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The Horrorverse, Chapter 14
I’m officially marking this as the 3rd Newborn story instead of the 4th. It’s more fitting for Araea’s Mask to come next, since that one’s about winter, and this is autumn. Play “Vs. Marx” from Smash Bros. Brawl!

Chapter 14: Darth Ferior

Final boss: Frightmare Affright
The titan conjured a scythe in Horror’s Hand and slashed it down, piercing the street, but missing his adversary. Darth Ferior had teleported skyward, forming a massive Psycho Sphere and forcing it down onto Affright. The giant raised his hand to block it, no matter how much pressure he added, the sphere only seemed to increase with strength before exploding. Affright flew further across the city, all the while shooting Fear Spheres from his palm. Nolan swiftly dodged the spheres as he flew after him.
After landing on his feet, Affright released red smoke from his hand in the form of demonic boars. Nolan expanded a psychic bubble between them
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The Horrorverse, Chapter 13
Cut to after Nolan explains to them!

Chapter 13: When Fear Is Irrelevant

G.U.N. H.Q.

“WHAAAAAAT?!” All of them shared the same reaction, except for Sebastian.
“A Devil Fruit… that makes you act like Revan?!” Carol repeated.
“It’s true. And it seems like one of Affright’s plans throughout the night was to force Revan’s half to take over.”
“It all makes sense.” Misaka realized. “What you were saying about your other personality.”
“Yes. But back then, I wasn’t sure what was going on. I even went to Haruka one time to have myself checked. But Revan’s half kicked in and attacked her.”
“Because he was afraid she could heal you.” Dillon deduced.
“But even Haruka’s powers can’t heal metahumanism.” Carol inferred.
“Why take a chance?” Nolan figured. “Speaking of healing, it seems you’ve made a quick recover
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The Horrorverse, Chapter 12
We got an intense chapter today. Play “Auras” from Hunter X Hunter.

Chapter 12: Nobody’s Hero

Year 2008

I was born with a rare skin condition. Ever since I was young, I looked like a scarecrow.
An 8-year-old John C. Fright was at the playground. One bully grabbed him while another threw birdseed on his face, then he opened a cage and released two crows as they pecked him mercilessly.
It was a dark era for children. A time of hatred and discrimination. And yet, there was one pure heart among this sea of darkness.
A soccerball came flying and struck the bully holding John, knocking him out. The boy was able to shoo the crows away as he looked up at his savior: he was a charming boy of 19, with black hair, pants, and a brown sweater.
He was my brother… Joe Fright. He always looked to me with kindness, and was the only one who gave me hope.
“Don’t let them get to you, John.” Joe said as he was driving his
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Seven Lights: The Last, Chapter 40
A big thanks to IDA and Ohaymikoto for reviewing this story. Play “Memory 4” from Super Paper Mario.

Chapter F-40: The Law of all Worlds

After combat too exhausting for their mortal bodies… chaos too intense to warrant any kind of peace… now there was quiet. Cheren was first to awake. He stared up at a gray space with countless bubbles displaying scenes.
“I do not understand…”
Cheren gasped and whipped around. Lord English was there… yet, there was a calm demeanor about him. “You were all nothing but… mere creations. You were no different… from mine or Calliope’s ideas. It would have taken a simple stroke of the eraser or ‘Delete’ button to be rid of you. So, why…why did you survive…”
“BecaUse, Caliborn…” Cheren turned once more to find Calliope behind him. “No matter how good we thoUght we were… there was always someth
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The Horrorverse, Chapter 11
Time to finally head to the next town!

Chapter 11: What the Nightmare King Feared

G.U.N. H.Q.

“DOOOUUUGHNUUUUTS!” The large screen in the communications room depicted a ravenous titan rampaging an unsuspecting town. “DOOOUUUGHNUUUUTS!”
“I can’t… believe it…” Brett Gunkan said, pinching his nasal bridge. “After everything that’s happened tonight… we’ve got a reanimated Big Mom to deal with now?!”
“Uh, actually, according to Sandman’s report, her minions seem to refer to her as ‘Great Grandma.’”
“Send our strongest platoons to bring that giant down! Do whatever it takes!”
Meanwhile, Sandman had gone to the medical wing. He peeked inside Haruka’s room and found Jack Skellington looking over her. Jack was a tall, lean skeleton with a black suit and a round skull. “The situation is worse than I thought…”
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The Horrorverse, Chapter 10
We’re doing TWO Riddle Rooms today!

Chapter 10: The Tea Party Conspiracy

Academy City

Nolan regrouped with Misaka and began the Riddle Hunt in this city. There was a building that looked like a giant, blank TV screen. Misaka could power up a generator and activate the screen, revealing a giant Tetris game. Nolan used a control pad to play the game, and he had to score 5,000 points to win a Riddler Trophy.
? This successful man met a Figured end, but this building exists to help kids bend. ?
They received this riddle close to a school, where a bronze statue stood in the front yard. The school was labeled Icarus Bending Academy: We’re the Bendiest There Is!, and Sandman quickly realized who the statue represented. “So, Jonah Icarus used to live in this city…?” Nolan snapped a picture of the statue.
They found graffiti on the wall and ground of an alley. The wall writing spelled LOUISE, and the ground writing looked like l
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The Horrorverse, Chapter 9
If you look back at Chapter 6 of Sector MG, there was a piece of dialogue that foreshadowed this chapter. Wanna guess what it was?

Chapter 9: The Ultimate Life Form

Port Rivera

Nolan met up with Nagisa and began the Boogey Fleet Riddle Hunt. They found a strange floating treble clef on one of the ships, and touching it made a trail of rainbow notes go up the mast and along the top of the sail. Nolan quickly collected the notes and triggered the trophy cage to open.
They found a Riddle Cube and were whisked into a room with an electric barrier. Nagisa simply had to Shave through the barrier to grab the trophy. The next room began with a spiked ceiling panel trying to crush them, the two quickly dodging forward, and they evaded more spikes coming from the ceiling and walls. They grabbed the trophy just before they were hit by spikes from ahead. The third room had five “?” switches on the wall, and four Crystal Switches in the corners
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The Horrorverse, Chapter 8
These next few chapters will be focused on completing the side quests, each of which will have its own little twist. And guess which one we’ll start with?

Chapter 8: Mad Doctor

Quahog, Rhode Island

Nolan pressed a switch on a roof that spawned a set of green rings going down to the street. Crystal Wickens glided through those rings, having to make a quick turn right, then a turn left. She glided through all the rings and Nolan collected the trophy.
Nolan pressed another switch, and a monitor displayed a cage opening somewhere in the city. He stayed on the switch while Crystal went searching, but the cage shut as Riddler said, “Ah ah ah, BOTH applicants need to be searching, please.” They sighed and did as he told. The Riddle was next to a garbage can, next to a Fegan Floop poster, and it took a while for the duo to find it.
? On YouTube, he’s a wanted man, the Atrocities he cannot stand! ?
This Riddle came up in
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Seven Lights: The Last, Chapter 36
Welcome back!

Chapter F-36: The Final Countdown, Part 3

Somewhere in the Ruined Space

While all the endless action transpired at the castle, one particular trio was going elsewhere. The Gilligan Triplets landed their C.O.O.L.-B.U.S. on a massive asteroid that may have used to be a planet. “Why don’t they just tell us we’re useless?” Harry asked glumly.
“Get over it.” Artie replied. “We wouldn’t last two seconds against any of those guys. Besides, we’ll rejoin them soon enough.”
“Calliope said it wasn’t far.” Haylee said. “Aha! There!”
A few miles ahead was a farmland of alien crops. A bearded man with a messy pompadour was raking the soil. He heard footsteps behind him and turned around. “Oh, it’s some kids. …Wait…” He recognized them.
“No… way…” Haylee was gaping. “DANDY?!”
“Hey, you’re that girl I lent
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Index and the World Rings, Chapter 16
Not gonna lie, I had to keep up a list of the U.A. students for this chapter, because I can barely remember all of them. :XD: Also, I JUST learned Cheadle’s voice actress is the long-running voice of Ash’s Pikachu from Pokémon. :XD:

Night 16: Fallen Princesses

Bowser’s Castle

“Goombella?” Index spoke as vision returned to the Goomba’s eyes.
“Uuuugh… huh?” Goombella realized she appeared to be moving, being carried in Index’s arms. “Index? Oh, COME ON, did I seriously pass out again?! Geez, I really AM useless!”
“No you’re not.” Maria replied, still being carried in Chancellor Yorkshire’s arms, the Mobian running alongside the nun. “I’m the one with the broken leg here!”
“But now that you’re awake, we could use your help in fighting all these Koopas.” Index replied, consecutively throwing a Light Sphere at an Ice Bro.. “Our
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Index and the World Rings, Chapter 15
That moment when you write a silly Diakko one-shot and like 40 people eat it up like Big Mom’s cake. So, uh, definitely gonna write more for Sector LN.

Night 15: Unbound

The silence and darkness was a stark, refreshing contrast to everything that had happened. Index felt damp, and realized she was half-submerged in a shallow golden sea. The sky was pitch-black, and Index was alone, her feet stirring the waves as she walked forward. She walked for a long time, not bothering to count the minutes, even with her Perfect Memory. Eventually, she could make out a figure in the distance. Picking up the pace, she drew closer and could make out the person’s shape. Her green skull was bowed, facing the golden water.
Calliope turned to face Index and smiled. “I gUess I’m still caUsing more troUble… aren’t I, Scheherazade?”
Index transformed into the golden-haired Keeper of Stories. “I never wanted anyone to find out. I didn’t wa
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Index and the World Rings, Chapter 14
Guess who’s finally making their debut in the Nextgen Series?

Night 14: It’s Over Fifty Thousand

Zootopia Hospital

“Yaaaawn… huh?” Vision returned to Eri’s eyes as Cheadle Yorkshire’s form became clear.
“Good evening! Your name is ‘Eri-chan,’ right? Your friends asked me to watch over you. They went out to get food.”
Eri bowed her head, on the verge of tears. “I couldn’t use my Quirk… I guess Deku-san doesn’t need me, anymore.”
“Hm-hm, they only thought you looked tired and wanted you to rest. They should be back soon. Speaking of which…” Cheadle turned to Maria’s room. “Those two have been talking for a while. Though, seeing as they haven’t seen each other for a long time,” she approached the room, “I suppose that’s to be expected…” and she entered. “!!” The bed was empty, and not a soul remained.
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Seven Lights: The Last, Chapter 37
We’re entering the endgame…

Chapter F-37: The Multiverse Destroyer

Casino Castle

Bill Cipher saw from afar as towers crumbled and minions fell. The destruction was slowly making its way to their tower. “It can’t…It can’t end like this.” Tears forced their way out of Bill’s eyes. “Lord English will rewrite the universe…”
“So… even our devoted manager is giving up on us.” Dimentio said. “I guess there’s no point in playing around, anymore.” He formed a Space Block over Bill and exploded it.
“AAAGH!” Bill was grounded, but seemed to sustain few injuries. “What?! You’re betraying us, too?!”
Dimentio expanded his hand and grabbed Bill forcefully. “His Lordship should have known, Bill, when he promised us our very own dream worlds, the only thing that satisfies me is space. The sweet tranquility, the endless solitude, and as long as a shred
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Seven Lights: The Last, Chapter 35
CRAP, I forgot Gonbe was a Heartless!! …Eh, who cares.

Chapter F-35: The Final Countdown, Part 2

Casino Castle

“Grrrr!” Bill’s hair was a mess with how much he had been tugging. “Those brats shouldn’t have lasted 10 seconds in this castle… it’s the most impregnable fortress in the universe! His Lordship demanded it be this huge! Did you KNOW this would happen?!” He faced the unmoving English with anger and stomped over to him. “Is this why your plans have failed?” Bill floated up to stare into His Lordship’s flashing eyes. “Because your stupid ass can’t move?!”
“…No…No, of course… I’m the one who did all the thinking for you. Because I was separated from your mind, your All-Seeing Eye became faulty. Is that why, Lord English? Did you need me that bad?” Tears fell from Bill’s eyes.
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Index and the World Rings, Chapter 13
There’s a certain joke in this chapter that doesn’t really seem funny out of context, yet when I was writing it, I almost cracked up a bit. See if you can guess what it is. :XD:

Night 13: Rage Awakened

En route to Mobius

Morgiana kept holding onto Maria so that her Soul Bond would present itself. Louise was still shuddering on the ground, and when someone put their hands on her cheeks, they suffered a shock from her Rage Ring power. “It looks like someone is holding Louise hostage. But who?” Maria asked, deeply worried for her sister.
“It would have to be a member of Team Gnaa or the Big Mom Pirates.” Index figured. “They’re the only two groups Louise picked a fight with, besides the Kids Next Door. WHOA!” She dodged a laser shot from a Flying Krock, and as they were entering Mobius’s atmosphere, they took note of three different squadrons at war with each other: Krocks, Hat Ships, and general fighter planes.
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The Horrorverse, Chapter 7
How lucky am I that the only two people reading this story are fans of Baron Kelvin? XD

Chapter 7: His Butler, An Optimist


“’ey, it’s the Sandman! Get him, clowns!” A group of seven clowns drew their balloon weapons and ran to strike. To their surprise, Sebastian Michaelis landed in the middle of the group, kicking two clowns to his left and right. He quickly jabbed at a clown’s balloon shield to pop it, then quickly punched his face a few times to knock him down. Sandman dealt a Ground Takedown on the clown, and when another one came up behind him, Nolan kicked back and kicked up to fling him overhead.
“Sebastian, on you!” The clown flew to Sebastian, who caught him between the legs and did a midair twirl before smashing the clown into the ground. Sebastian did a karate chop to disarm another clown, followed by a quick chop to the head to knock him out. He faced a clown that was about to cross a sewer lid, so he quickly
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Pocket Witch by Friendlyfoxpal Pocket Witch :iconfriendlyfoxpal:Friendlyfoxpal 118 33 Princess Froppy by Josh-S26 Princess Froppy :iconjosh-s26:Josh-S26 325 67 Shrunken Ruby and Weiss by PrincessDuni Shrunken Ruby and Weiss :iconprincessduni:PrincessDuni 92 34 SPOIL 246 - Yachiru and Nell by Koklico SPOIL 246 - Yachiru and Nell :iconkoklico:Koklico 147 15
Jane, Defender of Decura Chapter 1
The Adventure Begins
"Your lunch break was over thirty seconds ago" snickered Myra before pointing at the clock on the wall of the employee lounge. "Please manage your time better Jane or I'll have to report you to Selena."
A confused Jane looked up. "I still have two minutes left" she said while pointing at the clock.
"Well it's super busy out there" Myra explained. "So I'm ending this break three minutes ago. Come on, up you get."
Jane rolled her light blue eyes and dragged herself from the table. "Pretty sure you take more than three minutes every single day" is what she wanted to say but wisely chose to keep it to herself, insulting the assistant manager was not the best idea for somebody wanting to keep her job at Foodland. After putting her long black hair up in a bun, Jane left the lounge and returned to her register.
Despite her break ending sooner than expected, Jane put on a brave face and prepared to do her best to help any customer in need. Unfortunately, that enthus
:iconlordwolx:LordWolx 59 37
LoZ - School work by Mitsuyuki32 LoZ - School work :iconmitsuyuki32:Mitsuyuki32 394 77 [The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker] Crab by Display-This-Anyway [The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker] Crab :icondisplay-this-anyway:Display-This-Anyway 139 16 [MMM] Team Work! by FreezyChanMMD [MMM] Team Work! :iconfreezychanmmd:FreezyChanMMD 4 4 Paper Mario: The Book of Ages by ChetRippo Paper Mario: The Book of Ages :iconchetrippo:ChetRippo 2,078 459 Every Paper Mario Partner by Nelde Every Paper Mario Partner :iconnelde:Nelde 763 265 Cheer up, Beth! by SweetIntent Cheer up, Beth! :iconsweetintent:SweetIntent 113 33 Art Muesum by Friendlyfoxpal Art Muesum :iconfriendlyfoxpal:Friendlyfoxpal 108 84 Element symbols by V-PK Element symbols :iconv-pk:V-PK 42 36 And Screw Your Spiky Hair Too by InotNedloh And Screw Your Spiky Hair Too :iconinotnedloh:InotNedloh 114 47 16 Bit RWBY by Stickgag 16 Bit RWBY :iconstickgag:Stickgag 39 9 Comission: Gameverse's Carol Masterson by OperativeNumbuh227 Comission: Gameverse's Carol Masterson :iconoperativenumbuh227:OperativeNumbuh227 2 6


So, in case you aren’t up to date, my next mega blockbuster story is going to be Pirate Wars! Yeah, it’s going to be a doozy, and I’m really not sure when I’ll actually be posting it. So for now, I’d thought I’d tell you guys just what to expect from the story in terms of formula.


KND and Yonko duke it out!


Obviously, the story will center around a war between the Four Pirate Emperors with the KND caught in the scuffle, because the KND are the main characters! As per Gameverse tradition, certain operatives will be paired with certain villains in battle. The fun part is guessing which operative will be paired with which Emperor or Commander.


You can expect all the major sectors, including the new ones, to take part in the action. However, don’t expect every operative to have a major battle. It’s still up for debate if Sectors KB or RZ will be involved, in fact.


Of course, it wouldn’t be a Pirate War if the Emperors didn’t fight each other. I plan to allow time for pirate-on-pirate action as well!


Who Goes After Who?


The next big question is, which Emperors will the respective sectors have a direct conflict with? For one, we know two operatives of Sector MG are related to Sky God Pirates, so naturally they would target that crew. Then again, Sector MG also fought with the Boogey Pirates in the past. Indeed, some sectors may interchange between crews, depending on what happens. Of course, these upcoming prequels are going to establish what characters and side-plots will be particularly involved, among them Sectors Luna Nova and U.A..


Can Space Pirates Battle at Sea?


You can’t have a pirate story without the seafaring aspect! Nothing like drinking a bottle of rum as the spray of the sea hits your nostrils, your skin chilled by a gentle breeze as the waves brush your ship! The problem is that all the Emperors are space pirates and have flying ships. After all, you can’t call them intergalactic threats if they can’t travel to any planet they please.


But let’s be real, space is boring compared to the ocean. So the question is, how to get seafaring involved? That’s one of the problems I’m working on. The only time space-sailing is especially fun, however, is when you’re exploring in New Galaxia! Naturally, I plan to involve New Galaxia in this ordeal, but how much, I do not yet know.


But hey, if the KND are involved in this, then they can be pirates, too! So, I plan to swap out their smelly old 4x4 ships for some authentic pirate vessels! Each sector gets their own Jolly Roger and a unique crew name, such as the Story Pirates, the Sports Pirates, and the Shiny Pirates! But what’ll their epithets be? All I know is it’s going to take a LOT of wiki editing if I decide to give them epithets. For that reason alone, I’m not going to give the operatives new pirate clothes. Just stick with their post-timeskip clothes.


Will Anyone Else Be Involved?


The answer is No! None of the other factions – the Corporate Presidents, CP0, Brotherhood, or Team Gnaa will be involved in the conflict. It’ll be hard enough focusing on four pirate empires, so let’s not bring in anyone else.


But I think that’s all I wanted to go over. Before I actually begin to write the story, stay tuned for the Yonko Prequels. I’ve already started the first chapter of The Tea Party, so be prepared for that. Along with other miscellaneous side projects.

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Hello, guys, it's me, Gamewizard2008, also known as the King of Crossovers. ;) I'm the author of the Gameverse series, a massive crossover series that centers around Codename: Kids Next Door, but also features Avatar, One Piece, Zelda, and a little of any series you can think of. All of my stories are in my deviantART gallery in chronological order, so check them out if you want. I also draw pictures of my characters and scenes from my stories.

Here's a link to my FanFiction profile.…

The Kids Next Door Gameverse

The Kids Next Door Gameverse is an ongoing fanfiction crossover series. It begins after the ending of Codename: Kids Next Door and contains a massive array of crossovers from Nintendo, Avatar, One Piece, Fairy Tail, and almost any series you can think of.

The Gameverse begins as the Kids Next Door are entering a wide new universe, learning of the existence of alien races, gods, and meeting people with super-powers. As the KND combat more powerful villains and face new challenges, they continue to learn the secrets of the universe, grow stronger individually and as a team, and learn to deviate from their old traditions.

Be warned that the first few stories have pretty cringe-worthy writing. The writing steadily gets better over time, and the story becomes much more engaging during the Nextgen Series. If you want, you can begin the Gameverse starting from the Nextgen Series since the writing and characters are improved, however some of the concepts may come off as confusing without reading the First Series.

Regardless, once you are amerced in the Gameverse, you will be on an exciting journey, full of diverse locations, fun and likeable characters, complex stories, deep philosophies, and relatable morals.

Fanfic friends

:iconidaofficial:, Numbuh 6.13 (Mika), :iconoperativenumbuh227:, :icondepthcharge2030:, Dynamite Girl, :iconbluebutterflykisses:, :iconarissaprincess321:, AzureSkyMoon

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