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The Experiment :icongamerkittylilly:gamerkittylilly 1 0
A Christmas Eve Adventure
"I know it's Christmas Eve," Kenzie said as she carried two mugs of hot chocolate into the living room and set one down in front of Megan, "but I thought I'd give you one of your gifts early. Just because I like seeing you smile." There were at least a dozen gifts beneath their little tree, but Kenzie knew exactly which one she wanted to give her tonight. As Megan sipped he cocoa Kenzie reached for a long thin box near the back. It was neatly wrapped in shiny blue paper with a silver bow on top. Megan blushed as Kenzie slipped it onto her lap.
"What is it?" Megan asked as her fingers worked at the paper to rip it open.
Kenzie smiled as she watched Megan open her gift. "Just a little something I saw at a new shop in downtown that I thought you might like."
Megan's smile widened and Kenzie swore her eyes were sparkling as she ripped away the paper, tossing it to the ground. The box was taped on either side, but Megan made fast work of ripping it away as well. A moment later she was tossi
:icongamerkittylilly:gamerkittylilly 11 0
flight of fantasy
Put me through the fire
Put me through the flame
Burn away my skin
Torch away my name
All across my body
Let fur or scales emerge
And just above my ass
A tail does freely burst
Upon my back a set of wings
Meant for soaring through the sky
And on my forehead 8 bright eyes
For finding my way through the night
When my wings grow weary
Beneath a tree I'll stop to rest
My tail curled up around me
My dreams held tightly to my chest
:icongamerkittylilly:gamerkittylilly 1 0
Some things never change
Some changes you can't see
Some changes are superficial
Some changes run deep
:icongamerkittylilly:gamerkittylilly 1 0
Love Is
Love is not
pretty words,
Love is not
flowers sent
after a million
I'm sorry's
Love is not
elevating yourself
by tweeting what
you did for love.
Love is
Love is
Love is
doing for another
without expectation
of (anything in) return.
Love is
putting your love
before all else
so they can be Happy
:icongamerkittylilly:gamerkittylilly 1 0
mermay by gamerkittylilly mermay :icongamerkittylilly:gamerkittylilly 3 0
Mature content
Borrow Mine :icongamerkittylilly:gamerkittylilly 1 0
Tell me neighbor how can you say
Our children should never be allowed to play
Together in parks or in schoolyards
In arcades or on teams in ballparks
Tell me neighbor how can you see
That different is all we can be
Our hearts beat the same, we both cry tears
We are both victims of our fears
Tell me neighbor why can't you believe
In goodness, and love, and peace
Each and every one of us wants the same
A good life and a hard earned wage
:icongamerkittylilly:gamerkittylilly 3 0
Witch Kitty by gamerkittylilly Witch Kitty :icongamerkittylilly:gamerkittylilly 4 0 Three by gamerkittylilly Three :icongamerkittylilly:gamerkittylilly 13 7 Rowlet by gamerkittylilly Rowlet :icongamerkittylilly:gamerkittylilly 1 0
Mature content
Guardians of the Pool :icongamerkittylilly:gamerkittylilly 23 1
Balanced and Safe
We had never met before. Ever. But we had been in a long distance relationship for a few years. It almost seemed like I had known her forever. I had a hard time thinking of a person that knew me better, that I trusted more. The plane slid through clouds as the flight attendant announced that we'd begin our descent in five minutes and would we please put up our trays. There was clattering all over the plane as the passengers did as the stewardess asked. I closed my journal, shoved it into my carry-on, and took a deep breath. In a matter of minutes we'd be standing in the same room, looking each other square in the eye, for the first time in our lives.
Both of us were nervous. How could we not be? For several years we'd been together, leaned on each other, confided in one another, and been the other's strength when we needed a soft place to fall. All those years together couldn't just be a fluke. Yet we both knew that people were a little different in real life than they were online, and
:icongamerkittylilly:gamerkittylilly 3 0
A Monarch's Love by gamerkittylilly A Monarch's Love :icongamerkittylilly:gamerkittylilly 1 0 Hard At Work by gamerkittylilly Hard At Work :icongamerkittylilly:gamerkittylilly 0 0
Leaving Humanity Behind Pt 2
We had decided to go out that day. My work was holding a formal gathering and both of us needed new dresses. It was the first time my coworkers would be meeting her, though they knew I was in a long term relationship with a wonderful woman. I was really surprised when none of them made snide comments or rude remarks about us being two women in love. Having an entirely accepting reaction from everyone is a rare thing in today's world. I just hoped that I could keep my tail hidden, that my mistress would let me hide it. My coworkers may have been accepting of me being a lesbian, but I couldn't imagine how they'd feel if they discovered I had a tail.
I blushed when I thought about it. For this excursion my mistress had let me hide it, but told me she wouldn't let me forever. Before we left the house I stuffed it down my jeans leg. It was actually rather uncomfortable this way. Stuffing it made it bend a weird way, and instead of being able to swing about like it wanted to do it was confin
:icongamerkittylilly:gamerkittylilly 3 9


Nyarlathotep by d1sarmon1a Nyarlathotep :icond1sarmon1a:d1sarmon1a 244 8 Ray Girl by gamera1985
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Ray Girl :icongamera1985:gamera1985 124 5
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Plural by BeingObscene
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Plural :iconbeingobscene:BeingObscene 181 9
Milk and Eggs by BeingObscene
Mature content
Milk and Eggs :iconbeingobscene:BeingObscene 102 10
Fyra - Different Place Different Expectations by StellarStrange Fyra - Different Place Different Expectations :iconstellarstrange:StellarStrange 14 3 Dangling arachne monstergirl by HEARTZMD
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Dangling arachne monstergirl :iconheartzmd:HEARTZMD 291 21
[C] Riley's First Milking by MuuMaid
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[C] Riley's First Milking :iconmuumaid:MuuMaid 31 0
Ko-fi Sketch- Slugtaba by Lewdsona
Mature content
Ko-fi Sketch- Slugtaba :iconlewdsona:Lewdsona 140 10
Ice to Meet You by BeingObscene Ice to Meet You :iconbeingobscene:BeingObscene 202 24 [Commission] ( Multi D.Va by SenorlemonMG98 [Commission] ( Multi D.Va :iconsenorlemonmg98:SenorlemonMG98 58 0 Nature Goddess by MythicPhoenix Nature Goddess :iconmythicphoenix:MythicPhoenix 26 0



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Lilly Dragonwing
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For the first time ever, I am now open for commissions! I've never done this before, though I've wanted to for a long time, and I'm really excited to finally offering this service. I've been writing TF stories for years, but never offered to write them for others. If you want to read samples of my work, you can find some in my gallery. I'm happy to write about just about anything, with any gender pairings, both SFW and NSFW stuff. Please send me a note explaining what you want and I'll let you know a time frame of when you can expect it.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 

Pricing is as follows:

$1 for 100 words. So, 1,000 words would be $10, 3,000 words would be $30, so on so forth. 

If the story gets to 5,000 words or more, the price will go up to $11 for 1,000 words. So 6,000 words would be $66, 7,000 words would be $77, so on so forth.

Payment will be accepted via PayPal [email is]. I can send you an invoice for it if you like, or I can just tell you an amount via note and you can send it to me.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


I don't mind my work being gifted to others, but no publishing it under someone else's name other than my own. I am the author, don't take credit for something I wrote.

I retain all rights to each story I write.

Regarding kinks and boundaries:

I am happy to write about most things:
Tf into any animal--real or mythological
TG tf
BDSM stuff
Forced or willing tfs
Basically talk to me about it and, unless it involves one of the things listed below, I'm sure we can work something out.

Things I will NOT write about:
Minor/Adult pairings
Torture/abuse of ANY kind


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i'd be totally down!
phantom-inker Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You like writing about monstergirl TFs, and I like drawing monstergirl TFs, especially 'taurs. Seems like putting those together could result in something cool. Any great/weird/crazy/awesome ideas you've been thinking about? Feel free to Note me if you have something that might be fun.
gamerkittylilly Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2018  Hobbyist Writer
Will do so in the next few days! I'm always down for collabs of stuff, and I love taurs as much as the next tf fanatic :D
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