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RooLa Clock

There are four different styles that can be used in this Rainmeter theme.

:bulletblue: regular size
:bulletblue: small
:bulletblue: x small
:bulletblue: x small (left)

Note: OtisBee gave me exclusive permission to use his graphics in this skin, as well as using the wallpaper in the background.

Special thanks to =OtisBee for permission to release this theme for Rainmeter. Please support OtisBee by checking out his profile and other RooLa works listed here:

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I really likw the time it was just what i needed

is there or will there be something of the same style/size that has the date? like written in the format 12/25 & maybe with the tiny text of the day below it.

I would really like that
sabud83's avatar
one simple word - WOW
GamerWorld14's avatar
Thanks! It means a lot! :D
as66's avatar
Nice work mate :)
GamerWorld14's avatar
Thank you for the comment, I appreciate it. :D
Red-Steel's avatar
Vobis's avatar
Never Mind, it works , thanks ! :D
GamerWorld14's avatar
ok, glad it works, but sorry for the late reply. ;P
Vobis's avatar
What type of font is there ?
GamerWorld14's avatar
in the preview or the actual clock?
AYDeezy's avatar
How to install ?
GamerWorld14's avatar
There should be a folder inside your documents folder labeled "Rainmeter". From there, go to the skins folder and copy the exported folder of the roola skin to that location. ;P
PianoArt's avatar
very nice can change to 24h format? thx
GamerWorld14's avatar
Thanks. To do this, go to the skin .ini file in the folder and open in notepad, then look for %I, then change it to %H.

Resource found here if my explanation doesn't help too well. ;P
PianoArt's avatar
thx very much,it works will be nice if you have time one day and makes calendar in Roola regards PA
GamerWorld14's avatar
I'm not sure if I'd ever use the calendar feature myself, so it'd be pointless for me to have made a style for it. But it is a great idea. :)
zuhtu79's avatar
it does not work by me. i put it in the right folder and i can see it under the configs but when i choose it nothing comes. can anybody help me?
GamerWorld14's avatar
Re-check to see if you put it in the correct skins folder. Here's what a readme says inside of rainmeter (C:\Program Files\Rainmeter\Skins)...

"This is not the proper location of the Rainmeter's skins folder unless you are running a 'portable' version of Rainmeter. This folder only contains the default skins. If you want to add new skins you need to copy them to the Rainmeter\Skins folder in your My Documents folder."
jefersongomes's avatar
Hi, you is shiny artist.
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