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Blue Logo

This image was rendered mostly in Inkscape, but I did do some editing and change around some blend modes in Paint.NET.

75% Inkscape (rendered svg image)
25% Paint.NET (blend mode changes, color, background, text)

Overall, I like the outcome. Please comment if you would like a logo like this. I would be willing to make a logo for a small donation :D That would be very much appreciated. Thank you if you look at this!
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Sorry to be picky, but I just wanted to note: a "logotype" is the typeface and lettering part of corporate identity (i.e. the text in the "Windows" identity), while simply a "logo" is what you have here (the four curved squares in the "Windows" identity).

That aside, it's very polished and clean, great job. The two white bevels could be less abrupt at their ends, perhaps.
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All right, thanks for the info. I shall try to change it to Blue Logo then :)
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I like it, the curves give it a nice design element.
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thank you, I like the curves also. For the colors, I was sort of going for a vista-y feel. I like your avatar thing, :D
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no problem, lol :D
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