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Four Emperors - 'Free Born' Skaios by gamewizard-2008 Four Emperors - 'Free Born' Skaios :icongamewizard-2008:gamewizard-2008 2 0
Warriors of Sky, Chapter 1
Taking a small break from MONARCH to begin writing this story, because it’s tradition for me to work on multiple stories near the year’s end. Which means neither story will be completed ’til next year. XD This story will center on the Sky God Pirates, the Fourth Pirate Empire, captained by our youngest scallywag!

Chapter 1: The Rise of God Skaios

Spirit World

Spear Pillar was not often a peaceful sanctuary. The Gods of Time and Space would often shake the universe with their petty squabbles. There would be a black hole there and a time rift there… but one thing that was very uncommon was wind and lightning. This was a new phenomenon as a great conflict was transpiring atop the pillar. With one final, blinding flash of lightning, he took off flying: an infant-sized being whose skin matched the sky and clouds, clothed in only dark-red shorts and a matching bandanna. His yellow eyes brimmed with victory as his great angelic wings stroked the
:icongamewizard-2008:gamewizard-2008 1 9
Operation: MONARCH, Chapter 4
Wow, that new One Piece stole my breath. The return of Blackbeard, baby! Which means I gotta keep this Emperor Train rollin’!

Chapter 4: Rely on Kindness

Hyrule Castle; past midnight

Azula couldn’t remember the last time she slept in a nice, comfy castle. She missed the cozy bed, warm blanket, non-swaying room, and the videogame noises… wait, that part was new to her.
Whatever these strange noises were, they were annoying. Dressed in her red nightgown and hair drooping, the former princess stomped over to her door and pushed it open. Hearing the sounds more loudly, the commander marched down the castle hall in bare feet. The sounds originated from Mandy’s bedroom, and a faint light leaked from the gaps. The Darknut guards didn’t try to stop their superior as Azula barged in.
With bags in her eyes, Mandy was locked in Super Smash Bros.. “Mandy, it’s midnight! Honestly, you’re lucky Castle Town burned down or t
:icongamewizard-2008:gamewizard-2008 1 0
Warriors of Sky, Chapter 2
Play “Arctic Cruise” from A Hat in Time!

Chapter 2: All Day, Every Day

Mushroom World; Toad Town Harbor

Nights on Mushroom were among the most beautiful, and it was no question why the people honored stars. They would bless the passengers with a safe voyage as they boarded the Saint Rosalina. Mushroomians were eager to board the most luxurious cruise liner on the planet. “Are we ready to set sail?” asked the captain, a brown sentient walrus, into his phone. There was a crashing sound, followed by, “Arf arf arf!” The captain sighed and hung up.
The six operatives of Sector MG gazed at the marvel of the Rosalina. “Woooow, Maria!” Wendy Marvell beamed. “It was so kind of your mom to book us a passage on this!”
“Being a princess sure is great, huh?” Romeo asked.
“For the last time, I’m not a princess, anymore!” Maria shouted, wearing a sky-blue vacation shir
:icongamewizard-2008:gamewizard-2008 2 21
Cheren's Free Time - Sectors SA and KB
Cheren will bond with Sectors SA and KB, followed by Emily Garley at the end. Play “Affection” from Persona 4!

Free Time – Sector SA

After landing in the treehouse in the middle of the desert, I found Nagisa Shiota in his room, training with his rubber knife. “Ah, Cheren. Nice to see you. I was just about to hit the hot tub. Wanna join?”
“Isn’t it hot enough out here?”
“Yeah, but when we’re hydrated, it’s totally cool.”
“Well, my back is a little achy, so why not?”
Nagisa and I relaxed in their personal hot tub. He pretended to be a shark and would dive under and ambush me, then we would wrestle each other. Afterwards, I reached over to my clothes and pulled out a new rubber knife, with a black blade and gold hilt.
“Ooo, this is cool-looking!” Nagisa smiled, touching the tip of it. “Y’know, Cheren, the imagination is a powerful thing. Sometimes, when I pret
:icongamewizard-2008:gamewizard-2008 2 0
Operation: MONARCH, Chapter 3
Did I ever mention Koko’s one of my favorite characters from Breath of the Wild? Like, she’s just one of those totally minor characters that I love so much, kinda like the W7 members in their original arcs!

Chapter 3: Thank You, Queen Mandy!

Hyrule Field

Panini and Sector JP climbed down the mountain and began to follow a dirt road across the field. Karin had been talking on a cellphone before she hung up. “Okay, I just spoke to Yachiru on my Soul Phone. She says the Spirit KND already caught on to what’s happening and they’re trying to fight the demons and dark spirits. She also said she’d have no problem warping me to Earth via the Spirit World if need be, but she won’t take the rest of you because of regulations.”
“Ay hope Francis can manage without me for a while.” Panini said. “If the Four Emperors are purposely targeting sectors, I
:icongamewizard-2008:gamewizard-2008 3 9
Hola, Rupert! by gamewizard-2008 Hola, Rupert! :icongamewizard-2008:gamewizard-2008 3 20
Cheren's Free Time - Sectors W7 and JP
In this part, Cheren will bond with Sectors W7 and JP.

Free Time – Sector W7

I landed in W7’s hangar on the canal island of Water 7. I was soon met with Chimney Ukeru, who was fixing the R.O.C.K.E.T.-T.R.A.I.N.. “Oi, Cheren-chan! What brings you here, amigo?!”
I forget her nationality sometimes. “Well, I’m doing bonding activities, so I was wondering if you’d like to do something?”
“Well, nothing bonds friends like eating food, so let’s go pig out in the kitchen! The game will be, how many crackers you can stuff in your mouth and chew before choking.”
“Eh… Okay.” I’ve played weirder games.
We placed as many crackers as possible into our mouths, and not surprisingly, Chimney was naturally skilled in the art. I coughed and gagged several times, but when Chimney’s mouth was full, she compressed all the crackers into a singularity and swallowed as though she were Pac-Man. It was
:icongamewizard-2008:gamewizard-2008 3 0
Cheren's Free Time - Sectors W and IC
In this part, Cheren will spend time with Sectors W and IC.

Free Time – Sector W

After arriving at the McKenzie Household, Uncle Harvey told me Anthony was training in the yard. I approached my younger cousin as he was lifting ten boulders with his earthbending. “Oh, hi, Cheren! You need something?”
“Well, I had a free day today, and I was wondering if you’d like to hang out for a while.”
“Sounds good to me. Hey, I know! Let’s play volleyrock! I’ll throw this boulder at you and you hit it back with your Mirror Shield.”
“That sounds… unsafe, but sure.”
We spent a good while playing volleyrock. I was quick in using my Mirror Shield, but Anthony made several curves and kept knocking me down. When we (or rather I) got tired, we stopped to catch a break. I then gave Anthony a present.
“A ball?”
“It’s actually a rock that’s been perfectly broken up and smoothened.
:icongamewizard-2008:gamewizard-2008 3 0
Operation: MONARCH, Chapter 2
Alas, Stan Lee died today on November 12, 2018. May he continue to watch over the Marvelverse from the heavens. Anyway, fun facts about Mandy: she’s the only current Emperor that wears shoes, and she’s the second-smallest after Skaios.

Chapter 2: The Desolation

KND Moonbase

At the Global Tactical Station, Panini was gazing confusedly at an image of Planet Hyrule. “Ay don’t see what the problem is!”
“That’s because they don’t appear on digital screens.” Nebula replied. “But none of our operatives have been able to enter, or receive transmissions from Hyrule. Our Avalaran operatives confirmed that Anti-Fairies are the cause. They tried to fight them, but they were overpowered. Their magic revolves entirely around misfortune.”
“But Cheren is still training on Hyrule! Will we be able to rescue him?!”
“I don’t know, Panini… We’re trying, but my brother and I
:icongamewizard-2008:gamewizard-2008 4 0
Operation: MONARCH, Chapter 1
Welcome to the 3rd Emperor Prequel story! This one will be centered around Mandy McKenzie, one of the Gameverse’s longest-running characters who are still relevant!
No, not you, Mandy. X,3 This one’s an evil queen and you’re a precious princess.

Chapter 1: The Conquest of Queen Mandy

Boogey Coast; four years ago

The flames of the sinking ship rose to the dark sky. It happened in the dead of night: the phantom vessel preyed on the unsuspecting sailors, awaiting their chance to devour them in sapphire embers. Now as their souls ascend to the heavens, only one survivor remains.
Eight-year-old Himiko was dragged aboard the dark vessel, her vision blotted by demonic hands clasping at her. They left her in the back of a cell, shivering. Aside from the corpses of demons, she was all alone in the darkness. For five hours, she sat in despair, until a green demon with long black hair, resembling a hippy, walked in. “C
:icongamewizard-2008:gamewizard-2008 3 0
Four Emperors - 'Grim Glare' Mandy McKenzie by gamewizard-2008 Four Emperors - 'Grim Glare' Mandy McKenzie :icongamewizard-2008:gamewizard-2008 6 0 Mandy's Jolly Roger by gamewizard-2008 Mandy's Jolly Roger :icongamewizard-2008:gamewizard-2008 13 21
Operation: REVERT, Chapter 6
This just in from One Piece, the Wano Arc just got WAAAAY more hype with the reveal of Kaido’s Devil Fruit, one that I TOTALLY predicted he had five years ago! Kroctus, you’ve got some catching up to do! Naw, you’ll always be the big scary regent in my eyes. X3
That being said though, I don’t think I have the strength to make this story any longer. I think I might just go on a hiatus until my motivation returns and I get some schoolwork done. But I think I’ll take this time to welcome my new reader, Epik! Thanks for all the comments; it’s been a long time since I got to witness someone’s first journey into the Gameverse! Anyway, play “Gangplank Galleon” from Smash Ultimate!

Chapter 6: King of Animalia

Midoriya was the one to land the first blow, pouring 30% of his strength into his right leg. It was easily blocked by K. Rool’s arm, but Deku followed up with an overhead kick, only for Kroctus to gra
:icongamewizard-2008:gamewizard-2008 3 0
Operation: REVERT, Chapter 5
Gonna be real, Sector U.A. is a pain to work with. There’s just so many members in one team! They’re larger than the total main group in World Rings! I guess one of the benefits of Historia is it makes an excuse for some members to be unable to come. Though logically, a large group should take as many members as possible for a big mission.

Chapter 5: The Beast King’s Den

Intergalactic Travel Station; outside Historia’s atmosphere

A few days after receiving their mission, Sector U.A. booked a flight with Intergalactic Travel. The travel ship docked at a space station sealed in a glass bubble, and the operatives were led by a squat Mobian owl to the changing rooms. “Here, you can choose from and change into clothing that’s befitting of Historia’s culture.” the owl said in a timid tone. “We’ll keep your personal items safe and secure. Any form of candy, sweets, or junk food won’t be allowed on the pla
:icongamewizard-2008:gamewizard-2008 1 0
Cheren's Free Time - Sector V
Based off the Danganronpa series, this is a collection of shorts where Cheren bonds with the various members of each of his sectors. I won’t really go into too much detail, it’s just an exercise to stretch my brain out. X) Canonically speaking, this takes place in December of 2035, before the World Rings Arc.

Free Time – Sector V

I found Aurora sitting on her bed and reading a magazine. When I walked in, she looked up and asked, “Hey Bro! Something you wanted to ask me?”
“Oh, not in particular. Actually, I was wondering if you wanted to do something. I kinda had nothing to do today, hehe.” I blushed.
“In that case, how ’bout we hit the mall?! It’s been awhile since I took you shopping.”
“Oh, great! Hehe…”
Aurora and I rushed to the mall, trying out a bunch of clothes on her. In the end, she ended up not buying anything. …I suddenly remember not enjoying this activity.
It see
:icongamewizard-2008:gamewizard-2008 1 0


Pocket Witch by Friendlyfoxpal Pocket Witch :iconfriendlyfoxpal:Friendlyfoxpal 121 34 Princess Froppy by Josh-S26 Princess Froppy :iconjosh-s26:Josh-S26 348 68 Shrunken Ruby and Weiss by FairyDuni Shrunken Ruby and Weiss :iconfairyduni:FairyDuni 103 44 SPOIL 246 - Yachiru and Nell by Koklico SPOIL 246 - Yachiru and Nell :iconkoklico:Koklico 148 15
Jane, Defender of Decura Chapter 1
The Adventure Begins
"Your lunch break was over thirty seconds ago" snickered Myra before pointing at the clock on the wall of the employee lounge. "Please manage your time better Jane or I'll have to report you to Selena."
A confused Jane looked up. "I still have two minutes left" she said while pointing at the clock.
"Well it's super busy out there" Myra explained. "So I'm ending this break three minutes ago. Come on, up you get."
Jane rolled her light blue eyes and dragged herself from the table. "Pretty sure you take more than three minutes every single day" is what she wanted to say but wisely chose to keep it to herself, insulting the assistant manager was not the best idea for somebody wanting to keep her job at Foodland. After putting her long black hair up in a bun, Jane left the lounge and returned to her register.
Despite her break ending sooner than expected, Jane put on a brave face and prepared to do her best to help any customer in need. Unfortunately, that enthus
:iconlordwolx:LordWolx 68 41
LoZ - School work by Mitsuyuki32 LoZ - School work :iconmitsuyuki32:Mitsuyuki32 394 77 [The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker] Crab by Display-This-Anyway [The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker] Crab :icondisplay-this-anyway:Display-This-Anyway 150 17 [MMM] Team Work! by FreezyChanMMD [MMM] Team Work! :iconfreezychanmmd:FreezyChanMMD 4 4 Paper Mario: The Book of Ages by ChetRippo Paper Mario: The Book of Ages :iconchetrippo:ChetRippo 2,071 459 Every Paper Mario Partner by Nelde Every Paper Mario Partner :iconnelde:Nelde 761 265 Cheer up, Beth! by SweetIntent Cheer up, Beth! :iconsweetintent:SweetIntent 120 33 Art Muesum by Friendlyfoxpal Art Muesum :iconfriendlyfoxpal:Friendlyfoxpal 108 84 Element symbols by V-PK Element symbols :iconv-pk:V-PK 48 39 And Screw Your Spiky Hair Too by InotNedloh And Screw Your Spiky Hair Too :iconinotnedloh:InotNedloh 117 47 16 Bit RWBY by Stickgag 16 Bit RWBY :iconstickgag:Stickgag 39 10 Comission: Gameverse's Carol Masterson by OperativeNumbuh227 Comission: Gameverse's Carol Masterson :iconoperativenumbuh227:OperativeNumbuh227 2 6


The Gameverse has four distinct categories of superpowers: element bending, magic, metahumans, and martial arts. Bending is my favorite of course, because it involves close bonds with nature. The series has a good balance of benders and nonbenders, but even nonbenders have a favorite element!


So, this journal will list a bunch of nonbenders and briefly explain what elements they would be good with. And I’m not just limiting it to Nextgen Kids!


Old Sector V

    ·      Hoagie P. Gilligan – Airbending (he’s a pilot, loves flying)

    o   Ace/The Kid and Augustus Fizzuras – Airbending (same reason)

    ·      Kuki Sanban – Firebending

    o   Hold on, Gamewizard, didn’t Kuki have firebending in the actual show? The answer is, yes, and her bending is canon to the Gameverse. Kuki is just so irrelevant that we never focused on her bending, and she didn’t even remember it until after the Firstborn Quest.

    ·      Wallabee Beatles – Earthbending (he was a bender in an early draft, and he studied under Toph)

    ·      Abigail Lincoln – Waterbending (she’s part-Fishman on Facilier’s side)

    ·      Violet McCleary and Scarlet Vargas – Poisonbending (because of the metahuman hatred they receive)

    ·      Yin and Yang – Dark and Light respectively (also, yes, Reshiram and Zekrom exist in canon; they were made after Hannibal went rogue)


Global Command

    ·      Rachel McKenzie – Light (because Zelda)

    ·      Patton Drilovsky – Ice (spends all day in Arctic)

    ·      Francis Drilovsky – Fire (red instead of green)

    ·      Maddy Murphy – Earth (though considerably weaker than Anthony)

    ·      Zach Murphy – Chaosbending (though what he is is much greater)


Galactic KND

    ·      Kweeb and Vweeb – Earth (Kateenian stubbornness!)

    ·      Ava and Makava – Water (primarily juicebending; actually, that is a common bending form on Glomour)

    ·      Tronta Dunfree – Sound (he uses sound to see)


Old and Nextgen Sector W

    ·      Harvey McKenzie – Air (he was an airbender in an early draft)

    ·      Lee Harper – Shadow (silent demeanor; shadow’s name is See)

    ·      Paddy and Shaunie Fulbright – Fear (’cause they’re cowards)

    ·      Sally Harper – Poison (gains power from candy, similar to Mason)

    ·      Aranea Fulbright – Shadow (shadow’s name is Nay)


I would do Depthcharge’s characters, but he knows them better than me. Of course, Nolan would be Psychic for obvious reasons.


Nextgen Sector V

    ·      Harry Gilligan – Musicbending (he can redirect Music Chi)

    ·      Artie Gilligan – Psychic (focuses on Intelligent side)

    ·      Haylee Gilligan – Plantbending (chi limited to dead matter; focuses on wood for her carpentry)

    ·      Kirie Beatles – Plant (controls living matter; mainly controls sharp flowers)


Termina Sector V

    ·      Harry Uno – Fire (Uno tradition)

    ·      Thomas Drilovsky – Earth

    ·      Celeste Stork – Shadow (shadow is Luda)

    ·      Kellie Beatles – Fire (she’d make a great Flare Dancer)

    ·      Melissa Gilligan – Air

    ·      Truman Kirman – Psychic


Sector W7

    ·      Chimney – Water (part-mermaid, uses Fishman Karate)

    ·      Aeincha – Air (she’s quite lightheaded and nimble)

    ·      Aisa and Mocha – Earth (proud and barefoot tribal girls)

    ·      Apis – Plant (can use artificial plantbending)

    ·      April Goldenweek – Psychic (focuses on Imaginative side)


Sector JP

    ·      Karin Kurosaki (human form) – Sandbending (she would be good friends with Shelly)

    ·      Yuzu Kurosaki – Fire (helps with her cooking)

    ·      Jinta Hanakari – Lavabending (he’s both hotheaded and stubborn)

    ·      Ururu Tsumugiya – Shadow (tiny shy :3 Shadow’s name is Tsugi)

    ·      Kodama – Fire (trains to use explosions)


Sector SA

    ·      Nagisa Shiota – Fear (uses Scare Tactics with his stealth)

    ·      Morgiana – Fire (her Red-Foot Style contains Fire Chi)

    ·      Goombella – Psychic (Intelligent side)


Sector KB

    ·      Bon Clay Jr. – Poison (focuses on mascara)

    ·      Libby Belle – Sound (uses wordbending with French words)


Sector MG

    ·      Kiki Yamaka – Air (loves to fly)

    ·      Oliver Orson – Light (he would form and launch Light Arrows)

    ·      Philip Blakely – Poison (he would focus on oil and gasoline, since he builds cars)

    ·      Hat Kid – Bubble Dreamer (in her game, she can enter dream worlds; this idea’s still up in the air, actually)

    ·      Mustache Girl – Pain (extremely rare subset to emotionbending)


Sector $

    ·      Carol Masterson – Light (limited to digital light like Hibiki)

    ·      Prince Raleigh – Lightning (favors Electric Pokémon)

    ·      Pacifica Northwest – Woodbending (given to her by Spirit of Northwest Manor)

    ·      Ciel Phantomhive – Darkness


Sector GT (given our limited info, some of these might be canon)

    ·      Sind Diego – Earth (though he is rather soft-hearted for one)

    ·      Doran Dodley – Plant (he loves carrots and shoots them like bullets)

    ·      Ally Mitchels – Air

    ·      Konbu Colins – Poison

    ·      Uzu Colins – Poison

    ·      Biyo Winston – Water


Sector LN

    ·      Atsuko Kagari – Light (unlike Sheila, she would harness moonlight)

    ·      Diana Cavendish – Moon (for all we know, the Cavendish Clan is descended from Lunarians. Just as Amanda is a Solaran and the two hate each other.)

    ·      Lotte Jansson – Shadow (it complies with her Ghost Whispering; she could easily master White Shadow; shadow is Kafei (their names reference latte and café))

    ·      Sucy Manbavaran – Poison (she’s like Haruka, but crazy)

    ·      Constanze – Metalbending

    ·      Jasminka Antonenko – Poison (gains power from food)

    ·      Barbara Parker – Plant (herbologist)

    ·      Hannah England – Plant (limited to dead matter, uses on fabric)


Daring New Kids (but only relevant ones)

    ·      Arorua Onu – Poison (she don’t like baths)

    ·      Nollid Kroy and Ynnad Noskcaj – Shadow

    ·      Lorac Nosretsam – Avatar. …HAH, kidding! Airbending ’cause she’s nimble.

    ·      Lirpa Keewnedlog – Fire (loves exercise, emotionally sensitive)

    ·      Sipa – Darkness

    ·      Xedni – Poison because look at her


Jar Jar Blinks – Corpse F***er. Yep, that’s his element.



Those are my ideas, but what elements do you think would suit which characters? If you could pick an element, which would you bend? (And if your answer is Psychic or Shadow, pick a secondary element. Seriously, too many people pick those.)


What if every character were also metahuman?


DON’T ***king go there, make up your own ideas!

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Hello, guys, it's me, Gamewizard2008, also known as the King of Crossovers. ;) I'm the author of the Gameverse series, a massive crossover series that centers around Codename: Kids Next Door, but also features Avatar, One Piece, Zelda, and a little of any series you can think of. All of my stories are in my deviantART gallery in chronological order, so check them out if you want. I also draw pictures of my characters and scenes from my stories.

Here's a link to my FanFiction profile.…

The Kids Next Door Gameverse

The Kids Next Door Gameverse is an ongoing fanfiction crossover series. It begins after the ending of Codename: Kids Next Door and contains a massive array of crossovers from Nintendo, Avatar, One Piece, Fairy Tail, and almost any series you can think of.

The Gameverse begins as the Kids Next Door are entering a wide new universe, learning of the existence of alien races, gods, and meeting people with super-powers. As the KND combat more powerful villains and face new challenges, they continue to learn the secrets of the universe, grow stronger individually and as a team, and learn to deviate from their old traditions.

Be warned that the first few stories have pretty cringe-worthy writing. The writing steadily gets better over time, and the story becomes much more engaging during the Nextgen Series. If you want, you can begin the Gameverse starting from the Nextgen Series since the writing and characters are improved, however some of the concepts may come off as confusing without reading the First Series.

One of the quirks of the series is that some stories are written like a videogame. In most stories, characters will make their way through "stages," fighting past hordes of enemies, solving puzzles, and generally exploring the diverse worlds. I will also signify when to play certain music tracks befitting the stage or situation. (While this is mostly my own unique way of writing the story, keep in mind that there are in-universe reasons as to why it feels like a game.)

Regardless, once you are amerced in the Gameverse, you will be on an exciting journey, full of diverse locations, fun and likeable characters, complex stories, deep philosophies, and relatable morals.

Fanfic friends

:iconidaofficial:, :iconohaymikoto:, Numbuh 6.13 (Mika), :iconoperativenumbuh227:, :icondepthcharge2030:, Dynamite Girl, :iconbluebutterflykisses:, :iconarissaprincess321:, AzureSkyMoon

Wendy Stamp by whiteflamingo FT Charle and Wendy by Fannochka Mary - Ib Stamp by LamentiStamps fairy tail - wendy by jojorules911



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