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Happy Birthday, reimarisakuya! by gamerjohn022691 Happy Birthday, reimarisakuya! :icongamerjohn022691:gamerjohn022691 37 2
Super Mario Bros.: All-Star Saga Chapter 1
Chapter 1: Rescue and Uprising
That was the call of Princess Peach, who was kidnapped once again by Bowser, along with her two friends, Daisy and Rosalina. Mario and Luigi woke up, responding to the cry for help by exiting their home and making haste towards Peach's Castle. Bowser, who was holding the three females and Yoshi hostage, said, "Your precious plumber won't save you this time! As soon as I'm done with him and his pesky brother, the Mushroom Kingdom will be mine for the taking!"
Mario kicked the doors open as he said, "Not if-a I have anything to say about it, Bowser!"
Bowser turned around, and to his shock, it was the Mario Brothers that he saw. Luigi then spotted two bags moving on their own. Upon closer inspection, it was actually the Mario Bros.' rivals, Wario and Waluigi, stealing treasure as Bowser's son, Bowser Jr., gave them orders. Bowser then said, "Looks like the Mario Bros. have come out to play!"
Bowser took a deep breath, then
:icongamerjohn022691:gamerjohn022691 1 12
Super Mario Bros. All-Star Saga Prologue
Prologue: Bowser's Night Plan
One night, in the Koopa Kingdom, Bowser had rallied his Koopa Troopas as he said, "All right, men! Listen up! I don't want this new plan to fail, got it?!"
The Koopa Troop said in unison, "Sir, yes, sir!"
Bowser then proceeded with, "For over 30 years in my career as King of the Koopas, that mustached marauder, Mario, and his lanky sidekick have been a thorn in my side for far too long! Now, this plan can't possibly fail at all! I know that in the past, I've tried to capture Peach inside her own castle, but this time's completely different! We'll ambush the princess while she and her two friends are sleeping during their slumber party! If anyone tries to get in our way, capture him or her!"
Kamek, Bowser's lead Magikoopa and former caretaker then asked, "What about the Mario Bros.?"
Bowser then said, "According to intel, Mario and his brother are currently sleeping at their home, leaving Peach and her friends defenseless!"
:icongamerjohn022691:gamerjohn022691 3 0
A Blue Peach (RE-UPLOAD)
   Princess Peach was busy one day tending to her garden after her little garden hose episode, when she eyed a berry that she seemed to have seen before. She said, "This blueberry looks berry delicious! I think the Toads won't mind if I ate this..."
Soon, the pink-clad princess popped the blueberry into her mouth, chewed it, and swallowed it. She said, "Mmm! Tastes juicy like I expected it to be!"
Soon, she looked into her reflection in her fountain to see that her nose started to turn navy-blue, as well as the rest of her face and skin. Eventually, her dress, gloves, and crown turned blue as well, and so did her high heels. Soon, she felt herself filling up with blueberry juice as she inflated like a giant blueberry. After a few minutes passed, Peach was a blueberry, with divots where her hands, feet, and head were. She said, "You know, being a blueberry isn't half bad! In fact, feeling the juices sloshing inside me actually tickles!"
Peach began giggling wildly, until Mario
:icongamerjohn022691:gamerjohn022691 9 0
Deluxe Allies: Pilot
An abandoned city stands in the sun...
Narrator: Dream City. It may look vacant now, but it will be filled with many denizens.
Several cars rush in through the busy streets...
Narrator: And here comes the filling: the citizens of the Mushroom Kingdom, Little Tokyo, Dream Land, Pangaea, the Unikingdom, Free Country, and more!
The city begins to thrive...
Narrator: Everyone here is setting up their houses. Heroes may live here, but so do reformed villains. All in all, Dream City is the place to live. It has no downsides as of yet, but it's the perfect place for families and friends to live in harmony. But, in the outskirts, villains who have yet to be reformed tend to plan their ulterior motives to try to disrupt the peace. Thankfully, heroes that live in the city tend to repel the villains, so that peace can be restored. But, let's meet one of the heroes, shall we?
A home is shown with two mustached plumbers living in it...
Narrator: These are the Mario Brothers. Mario, the one in red,
:icongamerjohn022691:gamerjohn022691 3 1
Kirby's Dream World Prologue
Many years ago, Dream Land was once a wasteland desolated by what most would call "demon beasts", but are actually called "monsters". It wasn't until a band of Star Warriors led by a king cleared out the monsters. The king knew that one day, his great great grandson would be the ruler of this place, as the plants and resources of Dream Land flourished before him. The Star Warriors were as follows:
Sir Wilson: A snail-like creature who fought monsters using chemical warfare.
Sir Adrian: A Cappy who, using his blacksmithing skills, forged weapons and armor. But, that didn't mean that he himself was defenseless.
Sir Raymond: An Ebbrian knight who fought monsters with a sword and a shield.
Sir Blackwing: A combat-bred woodpecker who fought monsters using only his sharpened beak.
King Carter: A penguin-like creature who fought monsters using a battleax, a sledgehammer, and other ranged weapons.
Together, they created a kingdom, with the Star Warriors and their king living within the castle
:icongamerjohn022691:gamerjohn022691 5 41
Deluxe Allies Trailer
Narrator: Coming in June... A brand new series...
Mario: Wahoo!
Narrator: New challenges...
Star: (holds up her wand) Bring it on, big guy!
Bowser roars at her...
Narrator: New friends...
Homestar: Any of you guys seen my star?
Pac-Man: You mean the one on your shirt?
Homestar: Yep. That's the one.
Pac-Man: I think that it fell on the ground in front of you.
Homestar: (realizes) Oh! There it is.
Narrator: And new worlds...
Beetlejuice: the NEITHERWORLD!
Finn: Huh... It's not as scary as the Lich's lair.
Jake: I agree, dude.
Narrator: All in one convenient series...
Lana: FIRE! (throws a water balloon)
Strong Bad: Defensive positions, you two! We're being bombarded!
The Cheat: (frightened The Cheat noises)
Strong Mad: TAKE COVER!
Narrator: Fun for the whole family...
Lincoln: Kirby, where's the remote...
Kirby: (spits up the remote) Poyo!
Lincoln: Uh, thanks? (notices the remote is as clean as ever) No drool on it. Thanks, Kirby. Now for the Ace Savvy marathon.
Narrator: An
:icongamerjohn022691:gamerjohn022691 5 1
NEW Balloon Link Preview by gamerjohn022691 NEW Balloon Link Preview :icongamerjohn022691:gamerjohn022691 17 10
Pearl's Private Puff-Up
WARNING: This SU-related fanfic contains inflation. If you don't like it, the back button is available.
It was a sunny day in Beach City. Pearl was continuing to study on the habits of human life. Remembering how Amethyst blew up when she ate that cloud still gave her chills, but she tried to shrug it off. Outside, Steven, Amethyst, Ruby, and Sapphire were playing volleyball. She then had a distinct memory of the 1980's flow through her mind.
Back in the 1980's, Pearl and Rose Quartz enjoyed many things together while Garnet, Ruby and Sapphire's fusion, babysat Amethyst. Rose then asked, "Care to join me in a game of volleyball?"
Pearl replied, "What's volleyball?"
Rose responded, "It's an Earth sport involving a net and a ball, like tennis. Only with our actual arms rather than tennis rackets."
Pearl said, "Only if you teach me how to."
It took a few attempts for Pearl to get the hang of bumping, setting, and spiking, but her real challenge came when she mastered the moves. Rose asked
:icongamerjohn022691:gamerjohn022691 13 0
Deluxe Allies Teaser Trailer
Mario: Hello! It's-a me, Mario! A brand-new series is-a coming soon, and features numerous characters...
Strong Bad shows up...
Strong Bad: Hey, I thought your brother was eaten by Homestar Runner.
Mario: That-a wasn't him. That was-a someone in a Homestar costume.
Strong Bad: Oh. Right. Of course. (leaves)
Mario: Many places...
Star zooms by on the Warp Star, only to crash...
Star's Voice: Oopsie!
Mario: ...and fantastic adventures! So join me!
Lincoln: And me.
Homestar: And me.
Kirby: Poyo!
Steven: And me.
Finn: And me.
Beetlejuice: Not me. I got cancelled. (laughs) Just kidding.
Mario: As-a we enter the world of Deluxe Allies! Coming in June!
:icongamerjohn022691:gamerjohn022691 5 0
P-Cookies by gamerjohn022691 P-Cookies :icongamerjohn022691:gamerjohn022691 15 5
Smash Bros. Newcomer: Blinky
Intro: Appears in his blue, helpless state before he becomes normal.
Idle Animation: Looks back and forth, but can also scratch his head and chuckle to himself.
Notable Palette Swaps:
Cyan: Inky
Pink: Pinky
Orange: Clyde
Purple: Sue
Green: Funky/Orson (uses the former's name on the CSS)
Gray: Spunky
Yellow: Kinky
Walk Animation: He simply hovers across the ground.
Run Animation: He hovers across the ground, leaning in the direction he's going.
Dizzy Animation: He turns blue with his eyes and mouth becoming white, just like in Pac-Man when affected by a Power Pellet.
Edge Grab: He grabs with both hands.
Basic Attacks:
A, A: A one-two punch
Forward + A: A backhand slap
Down + A: A trip kick using only his sheet
Up + A: An overhead double-punch
Dash + A: A headfirst diving tackle
Air + A: He spins horizontally
Air Forward + A: He headbutts forward
Air Back + A: He uses a double backhand slap
Air Up + A: He throws a random fruit (different from Pac-Man's Bonus Fruit Special move in both ch
:icongamerjohn022691:gamerjohn022691 4 0
Mario and Luigi's Parents by gamerjohn022691 Mario and Luigi's Parents :icongamerjohn022691:gamerjohn022691 15 1 SMB3-styled Blue Bowser by gamerjohn022691 SMB3-styled Blue Bowser :icongamerjohn022691:gamerjohn022691 10 4 SMB-styled Goombrat by gamerjohn022691 SMB-styled Goombrat :icongamerjohn022691:gamerjohn022691 7 0
Shirahoshi's Puffy Pearls
Being a giant mermaid wasn't easy for Shirahoshi, who was friends with the Straw Hats ever since Luffy helped calm her crying. She was swimming by her lonesome as she said, "It must be nice to explore the ocean, but just once, I wish I could see what was beyond the sky."
Soon, she saw a treasure chest, which was about the size of a whole pirate ship from a human's normal viewpoint. The chest itself had already been opened, revealing nearly millions of pearls inside. Her eyes lit up, as she mistook them for candies and said, "Mmm... Those pearls sure look tasty... Well, maybe one couldn't hurt..."
She then took a handful of pearls, which felt like a handful of little round jellybeans from her perspective, and swallowed them down. She then began eating handful after handful of pearls, her belly beginning to become bloated from each handful she swallowed. Later, her belly looked like she was expecting quadruplets as she took the treasure chest over her mouth and dropped the last of the pe
:icongamerjohn022691:gamerjohn022691 7 2
All the stuff I posted recently. Enjoy!


Miku Fever 3 by VJ-Rabbit
Mature content
Miku Fever 3 :iconvj-rabbit:VJ-Rabbit 35 2
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Water P balloons actually... :iconcutiepopblue:CutiePopBlue 411 6
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Plump peach :iconqazzy2285:qazzy2285 46 1
Pro Daisy Stamp by SavanahBakes645 Pro Daisy Stamp :iconsavanahbakes645:SavanahBakes645 13 2 [C] beg nerd by Shoclu
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[C] beg nerd :iconshoclu:Shoclu 268 3
P-Ballooned ChibiChibi by FWAOfficial P-Ballooned ChibiChibi :iconfwaofficial:FWAOfficial 21 25 Violet Side Inflation Sprites by BluCappedDawg Violet Side Inflation Sprites :iconblucappeddawg:BluCappedDawg 10 6


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Things I won't do include clothing/breast/butt/misc. inflation, giant/giantess, pregnancy (especially MPreg), diaper, slob, futa, muscle gain, vore, decapitation, transformation, recolors (unless it's a power-up form), yaoi, certain characters I don't like, and certain series I don't like (especially FNAF and Undertale).

I'll also make normal fanfictions involving characters I like (including OCs).

Also, one of the failsafes for art trades is where you can pay double for a commission.

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Copied from :iconheavyhitterconnor:


A hacker is going around DA deactivating accounts by hacking into their profiles and email addresses. Copy and paste this journal to stop yourself from getting hacked. As soon as the hacker sees this. He will see what’s going on, and won’t hack you. Please save your account and stop this hacker so we don’t lose another DeviantART user. 

I'm not sure if this is true, but better safe than sorry.

Journal History


I had this dream last night where Nick announced not only a celebratory 20th Anniversary episode of SpongeBob SquarePants, but also the show's final season.
Speaking of fanbases, I kinda joined the Monster Rancher fanbase in 2017 (or 2018, I dunno). I've been a fan ever since I started playing the first two games on a PSX emulator like ePSXe. I feel like either a new game or a remake of the first two games should be in order, if Koei-Tecmo decides not to make a Warriors-type game.
Also, I've been slowly but surely trying to get back to certain fanbases, like the Sonic series fanbase (pre-Shadow the Hedgehog, that is) for example. The Genesis and Dreamcast games (and Sonic Heroes) are some of my favorites, but I'll try to stay away from more-recent games (though their voice acting is better) and completely avoid the numerous memes. I also prefer AoStH over SatAM, I prefer the games canon over the comic books canon, and I feel like characters like Big and Cosmo are underrated.
I've been trying to make get back to making stuff like sprite sheets and fan fictions. One of my projects, which is very hard for me to do at the moment, is making a series of custom sprites of Peach, Daisy, and Rosalina in three different stages of fatness while trying to stay true to masterd987's art style. The stages I'm speaking of are Chubby, Fat, and Obese. I'm trying to avoid making the princesses immobile, though.
Here's a list of games that I think should be remade in this day and age:

Pokemon Diamond and Pearl (Here's hoping that they'd be called Pokemon Sparkling Diamond and Pokemon Shining Pearl, respectively.)
Monster Rancher 1 & 2 (I've played them both via Emulation, and I think they deserve remakes, if Koei Tecmo does something other than make a "Warriors" game...)
The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages and Oracle of Seasons (Since they're remaking Link's Awakening, what's the harm of remaking both games for Switch?)
Sonic Adventure, Sonic Adventure 2, and Sonic Heroes (Personally, the games should have updated graphics, current-day voice acting, and an extended Chao Garden.)
Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time (They already made two remakes, so why not end the 3DS's life cycle with a remake of the second installment in the Mario & Luigi series?)
Pokemon Crystal (Since they did Pokemon GO-like remakes of Yellow, why not take it one step further in the Johto Region?)
Gex, Gex: Enter the Gecko, and Gex 3: Deep Cover Gecko (Since we already have remakes of Crash's and Spyro's respective trilogies, maybe Square-Enix could give a certain TV-addicted lizard a chance...)
Pac-Man 2: The New Adventures (This is personally my opinion, but having a remake of the 1994 SNES/Genesis game that was part of my childhood would be awesome!)
I just saw today's Pokemon Direct, which revealed Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield, as well as three new Starter Pokemon. Personally, I predict that Grookey's final form will be Grass/Fighting, Scorbunny's final form will be Fire/Electric, and Sobble's final form will be Water/Dragon.
So, Super Mario Maker gets a sequel and a Game Boy Zelda game gets remade, huh? I guess I'll look forward to both sometime in the future.
Someone SERIOUSLY needs to port TheMekMan's Kirby Anime models to GMOD and SFM.
I had this dream last night where Nintendo made another New Super Mario Bros. game, this time purely for the Nintendo Switch. The game was titled "New Super Mario Bros. Switch", and like Super Mario Bros. 2 and Super Mario 3D World, Peach is a playable character and not a damsel. The plot would involve Mario, Luigi, Peach, Toad, Toadette, and Daisy (the playable characters) visiting Dinosaur Land (from Super Mario World), when they notice that Yoshi's House has been abandoned thanks to Bowser, Bowser Jr., and the Koopalings kidnapping the entire Yoshi clan (except the ones you can ride on). The bosses, in order, are Ludwig, Roy, Wendy, Larry, Iggy, Lemmy, Morton, and Bowser. The minibosses from New Super Mario Bros. 2 and New Super Mario Bros. U would also return, and so would a majority of enemies from both of those games. The Power-Ups from those games would return as well, with the addition of two familiar Power-Ups from Super Mario World and a new Power-Up called the Electric Flower that gives the player the ability to shoot orbs of electricity in a straight line. The game would be the sixth (seventh is New Super Luigi U is counted) New Super Mario Bros. game in the series, and would have simultaneous multiplayer like in the console entries. Lastly, the game would be released worldwide on the same day Super Mario World came out in Japan.
Sorry, Bowsette fans, but your hopes and dreams are in another castle... Which is good news for those that think she's overrated, like me.

Here's proof: 
I had a dream where some of the unused pre-evolved and evolved forms from the Spaceworld 1997 demo of Pokemon Gold and Silver were properly introduced in Generation VIII. Here's how they would've been:

Purrly (Normal) (evolves into Meowth with maximum friendship; bred from Meowth or Persian while holding a Coin Incense)
Planterbel (Grass) (evolves from Weepinbel when a certain stone is used)
Fillyame (Fire) (evolves into Ponyta with maximum friendship; bred from Ponyta or Rapidash while holding a Flame Incense)
Ludge (Poison) (evolves into Grimer with maximum friendship; bred from Grimer or Muk while holding a Toxic Incense)
Conchler (Water/Poison) (evolves from Shellder when leveled up with Slowpoke in the party)
Goldini (Water) (evolves into Goldeen with maximum friendship; bred from Goldeen or Seaking while holding a Splash Incense)
Syte (Bug/Grass) (evolves into Paras with maximum friendship; bred from Paras or Parasect while holding a Fungus Incense)
Stagsir (Bug/Fighting) (evolves from Pinsir when traded while holding a certain item)
Triplox (Fire) (evolves into Vulpix with maximum friendship; bred from Vulpix or Ninetales while holding a Mystic Incense)
Puppire (Fire) (evolves into Growlithe with maximum friendship; bred from Growlithe or Arcanine while holding a Loyal Incense)
Tanglittle (Grass) (evolves into Tangela at Level 30; bred from Tangela or Tangrowth while holding a Vine Incense)

And one more, which would've been Qwilfish's evolved form:

Toxuffer (Water/Poison) (evolves from Qwilfish when traded while holding a certain item)
I feel absolutely sorry for the entire SpongeBob staff, because today, they just lost the man behind the sponge.

Goodbye, Mr. Hillenburg. May your legacy live on.
Seems like BluCappedDawg beat me to my Agent Violet edits for AsylusGoji91. I'm not mad or jealous at him, though. I'm just planning on making an edit of Agent Violet based on masterd987's Planet Rosalina sprite.
Can someone rip a general sprite sheet of General Hazel from Psycho Waluigi for my friend AsylusGoji91, please? Here's the game:…
The adventures may be over, but I'll still make fanart and fanfictions of the show...

I had a dream last night where an update for Team Fortress 2 officially introduced female classes that can be selected like the male classes. Both genders of all nine classes can be selected from the class selection screen and female classes would have unique variants of equipment (i.e.: females would have facial hair-style equipment replaced with makeup, etc.). The update in question would also introduce new weapons and equipment that can be obtained outside of contracts, alongside the usual contract equipment and weapons. And believe it or not, seven of the nine female classes would formerly be in-game modifications while two of them would be specifically created for the update.
I've never played any of the Pokemon Ranger games on Nintendo DS before, but if I did, it'd have to be the original game. Besides, it's the only game to give you a rare egg in the Gen IV games without using Wi-Fi.
I hope Gen VIII brings us ten new Unown forms based on numbers 0-9.
Maybe someday, they'll rework Gorochu into Mega Raichu or something similar...
As of today, Kirby Anime Awareness starts now!



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