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Serena 2 by babermirza
Mature content
Serena 2 :iconbabermirza:babermirza 37 1
Serena's Wish (Age Progression, BE caption) by Mr-AD Serena's Wish (Age Progression, BE caption) :iconmr-ad:Mr-AD 67 4 Mega Evolved: Zinnia by babermirza Mega Evolved: Zinnia :iconbabermirza:babermirza 79 7 Bonnie's Mega Adventure 7 by Fallere825 Bonnie's Mega Adventure 7 :iconfallere825:Fallere825 65 9 Bonnie's Mega Adventure 5 by Fallere825
Mature content
Bonnie's Mega Adventure 5 :iconfallere825:Fallere825 92 11
Commission: Dueling Treasures 3/3 by gomyugomyu Commission: Dueling Treasures 3/3 :icongomyugomyu:gomyugomyu 137 2 Commission: Dueling Treasures 2/3 by gomyugomyu Commission: Dueling Treasures 2/3 :icongomyugomyu:gomyugomyu 108 0 Sun and muscle by NeroScottKennedy Sun and muscle :iconneroscottkennedy:NeroScottKennedy 482 67 The Enlargening of Lana by DepravedDefense The Enlargening of Lana :icondepraveddefense:DepravedDefense 288 12
Gift be a Goddess (TF, AP)
Gift be a Goddess
(TF, AP)

“Help!  Is anyone up there?!”  In a pit that was a couple feet deep, eight year old Haylee screamed out in the hopes of someone hearing her.  Climbing wasn’t an option as the walls were too smooth to get a grip.  Even if wasn’t, it was too high for the girl to reach the top.  With continued shouts getting the same result, Haylee slumped against the wall, bringing her knees in.  “Why is this happening to me?”
The girl was from a broken home.  Mother had passed away giving birth to her and while her dad was kind to her at first, it would slowly change.  Struggles as a single parent had become too much for him and didn’t help that he started drinking heavily.  There were many times that Haylee would be the focal point of his alcoholic rages.  Would worsen as the years passed and she kept quiet.  As silly as it sounded the girl cared about her dad and di
:iconanthony22fp:Anthony22FP 183 3
CM- Hide the Akiko by Kojiro-Brushard CM- Hide the Akiko :iconkojiro-brushard:Kojiro-Brushard 1,018 32 Bonnie's Mega Adventure 2 by Fallere825 Bonnie's Mega Adventure 2 :iconfallere825:Fallere825 90 13 Misty And Daisy Age Swap by MrVic25 Misty And Daisy Age Swap :iconmrvic25:MrVic25 84 22 Dawn And Cynthia Age Swap by MrVic25 Dawn And Cynthia Age Swap :iconmrvic25:MrVic25 92 7
Kisekae: Pokemon - Comand R and Ash team Age Swap

Jessie *giggle*
James - At last, we made it, we are won!
Ash - Hey, you two, free us or I get really angry!
Serena *Ash, please, saved us as usually*

Jessie - Are you heard it James? Just turn on and made them our new a allies!
James - As you wish. *James turn switch and ray started to work*
Ash - What happend? *Ash coughs*

James - What happend with this stupid ray? *James get ray closer to his face*
Jessie - James, what are you...

Jessie - James, you are stupid!
After ray shot chains are broken and Ash and Serena became free.
Ash - I feel strange.
Serena - Me too.

After random show, ray are boomed and James drop it on the ground.
Ash - Hmm...
Serena - What... What happend with me?

Jessie *I will kill him*
James - What, why ground became so close?
Serena -
:iconmisorass:misorass 35 3
The New Life Of Ash and Selline by MrVic25 The New Life Of Ash and Selline :iconmrvic25:MrVic25 47 6


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My terrible attempt at drawing GK (my OC) how i envision him.
I'm not very good at drawing but i still wanted to do this.
If you can't read the info things i wrote on it as well i can try to upload those seperately.
DDHK: but you'll likely have to wait a month.
GK: not if i take control for a while before then
DDHK: not likely
GK: *sarcastically* sure

If anyone would help and try drawing him better than me it would be really appreciated, but i don't really have money to commission so all i can do is beg (Draco if you have free time and would i would be so greatful). But i think this picture works as is.
Who is GK?
If you're reading this, you have probably already met this man, but who is he? Why does he do what he does? And more. To describe him, he appears as a young man, wearing an organization XIII cloak, with a symbol of the fairy tail guild on his left hand, a belt with holders for a deck of YUGIOH cards, 3 bakugan, and 6 pokeballs, he wields a keyblade in the shape of the kingdom key, with a red hilt where it would be yellow. Now, we must explain his existence.

Gemini, the zodiac symbol of the twins, two entities with (mostly) the same reappearance. This can also be attributed to one object, two sides of one coin. 1 person, 2 mindsets. GK is a representation of that. A hero that crossed dimensions to keep balance, he is one who knows his purpose, he fights through theses places where different stories unfold. a world of monsters roaming free that can be captured and fight alongside human partners. a world of deities at war with each other, that affects the people of the land below. A world where card games dominate the world. These all exist on the plain of existence, all close by, but rarely connected to one another.

The balance of these dimensions is the job of the dimensional hero, however, no one can escape from their evil side. Most every person has some side to them they wish to keep back, tendencies that they wish would stay under wraps. This is GK, for that very same hero's darker side, is GK, his influence is small, but on the eve of a new Earth month, the hero must let GK be free, as one side cannot exist without the other.

GK is a man who has influence over dimensions, but only as they are copies of the original story, he cannot affect the main path if the story.  He is not a man that should be scared of, he's not a person that should be taken down, he just affect 1 timeline of a universe for his own desires and laughs, and those of others. He wishes to only satisfy his enjoyment levels during his time. He is the same side of a coin of someone who just wants to do some good for others, where both rely on each other to survive. They are two sides of one coin, and must live, knowing the other is always watching. He is just the repressed urges of a dimensional hero brought out when the will keeping them at bay fades. And i would know, for i am that hero.

Who is GK
I made this to try and explain how i work my stories, explain who my OC is and his backstory, my weird upload/response times, and a few other things. Hope this was still a decent read.

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Dusted, a RWBY age change story

GK: *currently working on something* oh, you again, whatever, I'm used to you being here at this point. I'm just finishing up what i need for my next plan to work. An acquaintance of mine asked me to swap the ages of rwby characters Yang and Ruby. Now, i wouldn't call this an age swap, the two girls are only a few years apart so I'm gonna make it a little more interesting for myself. Oh also *looks at the screen* you know who you are, sorry if this wasn't what you expected, this was just the simplest way i could do this with it having any real effect. Plus it makes it about 110% easier for me to come up with.

*a few minutes later*

GK: okay it's ready, now let's get on with this. This is happening just after season 5. And if this isn't exactly what you wanted, then there's always another timeline i can work with to make the exact story you want if the outcry for it becomes big enough. Or, whatever. Also, quick warning, i like these characters a lot, so there isn't gonna be any big downside for one or the other honestly.

*after the battle for haven team rwby had a short bit of down time, and a delivery of what should've been just a restock on dust for their weapons, brought changes that could never have been expected*

Ruby Rose: hey, looks like the dust we ordered is here.
Yang: cool, make sure everything's there.

(Short time distributing the dust later)

Ruby: hey, it seems there's an extra box here.
Yang: really? There shouldn't be, might want to send it back.
Ruby: but it's addressed specifically to us sis.
*the two open the package to find 3 different kinds of dust in silvery red, silvery blue, and silvery gold colors*
Ruby: I've never seen any dust like this before.
Yang: me neither, well, it was free, guess the only way to see what they do is to try them out.
Ruby: are you sure we should just use some of this without even knowing what it does?
Yang: come on sis, when have you ever heard of bad dust?
(Ruby looks down at the dust then back up to her big sister)
Ruby: okay, sure.

A little while later, after setting up some targets.

Ruby: okay, let's see what these can do (loads in some of the blue dust) maybe they're just new versions of some other dust.
Yang: (loads some red dust) yeah, maybe.
*the two girls fire their weapons but the dust just comes out as, well, dust. Then a strange wind blows the red dust onto Ruby and the blue dust onto Yang*
Both girls: *cough* *cough* *cough*
Yang: what the heck? They were duds? *continues coughing*
Ruby: guess someone decided to pull a prank on us.
*Both girls brush off the dust before they both feel a tingle in their spines (presumably from the wind… gk: it's not), Yangs cold Ruby's hot*
Ruby: *very slight deeper voice, just losing a bit of the remaining childish tone to it* (notices a slight pinch from her clothes) what the?
Yang: *nearly unnoticeable higher pitch voice* you okay sis? (Not noticing her clothes start to sag a bit.)
Ruby: something feels off, my uniform feels, tighter.
Yang: what think you're going through another growth… *her voice trails off as she notices ruby is actually close to her eye level, when she knows she's taller than her younger sister* sis you look, ACK!
Ruby: EEK!
(it's at this point the dust starts to really take effect)
Ruby begins to grow, shooting up in height passes what her big sister had stood at just moments ago. Unlike her sister her chest did not grow as much...

GK: What? We all know the joke that yang has a huge rack right? I mean did you see the first few seasons?

Anyway, but instead the silver-eyed redhead’s chest was just a cup size smaller than her sister had. Still pushing her bra into uncomfortable territory though, same goes with her backside. Her hair lengthened a bit, more just needs a trim rather than anything else.

Yang on the other hand had some really weird changes about to happen. Of course she lost a bit in height just about being where her sister was in season 2 or 3. And her breasts shrank a small, but noticeable amount. But two things really got to her, her hair shortened as expected which of course made her a little mad (GK: you don't mess with her hair, but I can do it indirectly). But then the two changing girls her a crashing sound, like metal hitting the ground. Yang looked down, seeing the robotic arm she had been using lying on the ground, and in its place, her actual arm, from before it was cut off by Adam, throwing Yang into a swirl of emotions.

GK: PTSD will do that to ya. What? You're giving me a look like I've done something wrong. Do ya think I'm “letting yang off too easy” with this? Well it's realistic, the two are only like, 2 years apart from each other, Yang most likely hadn't grown that much in 2 years, most of this change comes from the dust itself. And if it's about the arm thing, well, the time in this dimension hasn't been two years, yang's arm was cut off less than 2 years ago so it's back. Now, let's just get back to the story.

Ruby: yang you, you look so young! And your arm
Yang: yeah thanks for pointing out the obvious, maybe look at yourself. (She stares at her arm, she knows it's been gone for a while, but it now feels like it never left)
Ruby: oh, sorry, I shouldn't have said anything.
Yang: it's fine, can, we just head back inside for now?
Ruby: um, sure.

After heading back inside they find the closest mirror to see the changes much easier. Luckily no one else saw them, yet.

Ruby: geez, this bigger body makes this feel, (she pulls on her uniform) a little tight.
Yang: *gets one of her spare shirts and a spare bra* here, put these on.
Ruby: oh okay. *she changes out of her too small, (GK: is it a combat skirt? Whatever) uniform and tight bra and puts on yang's clothes* they're a little big, but at least they aren't tight.
Yang: *stares at ruby's bra, before changing and putting it on and then putting back on her jacket* I guess I'm back to your size.
Ruby: so, what happened? Did that dust make us flip ages? Are we stuck like this? *not so panic* does this make me the big sister now? *back to panic* How are we gonna tell the others? What will dad think? What…
Yang: geez sis, you're asking too many questions, we'll just have to tell the others, and hope there's a way to fix this.

So the girls then have to show themselves to their friends and Crow. Here are their reactions.

Crow: what the? *looks at his flask*
Blake: *shocked look, no response*
Jaune: this is, really weird
Nora: what in the world? Swapped sisters? What is this a fan fiction? (Quick glance at 4th wall)
Ren: well, this isn't something I'd thought we'd be seeing.
Ospin (in Oscar's mind): as long as i remember, I've never seen anything like this before. And oscar can you not shout?
Weiss: how the heck did this happen!?

*a short explanation later*

Ruby: so that's its, weiss, your family is a dust company, do you think they can help us?
Weiss: um, maybe, but, i don't think they'd want to help me.

*After a bit of convincing the group heads off to figure out just what the f@#$ is going on with this strange dust… right after Ruby and Yang get some new clothes*

GK: there, it's done. This took forever to make, all I can say is that I lost motivation to do this. This is still open ended, and there is definitely more to tell, but, I can leave that for another time. See you later, Deviant. Also that's what I'm gonna call you from now on, you said you find your way here through deviantart, so I'll just call you Deviant. Don't expect much from me soon, I'm kinda losing motivation to do this kind of stuff.
Dusted, a RWBY age change story
This is a sort of swap between the sisters Yang Xio Long and Ruby Rose from Rooster teeth's RWBY

This was requested by conmany44

I know this took a long time and the final product probably is as good because of that but i still wanted to do this.

All characters except for GK and Deviant belong to rooster teeth

GK and Deviant are my characters.


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