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The male Kayoss (A.K.A. Shadowpalm and Palmaster) style of fighting: Nej-Lök Which sounds fancy but actually just means no onion in Swedish (because most male Kayoss dislike onions).

It involves absorbing your opponent's vim.  

The rules of Vim are as follows:
1.  Vim is found in all living things, as it is the very basis of life.  Essentially, if something has vim, it is automatically considered alive regardless of what it is.
2.  Vim naturally restores itself over time, through obtaining nourishment, and sleeping.  
3.  You must have your feet flat on the ground.  You won't be able to store the Vim in your body without proper grounding.
4.  Your hands must be touching the opponent with no more than an eighth of an inch in between you and the opponent (like clothing).  
5.   It is impossible to absorb Vim from an opponent to the point that they will be killed.  If you do try then you won't be able to absorb any Vim from them, the last little bit is beyond reach.
6.   When a victim does reach the limit amount of Vim, their body reverts into a more simple structure in order to conserve the energy it has, and the form they take is often a less evolved version of whatever drained their vim.  The only known cures for this state of reversion are a large infusion of Vim (often by mechanical means) or babies tears (because babies being young have an abnormally high level of vim in their bodies and it is shed off with the tears.)

The techniques used in Nej-Lök are as follows (all of them are in Swedish unless stated otherwise):
Taga-Bort:  Means Take Away- it is the most basic of techniques, the one that is used to drain vim (see above rules.)
Galen-bi: Means Crazy Bee- an attack that involves focusing vim in the tips of the hands and hitting the opponent with a rapid series of stabbing motions.
Krets-Böna: Means Circle Bean- A childish move that focuses Vim in the feet and spinning in a clockwise motion.  It is used while surrounded and is accompanied by loud flatulence like sounds.
Barn-Näve: Means Child Fist.  One of the highest ranking skills and Palmaster's specialty.  It uses raw vim to create extra hands that lack the ability to feel pain and can travel a great distance from the body.
Bubbla-Svepa: Means Bubble Wrap.  It is Shadowpalms own invention.  Since he lacks the ability to store vim in his body due to a lack of feet, he developed a technique that takes the opponents vim and then forces it right back out of the same hand.  It can also be mixed with the users own vim to increase its power.  It creates a collapsing bubble of vim that then explodes (hence the name)
Tillägg- Means Addition- a supplement to Barn-Näve that melds two created hands together.  It is a cumulative ability, but the more hands involved, the harder it is to control.
Ansikte-Vits- Means Face joke, otherwise known as Shoop da Woop.  The user enunciates clearly Imma firin' mah lazer! (with italics) and a bizarre face appears either on their own head or on their hands.  The latter seems to have an adverse affect on the user's comic rating.
Svartglugg: Means Black Hole- Creates a black hole that is used for teleportation
Andrabäst: Means Second Best, Covers the users body in a thin film of Vim that acts as an armor.
Vrede av Helvete: Means Wrath of Hell- Flaremasters specialty, it allows the user to create flames using Vim.  
Tystvira: Means Silent Wind- Windmasters specialty, it uses Vim to argument the users speed to the Nth degree.

The ranks are as follows
Grodd- means germ or sprout
Master- can only be awarded by a Grand Master
Grandmaster/- Can only be awarded by the King/Queen of Chaos and are awarded the the title of Herre (Lord)

There are six grand masters that each bear a title and number and the king who only bears a title if they inherited the throne in which case their title is based off of their word.
0. Wyrld Distrukshun (Noll Herre Soundmaster) - The Current King of the Kayoss and the father of the Distrukshun syblings, he can control all definitions of the word sound.
1. Aniee hill Ashunn (En Herre Blademaster) - the younger brother of Roasee Ashunn, he can morph his Vim into indestructible blades (God mod formula still applies).
2. Apacho Lipss (Två Herre Windmaster)- he specializes in using Vim to argument speed
3. Kaytlle Klicm (Tre Herre Echomaster)- he is a close friend of the current king and can create sound waves with his vim similar to his friends innate power.
4. Doumms Daie  (Fyra Herre Flaremaster)- He can use his vim to raise the temperatures of objects around him.
5. Pand ye Moneum (Fem Herre Palmaster)- He has no eyes and can create hands
6. Rayj Nar Oock (Sex Herre Stonemaster)- He can use his vim to have super strength, that usually include lifting stone.

The female Kayoss style of fighting: Mer-Krydda which also sounds fancy but actually just means more spice in Swedish

Since Female Kayoss are incapable of absorbing vim (as this could prove dangerous for when they are having children) Mer-Krydda revolves around redirecting the force of an attack back at the opponent, and knocking them off balance (which is a lot harder than it sounds.)

The ranks are as follows
Grodd- means germ or sprout
Mistress- can only be awarded by a Grand Mistress
Grandmistress/- Can only be awarded by the King/Queen of Chaos and are awarded the the title of Dam (Lady)

There are six grand Mistresses that each bear a title and color the queen who only bears a title if they inherited the throne in which case their title is based off of their word.  The other grand Mistresses don't bear titles because they don't want titles.
0. Krycanthemom Distrukshun (Vit Dam or White Lady) -  The current queen of the Kayoss and mother of the Distrukshun syblings, she is the former Grönt Dam
1. Roasee Ashunn (Röd Dam or Red Lady) - Sister of the top male fighter Aniee hill Ashunn.  Apart from the king (who is automatically stronger than whoever he faces), she is the strongest Kayoss alive, bar none.
2. (Apelsin Dam or Orange Lady)
3. (Gul Dam or Yellow Lady)
4. (Grönt Dam or Green Lady)
5. (Blå Dam or Blue Lady)
6. (Purpur Dam or Purple Lady)
A basic description of the fighting styles from my webcomic. Please let it be noted that I don't actually speak Swedish, I just used an online translator, so there is no need to point out my lack of understanding of swedish sentence structure and poor word choice.
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