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About the Gamer's NESt (SUBMISSION RULES)

The folders are divided in genres, if you are not sure in which folder to submit your art then simply pick the one you think fits your game's art best. I have never been a genre kind of man so I'm pretty flexible, don't be afraid to submit where you think is right. For Example, I consider The legend of Zelda to be an RPG but most others simply count it as an Adventure. It's all up to you...just don't put it down as a shoot'm up simply because Link can shoot with his sword at full hearts. :stare:

If you feel that the genre you wish to submit to is not available then please let me know.

I live in Europe, PAL, NTSC as well as Famicom games will all be accepted. Each region has its own unique games never released elsewhere and it's all the same system.
Please note that this is a NES only group! If you submit an artwork which has both Link from the Adventure of Link and Link from the Ocarina of Time in it I will decline said work! Game cross-overs will be accepted but obviously System cross-overs won't.
What also will NOT be accepted is random pixel art nor those t-shirt things that are floating around. Pixel art will be accepted if it really comes from or is based on actual NES games and please truly do not bother with those t-shirt submissions.
Finally, games wise, only collection photos will be accepted meaning no single cartridges unless the game is either rare or modded or if the picture is of very high quality. That goes for 3rd party systems too, I will refuse those, only normal or modded NES consoles will be accepted.


As for the community, this group is a respectful one, rude people, a-holes, trolls will all be immediatly removed from the group, no questions asked.
Also, porn, furries and yaoi will not be accepted. (Ecchi is still okay and I will accept OCs and Gijinkas when it's specified or obvious that they are from certain NES games)
We are all about reminiscing the good old times of the NES, the games we had, the fun we had and still have! It's all about sharing and interacting, this is not nor will ever be a dead group. Retro shall live on!

Welcome home everybody. :#1:

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Gallery Folders

Samus Aran (Justin Bailey) Metroid by NiGHTmaren-Cosplay
Black Mage by RAAKILE
NES Tribute: Magical Doropie by LukeTheRipper
Graveyard - ZELDA 2 - HD by Hyrule452
Mach Rider by Gameguran
Obscuri-JAM 2017: Mach Rider by shnoogums5060
Obscuri-JAM 2017: Stanley The Bugman by shnoogums5060
SOPHIA III by Doctor-G
Link - The Legend of Zelda - Zelda ll by OrlekArts
Metroid March - True Peace in Space by BLARGEN69
Aquamentus by Orangesyum88
StarTropics by Doctor-G
Beat'm up - Hack'n Slash
NES Tribute: Joy Mech Fight by LukeTheRipper
Gm_bigcity Ransom by GuardianStriker
River City Ransom Barf by likelikes
TMNT Leo by camdencc
Don Doko Don 2 - NES by Hyrule452
face - 7 Grand Dad by Yoshi-Invader
Keanu Ribs by darkchapel666
Whipper Snapper by darkchapel666
Dr. Plumber by Aniforce
Trog Shit by darkchapel666
Bomberman by Ygor-oraculo
Day 819. #QBERT by Cryptid-Creations
Racing - Sport
Tecmo Super Bowl 50 by NES--still-the-best
Tecmo Super Bowl 50 by NES--still-the-best
Kungfu by likelikes
Hungry Hungry Monarchs by darkchapel666
Merking by rubbe
Sleeping Zelda ( Zelda 2 ) by Hyrule452
ZELDA 2 - Barba Boss ( Volvagia ) by Hyrule452
ZELDA 2 - Gooma Boss by Hyrule452
Shoot'm up
Cool Chillin Ducks! by xSakuyaChan510x
Duck Hunt by Deimos-Remus
Duck Hunt by pocket-arsenal
8bit Duck Hunt Dog by insane4hatenafrogs
Game Cross-overs
Before Captain Nintendo: there was Buddy Boy!! by filbarlow
Coalition of Forgotten Heroes by JNRedmon
Mega Man and Dengeki Ryouji Team-up! By Kajinman! by Estonius
The Fearless Fab Four! By Thormeister! by Estonius
Unlicensed - Unreleased - Homebrew
Misc Art
Donkey Kong sprites by musher-30
Hardware - Software Photos
Schematics Of My Family by darkchapel666
Super Mario Bros Trilogy Stamp by Retro-Specs
Contest 1: Now you're playing with power
Duck Hunt - Dog Hunt Dog by kit07
Contest 2 - Retro-Death's top 10 Cross-Over
Kirby's Adventure of Link by moe-kawaii-sunshine
Contest Mini - Similarities
Contest Mini - Similarities by MissMery
Contest Mini - Blue
blue virus by Cortoony





Hey everyone! :#1:

I'm really sorry for this massive inactivity these past... two years? Damn, that's longer than I would have liked for sure.

I still have many ideas for digital art, and this group WILL NEVER be a dead group! Unfortunately a couple of months ago my life got kinda torn to shreds. It's okay, I seriously came out much better. I'm honestly happy. But my current situation is kinda tight, I don't have a new laptop yet, let alone a new tablet. So art on my side is kinda dead for the time being.

I won't let this group die though! I love you guys way too much, and I'm having too much fun here always! And I love talking about NES games, our memories, and creating and looking at your art!

Recently I went on a trip to the United States, they were the 10 best days of my life!! And yes, I actually bought some NES games there, Dash Galaxy, and Xenophobe, a game that was on my list for many years now! It's so much more fun in the US! So many more options and such better prices. I still love the NES just as much as always! And once I get my sh*t together, you can count on me, just like with my cartridges, blowing new life into this group!
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blue virus by Cortoony blue virus :iconcortoony:Cortoony 155 29 Tektite Jumpstyle [.GIF] by Garrettsmash Tektite Jumpstyle [.GIF] :icongarrettsmash:Garrettsmash 23 10 Kid Icarus Nightmares by StarsAndOceans Kid Icarus Nightmares :iconstarsandoceans:StarsAndOceans 25 30
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