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Secret War: Upon Blood Sands Chapter 27,Link to Chapter 1 ,SSecret War: Upon Blood Sands Chapter 1 "This is accurate?" asked Attelus Kaltos as heHe heard Adelana scream his name. His mind and sight was a swirling haze, but the view of the descending sword was clear to him. It seemed to move in slow motion. He should've seen this coming; he should've known he was no match for his father. But through it, all six words broke into his mind.Harden up. You've been through worse.The words caused a new blast of determination which seemed to chase away the haze and replace it with a hyper-clarity, devoid of anger. This was the state of mind that Raloth taught him.In that split second, he knew what to do.He drew the knife sheathed on his chest; his left wrist flicked for a throwing knife.Serghar was less than a centimetre from Attelus' arm when Attelus plunged his knife to the hilt through his father's forearm. While at the same time, Attelus stabbed the throwing knife into the back of Serghar's knee.Serghar didn't even scream, but his leg gave way, allowing Attelus to kick him in the back, sending Serghar flailing off him like a spooked bird; on the way, Attelus grabbed Serghar's sheathed sword and drew it.Attelus leapt to his feet and spun on the sand to face Adelana and the agents. He flicked his wrist and threw three knives with inhuman speed.The first impaled the female agent's hand, which held her blade to Adelana's throat. The second would've embedded in the short swordsman's neck if he hadn't leaned aside it, for it to land in his shoulder instead. The third forced the one without a sword, stumbling away.Attelus activated Serghar's sword and made the distance in a millisecond, just in time to smash away the female's sword as it stabbed for the side of Adelana's neck.Attelus' roundhouse kick threw her feet from beneath her while in mid riposte."Get your bolter!" Attelus snarled as the short swordsman was on them, cutting for Attelus' skull.Attelus ducked it, just barely and his counter, a horizontal slice for the agent's chest, sent him stumbling back. Attelus would've followed with a stab, but the female was already on her feet and stabbing for his ribs, forcing Attelus to smash it aside.Her second sword slashed diagonally at his hip as her first thrust. Forcing Attelus into a back-peddle. Both she and the short-swordsman leapt at Attelus as one.Attelus tilted his head from the female's stab path, ducked the male's slice, and then parried her upward diagonal slash.He slipped aside her downward vertical cut and sent her away with a snake-like stab for her face.The short swordsman was suddenly on Attelus' flank, cutting for Attelus' knee. Attelus danced out of its course and snapped out a front kick that smashed into his jaw.With his boot knife.The man let out an agonised, horrifically inhuman, muffled scream through his voice modulator. Then Attelus pivoted into a roundhouse kick, throwing the hapless fool off the blade in a spurt of blood and careening into the female.Adelana's bolter boomed, and it sent back the third agent before he could stab Attelus' arm with a knife."Attelus! We've got to go!" She yelled while firing on the female agent, forcing her to dodge and weave the shots.He wanted to ask why, but then his father was on him.Attelus barely managed to block his father's thrust, then back-step his slash. For a second, Attelus' eyes met Serghar's and again they were glazed, glazed with complete and utter anger. Anger so intense that Attelus found his breath locked inside his lungs.Then his father's sword was flung from Attelus' grasp and sent spinning away. Then Serghar impaled Attelus through the guts.Adelana's scream echoed through the room, and white-hot agony filled Attelus' every sense.Attelus gaped like a landed fish; he couldn't move, he couldn't think, he couldn't even scream.That horrific grin spread across Serghar's face again.Then Serghar began to twist the blade."I would say that now you are unlucky," said Serghar. "Unlucky that we need you alive."Attelus' mouth opened in a silent scream."This is what happens when you defy me," Serghar snarled. "This is the very least you deserve. You are my son. You are meant to be loyal to me to the end. This is your own fault. Yours alone. Time to-"He was interrupted by Attelus' fist as it smashed into his face, with a throwing knife between his fingers.Serghar screamed in pain and let go of the sword, allowing Attelus to collapse first to his knees, then on his side. The bloody blade still in him.His vision began to blacken, the agony beyond belief.Then a boot smashed against his face.Adelana fired from the hip that sent Attelus' father fluttering away from kicking Attelus more.She ran to Attelus and cupped his head in her hand."I thought you weren't supposed to kill him!" she cried."His enhanced healing factor will prevent his death," said Serghar as he towered over her, the knife still jutting from his face. "While it isn't nearly as effective as ours, it is still enough, just enough. Do you seriously think that I would be so stupid that I would inflict an injury that would kill him? You are even more foolish than I imagined. Although, now it seems like a curse more than a gift."Adelana raised her bolter, but in a split second, it flew from her grasp. She drew her laspistol, but that was gone just as quickly."Stop being foolish," said Serghar. "You are not even a slight threat, my son is a shit stain, but you are worth even less."Hands grasped Adelana's wrists and, with horrible strength, pulled her arms behind her back.Serghar bent over, and with slow, sawing relish, he took his sword out of Attelus' stomach.Blood spewed from the wound and out of Attelus' mouth, it melding into the sand as though it never existed.Then Serghar kicked Attelus in the wound."Stop!" said Adelana. "He's already down! You don't need to do that."Serghar glared at Adelana; then he kicked Attelus again and again and again and again."You'll kill him," she cried."Shut up, little girl," he said. "You have no right to order me around, just like my son has no right to disobey me. He brought this upon himself, remember that."Adelana bit her lip and tried to quell the sickness roiling in her, knowing if she complained any more, it'd just encourage this sick, frigged up arsehole to hurt poor Attelus even more."Get her up," he said. "We are leaving."Adelana's eyes widened. "You aren't going to kill me?""Of course not," said Serghar. "You are our insurance to make sure he co-operates. You are his girlfriend, after all. He had always been pathetic with the girls, but I must say that I am somewhat impressed you are gorgeous. He has done well.""He's not my boyfriend," she snapped.Serghar scoffed and began to turn away but stopped, his jaw-dropping.Adelana smiled and managed to look over her shoulder.Dozens of Resurrected were flooding through Attelus' makeshift entrance, their eclectic collection weapons raised."It's about time," said Adelana.
Secret War: Upon Blood Sands Chapter 26,Link to chapter 1! ,SSecret War: Upon Blood Sands Chapter 1 "This is accurate?" asked Attelus Kaltos as heAttelus had never, ever believed that war could be boring; he'd never fought in a fight of this scale before. He'd never had to take a city step by step for what seemed like days, but according to his wrist chronometer had only been a few hours.Everything was a blur now, a blur made up of a constant chaotic morass of las fire. Attelus' world was made up of shoot, shoot, step, shoot, shoot, step. He'd started with twenty clips, given generously by the Velrosians now he was down to five.He also didn't have to listen to the constant comm chatter to know they were surrounded. It wasn't just the explosions and fire he could hear even from here, but basic logic, too. Yet the rear guard still kept pace, despite the far more arduous task of backstepping and not having the support of specialist throne agents, such as Karmen Kons. If Attelus weren't embroiled in his battle, his admiration for the Elbyran's considerable discipline and skill would've locked him in awe.Despite the fact that they out of said boredom, Attelus now advanced at the fore, his power sword flurried faster than mortal eyes could follow as he deflected enemy fire away from the Adelana and the guardsmen behind him. And killed any Resurrected who came too close.His heart thundered through his skull as adrenaline-fuelled every inch of his weary, aching form.The waves of enemy filled the horizon except for the ten or so metres of the Elbyran's kill zone. The number of corpses they had to step over every few metres was beyond counting.Four of the Resurrected came at him, three guardsmen and one cultist.They used Attelus as cover to advance."Clever bastards!" Attelus said.The guardsmen fired from the hip at full auto as the cultist threw himself at Attelus, a roaring chainsword raised. Attelus was too busy smashing away the showering shots to gut the foolish cultist as he bashed vertically.Alathis slipped out of its arc and threw a knife.The cultist dodged it and lunged into a wild horizontal blow that Attelus barely ducked.Attelus' riposte a diagonal, an upward cut going to the gut, somehow the bastard managed to back-step. And Attelus' follow on a: downward diagonal was backpedaled. Again it'd seemed he'd underestimated his enemy, this cultist's robes were utterly soaked by blood, which pertained to how high their rank was in this cult, but countless others with the same level of coating had fallen to his blade with just as much east.He let out a growl as he was again forced into deflecting more fire, and another cultist slipped by the first. A huge chainaxe held in his meaty paw and swinging with inhuman speed.Attelus ducked it and risked a side step of the first's chainsword as it slashed down.He blocked and was shocked to see the blade bounce away instead of being sliced through.Attelus' instinct overrode this shock as it made his body turn and force the enemy's weapon into the blood sands, then sent his foot out into a roundhouse kick which smashed into the cultist's hip with a satisfying crunch.The cultist with a chain axe dashed onto Attelus' flank before the throne agent could land the finishing blow. His huge axe swinging down diagonally.But Attelus was ready, and as he did with the last cultist, he smashed it aside, augmenting the blow to send the cultist off balance a step or so.It opened his back, allowing Attelus' power sword to stab through his spine, then heart.While the cultist writhed on his sword, Attelus spun and sent him smashing into two of the enemy guardsmen.The chainsword cultist was on Attelus a split second after, cutting out.Attelus dropped into a kneel under its arc, then sliced through both his knees with one slash.The cultist didn't even scream as he dropped onto his back like a felled tree. Attelus then collapsed onto his stomach, allowing Adelana and the guardsmen a clear view to cut the guardsmen Resurrected in a withering hail.Attelus leapt to his feet as Adelana and the others fell in step with him."Don't underestimate them," he said while deactivating his sword's power field, sheathing it, then un-slinging his lasgun doing it so fast he'd done it before finishing the 'don't'. "They're learning.""Underestimate them?" said Adelana while pumping bolt round after bolt round into the horde. "Like you so clearly did?""Were...were you able to follow that fight?""No," she said. "Just an educated guess."Attelus laughed as his flurry of fire cut down two guardsmen in the midst of raising their rifles."You know me too well.""Why hasn't the commissar sent his up flamer troopers?" said Adelana. "They'd be useful right now."Attelus stole a glance at Tathe. The commissar knelt, firing his laspistol with Adreen and Dellenger shooting from his flanks."We don't know what else we'll encounter further in the city," he said. "And the promethium supply is very, very finite. It's better to keep them in reserve, for now.""Did the commissar tell you that?" said the Marangerian trooper who'd been hitting on Adelana before, the tone of his dislike for Attelus plain even through his heavy accent. "Or you figure that out on your own?""Tathe told me," said Attelus, and he licked his teeth, fighting the urge to burst forward into the melee again. On that same logic, he needed to stop expending his energy. Swinging a sword was far more exhausting than pulling a trigger. Avoid close combat as much as possible, no matter how good he was at it.No matter how much he enjoyed it."We have signatures, two buildings down," said Hayden over the vox. "In the buildings on the left and right.""Take care of it!" ordered Tathe with a sweep of his sword.A second later, six trails of missiles flew overhead to send great gouts of flames exploding through the buildings, collapsing floors in deluges of dust and debris.Attelus couldn't help wonder how long they keep doing that. Funnily enough, the city's state was working in their favour; the RPG's wouldn't be nearly as effective.He snapped his attention forward and added his shots to the barrage. Always being distracted, always overthinking things. He was lucky he wasn't shot during his idiotic daydreaming.Then his vox bead beeped into life."Attelus," crackled Vark's voice. "The southern advance is faltering; they've encountered an enemy champion leading a charge of dozens of cultists and are bogged in close combat. Can you help them?"Attelus grinned. "Can and will, Vark!"Then he noticed Adelana looking at him. It was only for a split second, but he couldn't deny the utter terror in her eyes. It caused a sting to course through his chest."I'll see you soon! The south advance needs help; keep safe, Adelana," he said, and before she could reply, he peeled rightward and began pushing his way through the crowd of advancing guardsmen.He came to the grey wall of the building in his way, and his sword cut a door-sized hole, and he lunged into the darkness coated interior.His photo contacts almost instantly bathed the interior in dank green, and he found it was another old office building, wrecked and ransacked with old cogitators lain all over or half to mostly buried in blood sand. The ceiling was only about half a metre above his head, and what else had made this office was must've been buried.The room was large, taking up the next road's entire length and its width at least thirty metres. The doors leading to the corridors seemed to have disappeared from Sarkeath altogether.Attelus fought the urge to sprint and began to walk, his footfalls silent on the sand.He was about two-thirds of the way through when he stopped, an epiphany shivering through him.Hadn't the enemy hacked their vox? Thus they'd decided to use the Elbyran line, which Hayden, Vark and the Elbyran specialists had purged from potential infiltration. Vark had sent that through their personal channel.Attelus hissed a curse through clenched teeth, and he turned to see three lithe figures approaching."I was wondering when he'd realise," said the one with the short sword.He spun to run but halted when he saw his father emerge from the shadows. His expression was unreadable as always. Seeing his father forced the horrific, familiar feeling of fear to thunder in Attelus' chest."My surety in your incompetence is yet again proven to be truth," he said.Attelus fought away the fear and tried to show his most evil grin."And let me guess, you've blocked my vox bead, too? But you forgot one thing..."Serghar rolled his eyes. "This time, you're armed?"Attelus grimaced and exploded into a roaring charge.Serghar's sword was suddenly in his hand, and while Attelus was in mid-swing, something faster than even Attelus' eyes could follow smashed against his chest, sending him hurtling like a comet.He hit the sand too hard; it sent his head-bashing about, complete blinding agony eclipsed his world.Attelus groaned and began to stand, but a foot landed on the back of his head pinned him onto his face."I must admit, you have come a long way in the past nine years," said Serghar. "I must admit you are far more skilled than I was at your age. But you are still no match for me. Now co-operate.""I don't understand!" Attelus roared as tight grasps pulled his hands behind his back."What don't you understand?" said Serghar as he sheathed his sword, slipped his hands into his jacket pockets and began to approach. "You did not actually think that we would engage in some epic battle which would span one side of the Emperor forsaken city? That you are my equal? That you would be the one to put me down finally? Does your idiocy know any bounds?"Sudden rage burst through Attelus, and with strength surprising even him, he threw all three of the agents off him then was on his feet, flying at Serghar. He'd lost his sword but didn't care."I won't be captured again!" Attelus roared, throwing a fist at his father's face.Serghar sighed, closed his eyes and tilted his head from its path in the last possible millisecond.Attelus followed that with a sidekick, but Serghar sidestepped that with ridiculous ease. Attelus swung a hook kick which Serghar slide away from with a growl of frustration, then a jab Serghar tapped away, which sent stinging pain coursing up Attelus' arm. Attelus sent out a front kick for his father's shin; Serghar back-stepped it, then shuffled slightly aside of Attelus second front kick with the same leg.All of this with Serghar still had his eyes closed.Then it took Attelus a full second to realise his father's hand was wrapped around his throat and lifted him off his feet.Attelus gagged and chocked and kicked his heels, clutching at Serghar's arm."You still don't give up, do you?" said Serghar, then he threw Attelus down to the ground.Again utter agony, all eclipsing agony thundered through Attelus every millimetre, and the wind was smashed from his lungs. But he still grabbed Serghar's ankle as his father placed his foot onto his chest and writhed like a butterfly."My son," said Serghar. "Co-operate. I really don't want to waste time by having to cut off your limbs and have to have my lackeys carry you. We would not have to do this if you did not fight on the front lines, risking your death.""Don't care," Attelus gasped through clenched teeth.Serghar sighed again and looked to the curved swordsman. "Give me your blade."The curved swordsman hesitate. "But, s-""Do not question me, fool," said Serghar. "You are lucky as we haven't the time now, but you know the consequence for questioning me, but it will happen soon. I wish not to sully my blade with this wretch's blood. Now give me your sword."Attelus managed to gurgle out blood in an attempt to laugh. "Is this how he treats you? Is this what you put up with? Seriously?"What may have been Serghar's fist smashed into Attelus' face, causing his vision to blur and pain to sprout like tendrils through his head."I no longer have to pretend to care for you," said Serghar. "I do not have to put up with your shit; just because the master said for you to co-operate with this fate, you needed a father who seemed to love and care for you. Every second I had to pretend to care for you made me feel like I wanted to vomit. Why do you think I left the first time, huh? But no, I had to come back, frigging torture. I would hate you for putting me through that hell, but you aren't worthy of hate; you're just a shit stain."The curved swordsman approached and handed Serghar his sword timidly, which Attelus' father snatched. He raised the blade above his head; then, a horrific, huge grin spread across his face—one that pinned Attelus in terror far more effectively than Serghar's foot."I'm going to enjoy this-""Put the sword down!" said a voice, a beautiful, familiar soft voice which sent equal amounts of joy and dread into Attelus.But it somehow stopped Serghar's slash."Ohhh, you're his apprentice," said one of the agents, and even with the voice modulator, Attelus could tell the condescension laced in the words as clearly as the Sarkeathian sky. "Here to save her little boyfriend. Drop the bolter, girl. It's no use to you against even one of us.""I talked to Vark," said Adelana, seeming to shout it for Attelus' benefit. "He said he never sent you that call.""Run, Adelana!" said Attelus, blood now poured from the cuts in his face and into his eyes and mouth. "Just run, please."Whether she heard him or not, Adelana gave no sign as she yelled. "Drop the swords!""Or you'll what, little girl?" said Serghar. "Only my incompetent son could train someone as foolish as you."Then another horrific grin spread on Serghar's face. "Ahh, but you are just on time. Hold the little girl, make her watch this."There was a cry, and Adelana's bolter fired twice, then Attelus heard it being flung onto the sand."By the God-Emperor, you three managed to actually do something. I would clap sarcastically for you, but you do not even deserve that. All of you are as incompetent as my foolish son."Then the sword rose and started to fall.
Secret War: Upon Blood Sands Chapter 25Link to chapter 1! ,,,SSecret War: Upon Blood Sands Chapter 1 "This is accurate?" asked Attelus Kaltos as he"The Elbyrans have visual of the enemy!" said the vox man. "They are converging from the east and south-east!"Jelket listened without a word; he didn't have to ask 'how many' the shaking of the sands beneath his feet was answer enough already.Too many.He looked to Dantian, who walked alongside him, trying to read the captain's response, but his expression was blank."Get me a line to the commissar," said Dantian."Yes, sir!" said the voxman as he set to work."What are you going to do, Dantian?" said Jelket, unable to keep the frown from his face.Dantian smiled. "We will go south, then turn north and attack the Resurrected on their flank."Jelket frowned. "That's going to take a long frigging time for us to advance that far.""I know," said Dantian. "But what are we going to do? Just advance onto their back and join the line?""But if they get surrounded-""Then we'll open up a way for them to reach the objective," said Dantian. "Tell me, Throne Agent, what rank were you in the guard?"Jelket clenched his teeth. "Trooper."Dantian spat on the blood sands. "So let me call the damn shots; I know my tactics. Believe it or not.""Sir! I have a line to the commissar," said the vox trooper. "They have engaged.""Good, give it," said Dantian as he snatched the horn from his grasp."Commissar?" "Captain Dantian wishes to speak to you," said Vark, handing Tathe the Vox horn.The Elbyrans were advancing, jogging to gain as much ground as possible before being forced into a slow, dogged city fight. Tathe hated city fights; most sane soldiers did."Yes, captain, what is it?"Dantain's reply was washed out by static."Dantian!" he yelled. "I cannot read you! Repeat!"Still more static.Tathe spat a curse and fought the urge to throw it on the ground. He was tired, tired beyond ever before; it was making him short-fused. He rubbed his eyes."Dantian? Dantian?" Dantian seemed to straighten before starting to explain his plan to Tathe."Yes, commissar, understood and thank you," said the captain; once done, then he motioned for the vox trooper to cut the link."I take it that he agreed, then?" said Jelket.Dantian smiled. "Yes, yes, he did." Attelus clenched his jaw while watching the street below. He hated waiting; he always hated waiting.Impatience was one of his many flaws, But was it actually a flaw when he was aware of it? That despite it, he could still manage it?One flaw was his in-experience in using explosives; that's why he was watching out for the enemy instead of setting them up.Attelus' vox bead beeped, and in less than a split second, he activated it. "Yes, Adelana?""No sign of any enemy noticing us yet," she said. While Attelus watched the north side, she kept an eye on the south. "They seem too intent on attacking the Elbyrans to advance carefully."Attelus grimaced. "Let's just hope our luck keeps it that way. But I wouldn't underestimate them; that freak general Tathe seems to know everything that's going on.""I...I wasn't talking about them; I meant your father's group. They're still out there; how do we know they won't try to capture us again?"Attelus frowned; why hadn't he considered that? "We don't keep an eye out and-"He was interrupted by another vox call, so he switched channels."This is south building," said Dellenger. "The bombs have been planted.""This is north building," said Hayden. "The explosives are ready.""Good work," said Adreen.Attelus was on his feet, turning, las gun raised, then aimed at Adreen, who stood only two metres away, her finger pressed to her microbead."By the Emperor, sergeant!" he cried.Adreen sneered. "Start the timers, then get to the roof."'Yes, ma'am!'s' echoed through the link.That was the plan: to bomb the buildings then rendezvous with the rest of the contingent.It didn't feel like years, but centuries, lifetimes ago."What are you doing?" Adreen snapped, smashing Attelus back into reality. "Stop standing around daydreaming. Get moving!""Y-yes, ma'am!" he said, and they started toward the stairs."When we get to the roof, I think you and your girlfriend should go east.""What? Why?""Because our objective is the tower if you and her go alone, you might-""No."They came to the staircase, and Adelana joined them in the descent."What do you mean, no?" said Adreen, her jaw twitching."Well, for a few reasons, ma'am. We don't know what may lurk in the city's depths, and my father and his agents might be waiting to ambush us; it'd be easier for them to capture me again if we go it alone, but most of all...""Most of all?""I won't abandon you; we won't abandon you. We'll fight with you to the last."Adreen smiled and shrugged. "Okay, I see your point, young man. It seems like you aren't just a pretty face."Adelana and Attelus stopped. Adelana gaped while Attelus fell into stammering idiocy.The scout-sergeant laughed, leaving them behind. "Oh, thank you. I haven't laughed like that in years."Attelus and Adelana turned to each other, then exchanged wide smiles."Hey, stop your mucking around!" said Adreen, over her shoulder. "There's a literal ticking time bomb in here, you know?"It caused them to jump and start running after her."Don't let that go to your head, Attelus," said Adelana.Attelus grinned. "It isn't anything I've heard countless times before, Adelana."Adelana sighed but in amusement. "You're such an ass.""Perhaps," he sighed. "But you're not arguing it, though."She smiled. Hunched beneath their cameleoline cloaks, they jogged back to the main force. The horde was still far behind them, but their hooting, roaring and jeering were clear in Adelana's ears.It caused her ears to thud and her eyes to tingle in sympathy.Cold pain clutched her heart. She'd never been in such a large scale battle before. It was going to be insane. Every small skirmish she'd fought were terrifying, chaotic. She was always scared; over the years, she'd hoped the fear would go away, but if anything, it'd just got worse. But Adelana had gotten better at fighting it, keeping it at bay.No one knew about this, not even Attelus. She hid it; she'd always been good at hiding her emotions, even before receiving training in it.Maybe she was failing at fighting it when it came to Attelus? That-She shook away the thought.The Elbyrans were getting closer and closer to Tathe and his 'command squad at their head. They were about ten metres away when Adreen ordered the scouts to drop their cloaks.The scouts seemed to phase into reality, while Attelus, who walked alongside her, wasn't nearly as ghost-like. She'd always admired Attelus' skill at stealth, but every Velrosian scout seemed to make him look like an amateur."Good to have you back," said Tathe, smiling at Adreen. "We can all die together now.""I wouldn't have it any other way," said Adreen.Then the explosives went off, and despite knowing it was happening, both Attelus and Adelana couldn't help flinch and look over their shoulders. But Adreen and the other scouts didn't even blink.Dozens of the Resurrected had advanced far enough to get caught in the explosions and the flying debris. Then followed the yawning, screaming of the buildings tipping as they fell on countless others.Attelus and Adelana were so involved with watching the destruction: they would've walked into someone if the Elbyran's deafening, collective cheer hadn't forced their attentions forward to fall in step with Tathe and the others."What's wrong with you?" said Tathe, and his smile spread into a grin. "I thought cool guys don't look at explosions?"Attelus and Adelana shared a glance."What?" said Attelus, and Adelana had never heard him so bewildered.Tathe's grin disappeared. "What, what?""What did you just say?" said Attelus."I didn't say anything; I have no idea what you're on about," said Tathe, with confusing, almost eclipsing Attelus' and Adelana's own."Get your damn heads together," said Adreen. "The commissar didn't say anything. We're about to engage.""Of course," said Attelus facing forward, las gun raised, and Adelana readied her bolter.A second after the bellowing, screaming Resurrected emerged through the smoke and fire, over the debris. Bashing against the ground or anything near in obvious challenge. The intensity seemed to shake the very air as the entire horde which reached all the way to the city's centre did it?Commissar Tathe raised his sword.The Resurrected fell into a charge, their feet shaking the blood sands like never before.A rather disturbing smile grew across the handsome commissar's face, with slow deliberateness."None of you ever stop damn advancing!" Tathe said with a slash. "For Elbyra! For the Emperor! Open fire!"Adelana didn't hesitate, and neither did Attelus. A disciplined wave of las fire erupted from the Elbyrans front line slaughtering countless Resurrected; many vaporised from the hips upward, such was the intensity.More burst from the south and north streets, pouring through like a wave.They were cut down the same as the ones before. Adelana fired, but she wasn't sure who she killed.Firing his laspistol, Tathe led the advance, with Adreen and Dellenger on his flanks as they shot their las guns from the hip. His sword still raised high like one of those heroes of legend throughout the long history of the Imperium of Mankind. Attelus was the history buff so that he could draw a comparison, but Adelana struggled, but Tathe's presence inspired her, drove her to follow, to fight harder.Attelus seemed even more driven, his eyes ablaze with determination. It took all her will to tear her gaze from him, but even without looking, she could hit an enemy.It was then that the Guardsmen of the Resurrected emerged into view, dozens of them, using the rubble as makeshift cover. Their fire cut a swathe through the Elbyrans. One shot passed less than a millimetre by Adelana's head and through the guardsman's chest behind her."I've got this!" said Attelus over the vox as he drew his power sword and activated it in a blaze of blue. "Cover me!"Without waiting for a reply, he exploded into a charge. A few hapless cultists were in his path and tried to cut him down and were sliced into ribbons for their efforts.In a few seconds, he crossed what must've been a good fifteen metres, slowed by dodging and deflecting the hail of las fire firing his way and killing any cultist that charged him.He fell upon them and began slaughtering. Adelana didn't bother trying to follow it; she knew her vision could barely follow his movements.They emerged into the cross junction, and the cultists emerging from the side streets finally managed to get into close combat.Adelana was forced to throw herself from a swinging meat cleaver before someone behind her put a round through his skull. She switched her bolter to burst fire and exploded the skull of one, then the chest of another. One with a huge bayonet blade threw himself at her; she battered it aside with her bolter, then bashed the butt into his jaw, breaking it in a crack so loud it managed to eclipse the chaos around. She knelt, allowing for las fire from behind to send his corpse writhing and falling littered by las.Beside Adelana, a Velrosian fell as a cultist impaled him through the hip. Another, a Marangerian took his place, killing the cultist with a point-blank shot in the face. At the same time, two guardsmen helped up their injured comrade."You're good, little girl," said the Marangerian while impaling another's throat in mid charge. "Wish I had one of those bolters!""Well," said Adelana as she cut down three with another burst of her bolter. "I did learn from the best."She caught a glimpse of Attelus through the melee; his blade was a bloody blur as he killed his way back to the Elbyrans."Indeed!" said the Marangerian while stabbing a cultist through the chin. "Never see any human move like that besides those freaks under the Inquisitor!"He cut down another cultist with a horizontal swing before blasting down an enemy guardsman.Even with their front line locked in close combat with the servants of the blood god, the Elbyrans still gained ground. Adelana's admiration for them grew even more.Adelana smiled as she exploded the head of another with a bolt round. Then she saw Tathe amongst it, and her jaw dropped slack.As Adreen and Dellenger bashed and stabbed with their lasguns. Dellenger was almost effective as Tathe despite wielding a far inferior weapon as he spun, thrust and smashed it with incredible grace and skill. He wasn't nearly as quick as Attelus, but that made his ability all the more impressive as his power sword danced and darted, cutting down cultist after cultist with inhuman ease.Just behind them was Delathasi, whose monomolecular blade was coated in gore and blood, bisecting enemies with such speed they were in mid-cut down midway through their cuts.Torris' shotgun barked and barked, sending cultist after cultist writhing, flying. Helma's, Vark's and Jelket's Hell guns seemed to stream into the horde, cutting down more enemies than anyone else. Vark monitoring vox traffic at the same time.Verenth's pistols shot again and again, through and over the close combat: killing enemy guardsmen trying to gain an angle on the Elbyrans or leave cover.Meanwhile, Karmen's bolter detonated body part after body part as her kine shields sent enemy shots deflecting back into their midst. It seemed she no longer had trouble wielding her power, a fact for which Adelana was truly grateful.Halsin was in the middle of the advance, riding inside a truck along with the remaining Elbyran medicaes, trying their best to attend to the injured.All this time, Adelana had exploded enemy after enemy as the nameless Marangerian guardsman beside her embedded his bayonet in many too. He didn't have the proficiency of Dellenger, but he more than made up for it being bigger and brutal. All the Marangerian men seemed huge for some reason."What is your name, little girl?" he said, cracking the skull of a cultist with the butt of his rifle."Adelana," she said as her bolter clicked dry, so she allowed a Despasian to move past to reload. "Yours?""Trooper Falmak! Don't know how long your ammunition for that bolter will last, Adelana!"Adelana pursed her lips as she slammed a fresh clip home. She still had fifteen clips left, and Darrance was waiting in orbit to re-supply them."A while yet," she said."Good! After this, you'll have to give ma a shell! Y'know! For good luck! And in exchange, I'll buy ya a drink! Or twenty."Attelus emerged from the press of enemies and joined the front line between Falmak and the Despasian. Attelus treating trooper Falmak with a piercing glare as he did.Adelana couldn't help but grin.After what seemed an age, the cultists in close combat were pushed back. Freeing the front line from the melee allowing the Elbyrans to pick up their pace to a slightly faster crawl.Attelus had sheathed his sword and unslung his lasgun and fired it from the hip alongside Adelana."Life signs!" bellowed Hayden over the vox. "In the buildings, the other side of the street, left and right."Almost as if the enemy heard him, shots burst from the windows of the three-story and four-story hab blocks emerging from the blood sands, cutting into the Elbryan ranks or smashing off Karmen's shield."Missile launchers take care of that!" said Tathe.Almost immediately, streams flew over Adelana's head and exploded into the buildings, collapsing rooms in deluges of rockcrete, and the shooting stopped.The Elbyrans advanced through the cross junction, pushing the enemy back.Adelana looked up from her shooting to the street before them, which spread for miles until it found the tower. It was full of Resurrected.One block down, only a shit ton more to go. By the end, they'd be dry of ammunition and exhausted. That was the only guarantee; Adelana knew in any split second she could lose her life; that was what caused the thundering in her chest and her ears.But by the Emperor, after seeing the people of Attelus' and Seleen's homeworld fight. Adelana knew they deserved the praise they got, and then some. They were going to reach the tower no matter what resistance they met or how long it took—no matter if and when they were reduced to using only their fists and bayonets.Adelana just hoped she'd live long enough to see to the end of this road.
Secret War: Upon Blood Sands Chapter 24,Link to Chapter 1! ,SSecret War: Upon Blood Sands Chapter 1 "This is accurate?" asked Attelus Kaltos as heAttelus, Delathasi, Adelana and Hayden left the fortress with the Velrosian scouts. The sun had started to creep into the cloudless, beautiful blue sky. It wasn't the ideal time to stealth ahead of the rest of the contingent. But still, they sunk from the deep, long shadows shed by the tall towers that loomed around.Attelus, who carried an old, beaten but well-maintained lasgun given to him by the Velrosians, struggled to keep up with them. Attelus had always prided his skill at stealth. He wouldn't have survived in the ruins of Varander if he wasn't good. He was one of the best among Inquisitor Enandra's agents. Perhaps the best. Attelus sunk and slipped through the city like born spectres. But the Velrosians didn't seem there; they seemed...almost non-existent.There were twenty of them, including the four Throne Agents. They moved in two pairs per street from the west. Attelus and Adelana were with Adreen and Dellenger on the northernmost street. One pair would advance, one scout along each side of the street, stop at a turn or a four-way junction while the others followed a few metres behind. They moved at a pseudo jog, low with their cameleoline cloaks covering them. The first pair's weapons covered the windows and doors. Left and right, up and down. Left and right, up and down. As the second scout's guns swept side to side while they watched the street ahead. The first would check the corner or corners at the end of each street, Signal the all-clear via three vox taps, then the next pair would take point, while the last covered their advance.They communicated almost exclusively through vox taps. Although the throne agents wore their re-breathers, allowing them to speak without being heard at a flick of a switch.Hayden also had his Auspex again, so he and Delathasi moved through the middle street.About half a kilometre behind, the rest of the Elbyran contingent moved, and about a kilometre behind them were the Sovrithans in support.Reconnaissance at the head of an army in a battle zone was different than moving alone, in a pair or a small group of infiltrators. It was a new experience for Attelus; it took a huge amount of concentration, patience and discipline. Every inch, everything needed to be checked and double-checked. The ache which echoed through his thighs was hard to ignore; it caused Attleus to grit his teeth. Adreen had given him and the others a quick briefing before they left, and Attelus found he and Adelana were taking to it quite quickly. But the pressure of such responsibility was intense. If Attelus, or anyone, missed even the slightest detail, the Elbyran contingent could walk right into an ambush.The enemy, the Resurrected, weren't to be underestimated. Especially since Attelus learned they could seem to appear from out of nowhere.Attelus flinched as his vox bead beeped; he growled through gritted teeth but still accepted it."Adelana! What do you want?""About Hayden."Attelus sighed. "Adelana, I thought we went over this already.""We did. But...""But what, Adelana?""You still seem to trust him, Attelus.""I do trust him, Adelana."There was a long pause, and Attelus fought the urge to cut the link."What if he does something...You know, Attelus?""He won't. He's angry, Adelana. But he won't allow himself to be controlled by it. And in all honesty, his anger is justified. I have made many mistakes since we've made planetfall. Hell, I made a lot even before then.""I-I don't think you have," she said, and Attelus almost slipped to a stop in surprise. "I think you've done all right, considering the things that happened. One thing I think I...We forget is that despite your...abilities, you are still human. A human who's burdened with more than any of us could imagine...How?""How, what?""How...How do you manage to keep going?"Attelus shrugged, even though Adelana couldn't see it. "I just do."Another long pause."Hayden thinks he should've been leader in your place.""I know.""Do you think so?"Attelus thought about that, but the answer didn't take long. "No. I think if anyone else should've been in charge, it should've been Karmen or Helma. Hayden isn't exactly a people person."And neither am I, he thought."I don't think so," said Adelana. "I think no one but you should've been put in charge. If you weren't in charge, we'd still be in the warp, back in the Calixis Sector or Emperor knows where else.""Yes, but that's what my father and Etuarq wanted," said Attelus. "I should've seen it. I should've known.""Again, Attelus. You're only human-""But I am meant to be a master assassin, Adelana. I should've performed better. Please stop trying to make me feel better because, in all honesty, I'm fine. I made mistakes, and I'm owning them. That's what I have to do; I learned that a long time ago. Thank you, though, Adelana. I appreciate it. Now, stop this. We've got to concentrate.""Understood, master," she said, then cut the link.The urge to bring back the link exploded through him. He needed to tell her he loved her. But he fought it, fought it with every ounce of his strength. Even if he didn't believe she'd say no, now wasn't the time. Now would be the worst time.It was the first time she'd ever called him 'master.'And it was the last. Tathe walked at the head of the advance. Power sword in his right, laspistol in his left, both held at his sides in exaggerated confidence. With him was his makeshift command squad made of most of the Inquisition agents. The ex-captain Helma. The gunslinger, Verenth. Vark the Stormtrooper who carried the long-range vox. The medicae, Halsin. And the sanctioned psyker: Karmen Kons. It'd been Attelus' idea. Most of the Elbyran command staff had either been killed or turned, and they'd figured it'd be better than transferring junior offices from their squads. Despite Torris and Helma still recovering from their injuries.Tathe had barely any time to get to know them before they'd left, but Karmen Kons had explained their abilities and temperaments via mind-speak. If even half of what she claimed was true, each one was almost a frigging army by themselves. The Elbyrans walked the same five streets the scouts had checked. Tensions were high. Lasguns covered every inch of everything. They'd left the base without bothering to pack their tents and no garrison to defend it. This was the end, this was where they would win, or they would die.A realisation hit him. One which he should've seen a long time ago. This was how it was always going to end. He'd clung to the idea of rescue, that somehow Tolbik and his ilk would get him and his men off this cursed world.How foolishly naive of him. Surely he was old enough and ugly enough not even to consider such a thought? Tathe smiled to himself. He was certainly ugly enough, to be sure, and he couldn't help steal a glance at Karmen Kons. She was not hard on the eye that was certain and familiar too.She caught him in less than an instant, causing him to snap his attention forwards again.+Eyes forward, commissar.+The foreign words echoing through his thoughts cause him to shiver. But he couldn't help smile at the obvious playfulness in her tone.You have dyed your hair.Karmen smiled. +Attelus told you about me, I remember. I'm not surprised you figured it out.+I may not be a super, elite Throne Agent, but I managed it, somehow. You being the only woman who somewhat resembles her, kind of gave it away.+My my, commissar. Your powers of deduction would make Marcel Torris jealous!+Tathe shrugged and looked to the tall, well built, dark-skinned man walking a few metres to his left. His shotgun raised and ready.+You know, just before the invasion, I tried to join the scouts. Scout sergeant Adreen was a hero to me.+Tathe nodded.+I didn't get in, of course. I nearly did, but I wasn't good enough. I enlisted as a trooper, but my father pulled some strings and made me stay in the PDF.+He was afraid you'd get killed?Karmen's eyes narrowed; it wasn't the expression he expected. +I think so.+Tathe frowned, about to reply.But that was when the blood sands began to shake. The scouts felt it a split second before Tathe, and almost as one, they stopped."I-I didn't know that Kelitia was on a fault line," said Adelana over the squad channel."It isn't," said Attelus.Then the speakers screeched into ear-piercing life."Again!" bellowed general Tathe's voice. "This is your general! And I must say that I am disappointed! I offered you, all of you, a privileged position in the eyes of the true lords and masters, the true gods of this galaxy! But in your foolish ignorance! Your stupidity! Move against me instead? Don't even think I don't know what you are doing! So I will make you. You will join the Resurrected!"Then like a brackish, black tide, the Resurrected appeared into view. Emerging from the decline of the blood sands."By the throne!" gasped one of the scouts.Adelana couldn't contend a response for a few seconds; they stood and watched as they poured and poured in an unending wave and the shaking of the sands became stronger and stronger."So I have gathered them!" said general Tathe. "From all over the planet. It doesn't matter how hard or smart or well, you fight! You will soon die and die badly! Knowing how truly and utterly pointless it is to resist the gods. To resist me!""Holy Throne!" said a scout. "What do we do? There's too frigging many!""Calm down, Faykel," said Adreen. "Get on the vox. Tell the commissar.""I-I don't think he needs telling, ma'am!" said Faykel."Do it anyway, Faykel. Kaltos? Do you have much explosives?"It took Adelana a split second to realise that she was addressing Attelus."Yes, of course, sergeant, Hayden Tresch is an explosives expert. He has most of it. Why?""We're going to collapse some buildings, crushing and funnelling them in," said Adreen. "One to the south, the other north.""With respect, ma'am-""Shut it, Faykel! We're doing this!""Then what?" said another scout."Prove the good general wrong," said Adreen.
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Legolas Greenleaf 2 by Darkpasionsplay
Legolas Greenleaf by Darkpasionsplay
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40k terrain with abandoned vehicles by half-halfling
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death witch - Todeshexe by elehaya
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Chaos warrior by Trassnick Chaos warrior :icontrassnick:Trassnick 70 8 Dead king by Trassnick Dead king :icontrassnick:Trassnick 11 0 Ork Skavenger Post-Buildings 1 by Daxx-Lorenzo Ork Skavenger Post-Buildings 1 :icondaxx-lorenzo:Daxx-Lorenzo 2 0 Ork Skavenger Post-Buildings 2 by Daxx-Lorenzo Ork Skavenger Post-Buildings 2 :icondaxx-lorenzo:Daxx-Lorenzo 1 3 Storm of Vengeance Title Card by wibblethefish Storm of Vengeance Title Card :iconwibblethefish:wibblethefish 38 18 Shokk Attack Bellwether [Color] by Velgarn Shokk Attack Bellwether [Color] :iconvelgarn:Velgarn 7 2 Warhammer Underworlds fan art by DismalFreak Warhammer Underworlds fan art :icondismalfreak:DismalFreak 63 6 Salamander Warhammer 40k by MrFlyX Salamander Warhammer 40k :iconmrflyx:MrFlyX 64 1 GMod/SFM: Warlord-class Battle Titan (WIP) by Joazzz2 GMod/SFM: Warlord-class Battle Titan (WIP) :iconjoazzz2:Joazzz2 109 19 Dwarf Slayer by rineart Dwarf Slayer :iconrineart:rineart 342 7 Grombrindal the White Dwarf by rineart Grombrindal the White Dwarf :iconrineart:rineart 265 10 Armies on Parade - Clan Cherno by Quiet-Lamp Armies on Parade - Clan Cherno :iconquiet-lamp:Quiet-Lamp 10 6 Hannibal Eul' Fadass face by LitrikTournevis Hannibal Eul' Fadass face :iconlitriktournevis:LitrikTournevis 7 6 Alex Von Falassion face by LitrikTournevis Alex Von Falassion face :iconlitriktournevis:LitrikTournevis 7 2 And the Foulest of Them All are the Ultramarines by Nemris And the Foulest of Them All are the Ultramarines :iconnemris:Nemris 174 50 Da Speeda Trukk by Dgs-Krieger Da Speeda Trukk :icondgs-krieger:Dgs-Krieger 6 6
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