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Choose Your Happiness

By GamerWorld14
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Please comment & :+fav: me on this one! I worked hard to get all the details right.

The things I like and make me happy:
- Education (without it, we'd be nowhere and nothing would happen with our future... so it makes me happy)
- Math (I enjoy doing calculus because it has an edge to it)
- Space (The enjoyment of looking out at night and seeing stars in the sky and the beauty of it)
- Earth (I love being on this earth because there's so much that can be done here)
- Water (water makes me happy because without it we wouldn't be able to survive this wonderful life we all have)
- Sunsets (I love the beauty of sunsets because the colors can be amazing, and combined with earth... its even more AWESOME)
- Sweets (I love sweets because the tingling of sugar dissolving on your mouth with a bit of artificial flavoring and corn syrup always tastes good)
- Mustaches (I'm sure you already knew that they are awesome and give happiness)
- Design (I love design because it is fun, exciting, and there's something new you can do every time, such as this project! :D)
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math is evil but i do love this
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Thanks very much... I guess it is a weird thing to be happy about, lol ;P
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I must say yours is probably one of my few favorites.
For one, I love digital art.
Second, I like that you actually said what makes you happy.
I don't like a lot of the others for the pure fact that the design may be cool, but that it doesn't show me what it is that makes them happy.
Very nicely done. :D
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Glad you like it, and thanks to your explanation as to why. Your input is appreciated! :D
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You're welcome! And good luck. :)
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Thanks, same to you! :)
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It looks amazing, and I agree with the things you chose :)
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Looks sick. Good luck.
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Thanks, I hope it does well. :D
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Wow, this is a SUPERB design. Best yet!
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Yeah, I like this the best also. :D
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It is really great! :D
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I love your design for this! Good luck in the contest!
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Thank you so much, and thanks for the favorite and comment as well! I hope I do well also! :D
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