains… they are utterly forgettable. Lord Sauron was practically nonexistent, Saruman was Count Dooku’ed in the third film, and all the other minions were just… minions. Oh, and Gollum is the center of a lot of parodies. That’s all I can say about him.




I truly don’t understand why nerd culture holds this series in such high regard. It’s just… so boring. The protagonists barely pop out, the villains are forgettable, and the story is completely plain. In an era of much more lively, energetic fantasies like Harry Potter, Fairy Tail, One Piece, or many others, which work to emphasize the beauty and wonder of their worlds or their supernatural settings, aided in part by diverse, flesh-and-soul characters, Lord of the Rings is just ancient. It’s ancient and tasteless, with only a few scenes possessing even some life and energy.


Anyway, speaking of good taste, I’ve got a Tea Party to get geared up for. …Oh, Akko, you poor thing…



    ·      Nice atmospheric setting

    ·      Some epic battles and moments

    ·      Some sweet character moments


    ·      Plain story

    ·      Protagonists don’t pop out

    ·      Villains are forgettable

    ·      Films are too long with little substance (kind of like Breath of the Wild, actually)


Rating: 6/10

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Here's a link to my FanFiction profile.…

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The Kids Next Door Gameverse is an ongoing fanfiction crossover series. It begins after the ending of Codename: Kids Next Door and contains a massive array of crossovers from Nintendo, Avatar, One Piece, Fairy Tail, and almost any series you can think of.

The Gameverse begins as the Kids Next Door are entering a wide new universe, learning of the existence of alien races, gods, and meeting people with super-powers. As the KND combat more powerful villains and face new challenges, they continue to learn the secrets of the universe, grow stronger individually and as a team, and learn to deviate from their old traditions.

Be warned that the first few stories have pretty cringe-worthy writing. The writing steadily gets better over time, and the story becomes much more engaging during the Nextgen Series. If you want, you can begin the Gameverse starting from the Nextgen Series since the writing and characters are improved, however some of the concepts may come off as confusing without reading the First Series.

Regardless, once you are amerced in the Gameverse, you will be on an exciting journey, full of diverse locations, fun and likeable characters, complex stories, deep philosophies, and relatable morals.

Fanfic friends

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