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Satire IV: Two-Dimensional Thinking
It was the year 2019, specifically November 25th. It would be 2 days before the premiere of Frozen 2 worldwide. Lots of kids and adults all over the world were eager with anticipation for the film's release, and the folks over at Disney were proud of what they had done. They were certain that the movie would be a smash hit.
However, a few miles away from Disney's headquarters stood an old, abandoned, run-down bar. Inside this bar resided a group of around 70 people, all chatting amongst themselves. Around them were tables full of cake, cookies, tea and all manner of sweet treats, with some soda and juice on the side and a sign next to them reading "Mad Tea Party". Their conversations were soon interrupted by the blow of a whistle. This was done by, presumably, the group's leader, who wore a t-shirt featuring a defaced portrait of Queen Elsa, with a mustache, beard, devil horns and all, and a fedora with the words "Make Disney Great Again" written boldly on it. The man then proceeded
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It's Time for Hollywood to Stop Clowning Around
In recent years, the film industry has earned overwhelming praise for the increasing amounts of diversity being displayed in mainstream movies. They've been on quite a roll lately, with Wonder Woman empowering women everywhere, and Black Panther hitting theaters at an important time for the black community, and it's all nice, really. However, there is still one group of people that continues to get the short end of the stick from Hollywood, and that is clowns.
Take one look at these two guys and tell me who you think the villain is. Hint: it's not the threatening-looking man in black.
Clowns. We all know what clowns are. They're those goofy, silly, makeup-wearing fellows whose job is to entertain kids at parties. Now, read over that last sentence once more and look at every single word of it. Did anything I said sound remotely similar to "cold-blooded demon"? Of course not. Unfortunately, Hollywood doesn't seem to get the message, and so they continue to defecate on the reputati
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Dora the Explorer Movie - Fake Trailer
(Several clips from the original Dora the Explorer are shown)
Don LaFontaine: You knew and loved her when she was just 7 years old, exploring mystical lands and going on wonderful adventures with her best friend, Boots. Those were the happiest of times. But 10 years later, all that changed.
(We cut to the inside of Dora’s house and we see Dora and her parents. A glass bottle is shattered on the wall)
Dora: You can’t tell me what to do!!
Dora’s mom: We told you not to be seeing that delinquent, Tom!!
Dora’s dad: You know what he could’ve done to you!? He could’ve drugged you or worse!! You’re grounded, missy!!
Dora: Fuck you, mom!! Fuck you, dad!! I’m leaving!!
(Dora goes up to her bedroom to collect her things)
Dora’s mom: Do you even have a place to live!?
Dora: I’m going
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Satire: The Tale of Bigbuny
Good evening, all you boys and girls. This is the ghost of Boris Karloff speaking to you from the year 2117. And I’m here to tell you a story. You see, I find it rather fascinating learning of all the ridiculous events that took place in the world since my passing. From a businessman/television star becoming a supervillain-esque president to people getting into heated debates over these new-fangled video game systems, the world in the 21st century was very…interesting to say the least. But, for now, let me tell you a story from 100 years ago about a man so displeased with his life, he would make The Grinch look like a very jolly fellow in comparison. Now, I won’t call him by his real name, but let’s just call him “Bigbuny”.
On September 3rd in the year 2017, Bigbuny was in the middle of using his computer for non-stop acts of trolling, a normal everyday activity for him. On this very day, he was fuming with fury. His heart spewed darkness continuousl
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Favorite types of movies meme by gamerjerk450 Favorite types of movies meme :icongamerjerk450:gamerjerk450 8 4 Random character drawings by gamerjerk450 Random character drawings :icongamerjerk450:gamerjerk450 0 0 Charlie the Bomb by gamerjerk450 Charlie the Bomb :icongamerjerk450:gamerjerk450 0 2 Happy Birthday, Steven by gamerjerk450 Happy Birthday, Steven :icongamerjerk450:gamerjerk450 1 0 Mecha-Mickey by gamerjerk450 Mecha-Mickey :icongamerjerk450:gamerjerk450 0 0 Eco-friendly Terminator by gamerjerk450 Eco-friendly Terminator :icongamerjerk450:gamerjerk450 0 0 Monopoly The Movie by gamerjerk450 Monopoly The Movie :icongamerjerk450:gamerjerk450 1 0 Demon Spring Spider by gamerjerk450 Demon Spring Spider :icongamerjerk450:gamerjerk450 0 2 The Twisted World of Sleazy Weasel by gamerjerk450 The Twisted World of Sleazy Weasel :icongamerjerk450:gamerjerk450 1 0 Chicken boy and the Pirates by gamerjerk450 Chicken boy and the Pirates :icongamerjerk450:gamerjerk450 1 1 Here be monsters...I think by gamerjerk450 Here be monsters...I think :icongamerjerk450:gamerjerk450 0 0 Wolfman drawing by gamerjerk450 Wolfman drawing :icongamerjerk450:gamerjerk450 0 0


Honestly, regardless of how you feel towards Illumination Entertainment, shit like this is nothing short of disgusting. Just because someone made a few movies you didn't like doesn't mean they deserve to die.
I've lately been thinking; instead of Stephen Hillenburg, Chris Meledandri should've been diagnosed with ALS. I'd rather have Meledandri be diagnosed with ALS than Hillenburg.…
RIP Stephen Hillenburg. Thank you for bringing one of my all-time favorite cartoons to life.
Y'know what? Forget making fun of Disney, I think I've found a better target for my next satire. God, this guy's beyond pathetic.……

Disney, for the love of God, please stop this madness. Ah well, expect a new satire soon.
Honestly, I've had it up to here with Regulas314, so I unwatched him.
Oh my god, you guys! I never thought this day would come! I've finally been tagged by :iconthereviewer20:! This is the happiest moment of my life! First of all, I would like to thank the Aca-

Moss: Ju5t g3t 0n w1th 1t, n00b.

Oh right, let me introduce you to My Obligatory Snarky Sidekick, or Moss for short. He's here so I have someone to play off of, you get me? Say hi, Moss.

Moss: W4ddup b1tches?

Isn't he charming? Anyway, onto the questions.

1. Favorite type of music?

Uhhh......just anything that makes me feel pumped. I can't really say I adore a specific genre.

2. If you could improve on an already good cartoon, what would you do?

I would give Elmyra less focus in Tiny Toons. If we're talking about something currently airing, then I got no clue.

3. Do you have a mantra of sorts? If so, what is it?

Not really.

4. Favorite song parody?

"The eBay Song" by Weird Al. It's not exactly the funniest song out there, but it was the first song I ever heard from him, and I just love singing it any chance I get.

5. What is your least favorite aspect about your favorite thing?

My favorite game of all time is Mario Galaxy 2, but I don't like how, when you die, you lose all the coins you picked up throughout the level, so when going for certain stars where you have to feed a hungry luma, I prefer to avoid the checkpoint.

6. Favorite app?

You're referring to mobile games, right? Then, Plants vs. Zombies. It's so fun creating several rows of plants and watching the zombies go down in seconds.

7. Are you currently in a relationship?

Yeah, I am. Ya see............yeah, I wanted to make a joke there, but I got nothin'. The answer is no.

8. Vanilla or chocolate?


9. Worst decision you've made in your life?

Picking a certain topic for my recent assignment at uni. The end result was some half-baked shit, and now I'll probably have to redo the assignment over the summer. I should've picked a different topic.

10. Are we real, or just brains with meat sacks?

We're real, alright. If we were just brains with meat sacks, getting stabbed in the chest probably wouldn't kill you.

11. Is their anything you have misspelled on purpose?

One time, in secondary school, I was writing a French exam. I hated my French teacher so much, 'cause he was so bad at effectively teaching us French. So, out of spite, I misspelled his name on the paper. Instead of "Mr. Makinde", I wrote "Mr. Mankinde". So devious, am I right?

12. What do you take offense towards?

Can't really say.

13. Least favorite country?

Can't say.

14. How does one know when they've seen a person that smokes?

I don't know, maybe if they cough inexplicably?

15. Worst site (besides Pornhub)? 

TheTopTens. I swear the people on that site are fucking monkeys.

16. Name a word you feel like no one else knows.

My vocabulary isn't that expansive.

17. Is it grammer or grammar?


18. Many seem to use Enter's comments section as a hub of sorts. Why?

He doesn't seem bothered by it at all, I mean, he barely replies to anything. Frankly, that comments section is literally the only reason I visit his page.

19. Favorite time card?

2000 Years Later

20. Who is your favorite musician?

Don't have one, but I'll just say A-ha, 'cause Take On Me is my favorite song. Now, if we were talkin' video game composers, I'd say Jake Kaufman. His music rocks.

21. What is you opinion on stale/dank memes (like this one)?

I like memes. I'm not one to get tired of them easily.

22. How do you do what you do? As in, if you're an artist for example, do you use a format to get what you need done?

Well, as a sort-of artist, I just draw in my sketchbook.

23. Death is quite a strange thing. It can strike at any moment, and it is devastating. Yet when many people are on it's bed, they do not fear it. you fear death?

Actually yeah. But, at the same time, I'm incredibly curious as to what death feels like....not that I want to find out soon.

24. What made you realize what you were going to do on DeviantArt?

The moment I wrote my Bigbuny satire. I just did that 'cause I thought it was amusing how Bigbuny tried to write his very own satire, and I wanted to write about that. Then, I saw comedic potential in satirizing Michael Bay's Dora the Explorer movie, by having it play out like a ridiculous action movie. So, because of the feedback I was getting, I decided to start doing comedic and satirical writing. I almost feel like I'm the new MikeTheHuman in that department.

So, that's it. My first tag. That was pretty fun, wouldn't ya say, Moss?

Moss: 8ut 4r3n't y0u 5upp053d t0 t4g 0th3r p30p13 4nd 45k th3m s0m3 qu35t10n5?

Nah, I'm not in the mood for that. Maybe some other time. Anyway, see you all soon.


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