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This was a final project from my "intro to animation AKA Animation 101" class when I was going to college back in 2010. ToonBoom was being used our introductory into animation class, as it was becoming more and more common in the workplace. In fact my college is the only college that has this kind of program and setup. At least in my area.

The character I used was a randomly picked one from a animation/videogame/comic I was an continue to work on. I randomly went through my artwork and decided to use her for this class. I wanted something I could actually work with and not just thumb people or simplistic things.

This animation was suppose include more characters and animation but I was racing against time to finish this animation. Otherwise I enjoy the outcome.

When I scanned everything in it was bigger then the actual animation area. Which gives this odd bland color. Another factor is that you can change the coloring settings in ToonBoom/Photoshop. I was racing against the clock for my grade in this case. Everything in this animation was hand drawn using real light tables. Not the lame tiny ones at all. The really big dedicated ones that stands up high.

The background image was a painting I did in college curriculum Painting 1 and was one of my final projects for that particular class. That painting is now ripped and needs to be
repaired. I will critique that later on. Otherwise enjoy it.

I was lucky as my 2.7Ghz Mac had broke when the curriculum year was finished. This was my first Mac and was stolen from my home ( if I did not mentioned this many times before ) sometime during 2011. Any hows I eventually got another Mac and that had issues as well. And so forth.

Sadly I was unable to turn in my final project as I was rushing and struggling to finish my project back at home. We had lab hours. But I was using Two different versions of Toon Boon. I used those lab hours to work with the light tables. This was before I started to the brush. He gave me a B for participation. I could have gotten an A if I had made it to the final. Or even make it to the animation festival to get an A+

That was a nice class and most of us got along. Again most of us. Many "my-turners" was also in the class as well. One of them brought in footage from there WW2 days before he was married.

I was unable to attended a traditional Animation class a year before which was being instructed by the animator of "Animated Lizziew McGuire". It even had real animation tables that was specially brought in for her to instruct us in such manor. The tables were removed once she had left. However for this class I was able to learn about animation from one of the many artists who worked on "Kids Next Door" among many and is famous for his animation "don't smash". He is a great guy.

Personally considering the history of TB. I was advised by "SakuraWind" to use Anime-studio during the creation of comic book club. Those were some nice odd days.

I might enter this into a competition one day. Even so I hope you folks enjoy this reel. I had to rush like crazy against the clock. That is how it is with almost every college class. With hands on stuff like this it gets even crazier.
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April 10, 2016
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