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So with how bad most of the Neo-Saban era has been (sans Dino Charge) for me and many others, when we heard Hasbro bought the rights to the franchise from Saban, we were all hoping we would see improvement.  A lot of great shows have come from Hasbro such as Transformers Prime, G.I. Joe Renegades, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, Littlest Pet Shop, and various others, and considering how good the action shows especially have been, I knew better could be done, but I also saw a lot of the same crew from Ninja Steel (which for me and it's Super half is the worst series of Power Rangers I have watched) would still be on board, so I was worried.  Thankfully, the first 4 episodes I have seen so far have put those worries to rest.

The plots and goals are well thought out, things are not written as childishly as I have seen in Neo-Saban seasons, I'm seeing actual citizens in danger, acting while not top notch (this is Power Rangers after all) is decent enough, and the characters are pretty likable.

Within the first 4 episodes and what I saw would be happening, I had some concerns like rangers not being allowed to be a couple which considering we've seen ranger couples before, I was hoping this was a workplace rule within Grid Battleforce since that I can understand, and thankfully episode 4 proved it was.  I was worried on the plot of choosing a leader in episode 2 when I read that would be the case, but considering two of the rangers were not even chosen but got caught up into the war and choose to stay on, it's understandable that there could be issues on knowing who is right to lead in this case over just Red automatically being the leader.  And while of course, we know Devon being the red ranger would be the leader, it was a well written story of egos clashing and one member focusing on the main goal of protecting people.  In the same episode, I also like that quirks of the rangers from the Go-Busters sentai we re-written here to be a side effect of the animal DNA fusion which considering all three rangers have some massive extreme to them with these, I think to take these issues more seriously was a good idea.

If I have anything to still wonder about, I want to know what created the Evox virus and I am hoping an explanation comes up down the road if at all (We got one for Venjix in RPM and it was important, so I would like one here as well).  We of course are told this takes place in the future in promotional material, but exactly how far in the future since a lot of tech I see such as smart phones, vehicles, and more seem to still be pretty modern, and considering SPD, shouldn't we see more alien life living with humans as well at this point since we are near the year SPD officially took place?  I'm doubting the SPD thing will be addressed, but we'll see.

If I also have one mixed feeling in terms of episodes, the 3rd episode was pretty standard Power Rangers environmental fare, but at least unlike some in the Neo-Saban era, it was well written and well thought out by enough to make an okay filler episode.  Now I know due to how Power Rangers work and with Saban and some of his crew still being around and having involvement, stuff like this is still going to be included, but as long as these episodes have decently thought out writing like this one did, I can live with it, and I know there will likely be some bad episodes here and there.

With all this said, I'm glad Power Rangers Beast Morphers has been fun to watch and I hope to keep seeing more quality as the series continues.  Also, for one more wish, I am REALLY hoping Hasbro does not put SUPER into the season season of Beast Morphers, though rumors and possible sources are showing that thankfully may be the case and they will stop with Saban's horrible idea of making the titles goofier and stupider each time the second half of a show comes up.

So with that said, as always, till next time, everyone!


Ed Prins-Stairs
United States
Here to promote my work and also make some friends and support the ones I got.




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One good thing also as of late, I chilled out on what bronies have done to me and am more calm about it as of late.  I still stand by how I feel about most of the community sans certain groups and individuals.  Regardless, I feel more willing to enjoy the series and certain fan elements again.
Well, a lot has changed since March and it's been a massive roller coaster.  I've made a lot of tough decisions and in all honesty, I have not handled all of them well in response due to the circumstances, but in what the final decisions had to be and with the consultation of my friends on the circumstances, I at least feel good enough knowing I and making the right choices in the end for the most part.

At the very least, I've been making new friends and spending more time with a few others as well and it's been very nice to chill with everyone and have us all support each other.  With how this is going, I am hoping there will be some good improvement down the road.
So on my last post, I had someone who said they understand victim mentality, yet attacked me on someone who made ME a victim and only heard ONE SIDE.  So he spoke crap and stupidity.  On the one he spoke of, it's quite the other way around, but I don't want to make a massive war about it unless forced.  Keep harassing me about it, I'll do so and use all the evidence and stuff I have.
I wish people would understand victim mentality and not outright discredit victims and start a smear campaign against them without making sure they fully understand situations.  I say this from experience.

Now it's not saying there aren't false victims because yes, there are scummy people like that. Those who claim to be victims I don't believe is mainly due to hard evidence against their claims.

That said, try to understand enough on both sides before jumping to rash conclusions.
So I dealt with some 22 year old manchild who shows pedophile tendencies and me and one of my closest friends were calling him out on it.  My friend was more aggressive at first, but I calmed him down so we could try to be more adult.  However, this person couldn't hold a rational conversation and kept making childish and nonsensical retorts.  He even said he would tell on my parents... Okay, he's 22 and I'm 33.  My parents wouldn't care about what I am doing here, but for the sake of something, my mom overheard and she agrees with me.  I've shown a friend of mine who herself is a mother and she also agrees with me after seeing the conversation.

This person is just very sick, they have no maturity, no sense of responsibility, and no proper sense of morality.  I also tried to speak reasonably to one of his friends when they insanely said me and my friend should be reported to the FBI, but in the end, this person was also incredibly irrational and childish.  Besides, if this 22 year old is truly the pedophile he comes off as, the FBI would be all over him.  Considering I was trying to talk to this person reasonably but still honestly, this friend has zero sense of law.

I've read the friend of this 22 year old is on the autism spectrum and it might be true for the 22 year old as well, and it's worrying to me since I want to help people on the spectrum, but these ones seem to be at the high unreasonble levels where their ability to properly function is in question.  Regardless, I'm going to treat everyone honestly and as an equal for their actions since babying a person will only make things worse.

I've finally left all the MLP groups I was part of sans ones based on certain following characters:
Derpy Hooves
Sweetie Belle
Diamond Tiara

This is as far as I will stick to on anything MLP as I still really like these characters and a few of them are even very important to me overall even if I have not enjoyed the quality of the show much as of late and I have an intense hatred for the fanbase that these characters are within.

Please respect my wishes on this to not be forced into MLP anymore beyond these characters or anything I have to work on to keep my YouTube channel afloat for the people who followed me due to the MLP videos.
All this month, I'll be removing myself from near all MLP groups.  The ONLY ones I will stay on are those that relate to specific characters such as Fluttershy, Sweetie Belle, Spike, and Derpy Hooves.  Fluttershy as a whole I would not leave as she's too important of a character for me, but that aside, I don't want much else association with MLP anymore.
Do I have problems with the shadowed design we've been shown for Sonic in his upcoming movie?  Yeah, I won't deny I do.  However, considering this franchise's history and this is a LIVE ACTION video game movie, I don't see a reason to lose sleep over it as there wasn't much reason to have high expectations in general.
We Bare Bears is one of my fave current shows.  I love the slice of life approach it has, it's adventurous episodes as well, it's characters, it's continuity, it's sense of humor, and it's clever writing.  My fave characters so far are Ice Bear and Chloe Park.  Chloe reminds me of Kristen and I just overall relate to Ice Bear.
I see Cream as a Mary Sue as she comes off as just so perfect, sweet, and serving no real purpose character wise other then to be those things outside of the occasional damsel in distress.  Some Cream fan can't stand me calling her that?  Tough shit...

EDIT: Actually, considering my response to Cambion-Hunter (who thankfully was respectful of how I felt and wasn't trying to force me to say different), I think one dimensional is actually more accurate to Cream then Mary Sue.  Cream has some traits of a Mary Sue, but in comparison to the biggest Mary Sue I compare her with, Webby Vanderquack (the original one, not the reboot one who is awesome), it's actually not as in depth to as the traits Webby has, but Cream doesn't really have much else either beyond being a perfect cute little girl.  So yeah, I'll just call her one dimensional from now on instead.



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