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Kumakage, Spirit of the Woods by GamerDruid Kumakage, Spirit of the Woods :icongamerdruid:GamerDruid 7 0
The Pride of Fire
Here I was born.
Among ashes I rose again.
To a family of love,
My honor was sworn.
Flames yielded to me.
The cold hold no sway,
But ultimately,
My mother was the one to pay.
With her light gone,
Despair encircled me,
Encased me.
Then, I was alone.
The Ten Hearts rose,
Bound me as one,
And I found my way.
But life, was not what I chose.
My heart drew close to darkness,
My mind shrouded by ice.
My soul knew duality,
But was content in sinfulness.
Then he spoke,
"Look up to me!"
With no wine to disuade,
No where to hide from thee.
Like a lingering spark,
My ashes collected,
Reignited once again.
The Raksha sees herself.
Wings spewing flames,
Covered in blazing rouge.
The delusion is clear,
An end to shadow draws near.
She calls him Lord,
And knows the end to all games.
:icongamerdruid:GamerDruid 2 0
Eye of Chaos by GamerDruid Eye of Chaos :icongamerdruid:GamerDruid 2 0 Martyr by GamerDruid Martyr :icongamerdruid:GamerDruid 1 0
Nocturnal Devotion
As the full moon draws high,
And shadows cover the world.
I let out a sigh,
And awaken.
The creak of wood comes taught,
Oh what could they fear naught?
Arisen from ashes,
She cometh with vengeance.
Wolves howl at her coming,
Her children blossoming!
Her wings of jet draw far,
And open the skies with death.
Great deceiver!
Her fingers a vexing touch,
Her voice to take your life!
Her children bathed in shadows,
All hungry to the bowels.
Cut-purse, gambling and survival,
Her power of luck is vital.
For those loved by her,
Deny the fates!
And for those she hates,
For those she scorns,
She takes to the thorns!
Drawing on their lives!
As a Warlock I say,
As a Witch I might be,
That she is a shadow, through-and-through.
Coveted by morning,
Respected by night.
All her children hear her,
And say,
:icongamerdruid:GamerDruid 34 10
Nathan//Yaakovana, Chaos Aspect-Celestial Tigress by GamerDruid
Mature content
Nathan//Yaakovana, Chaos Aspect-Celestial Tigress :icongamerdruid:GamerDruid 1 4
Divine Debt
Cancer, ruled by masculine,
On a path to the stars.
Gemini, ruled by feminine,
Guided by sun and wind.
In my hands, my fate spins,
Expanding to my demand,
Guided by faith and sins.
I have heard Christ,
Felt the nails in me as I bleed.
I have heard Athena,
Shield of my mind, to the Word I flee.
Feathers dance among fire,
To all I owe,
The immortal's ire.
We were born to be Gods,
But we squander our hearts.
My anxiety a lasting curse,
Depressive clouds surge.
With eight hands, they hold us,
And put tools in our thoughts.
But we silence them,
Tear at ourselves,
Scissors to linen hem,
Thinking we can move away.
But there is a plan.
A plan some find foul,
That makes us howl,
But grows the son of man.
In an age of crows eating the grain,
Children being slain,
And the Great Eye staring,
We march on.
Never forget children of Gods,
There is balance in all things,
And when it wills,
It comes due with it's bills.
:icongamerdruid:GamerDruid 1 0
The Thousand Faces by GamerDruid The Thousand Faces :icongamerdruid:GamerDruid 1 0 Tylagorma, The Unfortunate Truth by GamerDruid Tylagorma, The Unfortunate Truth :icongamerdruid:GamerDruid 1 0 Kyogre: PTCG to MTGTCG by GamerDruid Kyogre: PTCG to MTGTCG :icongamerdruid:GamerDruid 1 10 Came In Like A Caragor! by GamerDruid Came In Like A Caragor! :icongamerdruid:GamerDruid 11 3 Element Typing For MTG by GamerDruid Element Typing For MTG :icongamerdruid:GamerDruid 2 0 Vaporeon: PTCG to MTGTCG by GamerDruid Vaporeon: PTCG to MTGTCG :icongamerdruid:GamerDruid 1 4 GamerDruid Icon by GamerDruid GamerDruid Icon :icongamerdruid:GamerDruid 1 0 Misinformation by GamerDruid Misinformation :icongamerdruid:GamerDruid 1 0
Skin Deep
How I wish,
How I yearn to show thee.
What I would do,
To show you my true reflection.
Underneath me,
Under form and skin,
Sin and temptation,
Lies a being you've never seen.
With horns of gold,
Eyes of old,
Filled with stories untold,
And woes unmade.
Tears run rapid to oceans,
Miseries seen,
And keen on calamities.
Oh, the face of man and woman,
White and black divide!
Oh-o-ooh, how I wish,
How I yearn to show thee.
What I would do,
To show you my true reflection.
Underneath me,
Under form and skin,
Sin and temptation,
Lies a being you've never seen!
Skin fractured like diamond,
But so paper thin.
Marked by runes of dying men,
Old and new blend again.
With chakras alight,
And a blight in sight,
Burning scars upon me,
By the one whose path,
Was made for me!
Oh-o-ooh, how I wish,
How I yearn to show thee
What I would do,
To show you my true reflection.
Underneath me,
Under form and skin,
Sin and temptation,
Lies a being you've never seen!
Planets align above and below,
Wings of eigh
:icongamerdruid:GamerDruid 1 0

Random Favourites

Valentine Thingy
Body in pain, Heart alone again.
Fire on my mind, Let go of humankind.
Please let me be free, From a horrid memory.
My heart is in your hands, And if you can,
Crush it under your might, So I may fly tonight.
:iconlovely-chains-2341:Lovely-Chains-2341 3 101
Times Two
You said you'd love me,
for all eternity.
So here is my answer,
hear me now:
If you love me for all eternity,
I love you that, times two.
If eternity means only a hug to you,
then to me, it means two more than that.
If eternity means only a hug to you,
then to me, it means three more than that.
If eternity means a kiss, a kiss of sweet bliss,
then to me it means that of four sweet bliss night, full of those blissful kisses.
If eternity just means you'll be there,
then to me, I need no more, 'cause you are that much more special.
:iconlovely-chains-2341:Lovely-Chains-2341 3 18
I think I love you,
there's this feeling inside,
that I get
when you smile,
or even come near me.
I think I love you,
isn't it obvious,
when my legs
start to quiver,
my stomach turns to mush,
and that small place in my chest starts to warm.
I think I love you,
it must be true,
I love your jokes,
your quirky grin,
your beautiful blue eyes,
that I can always swim in.
I think I love you,
Oh, please tell me,
you love
:iconlovely-chains-2341:Lovely-Chains-2341 3 12
Roses are red,
Tulips are blue,
You say forever,
But I know you lie, too.
Daisies are yellow,
Lilies are white,
A heart full of pain,
My fears fall like rain.
Rubies are red,
Sapphires are blue,
The volcanoe erupts,
hands tied by your cuffs.
Topaz are yellow,
Diamonds are white,
My chained heart,
And a key that fell apart...
:iconlovely-chains-2341:Lovely-Chains-2341 3 19
Black Butler Contract Button by Darkauthor81 Black Butler Contract Button :icondarkauthor81:Darkauthor81 11 3 Hell's Butler by punkypeggy Hell's Butler :iconpunkypeggy:punkypeggy 1,740 316 The Black Butler by MarcoTL The Black Butler :iconmarcotl:MarcoTL 895 34 Kuroshitsuji - Black Butler by yaichino Kuroshitsuji - Black Butler :iconyaichino:yaichino 10,856 623 Black Butler shirt by LunaticTrix Black Butler shirt :iconlunatictrix:LunaticTrix 365 66 Black Butler - 02 by Kanasaiii Black Butler - 02 :iconkanasaiii:Kanasaiii 3,153 607 Coping by aquafyrefly Coping :iconaquafyrefly:aquafyrefly 9 7 Damia, Sage of Stone by SteveArgyle Damia, Sage of Stone :iconsteveargyle:SteveArgyle 2,391 126 HD Sheet - Cyra by Uberzers HD Sheet - Cyra :iconuberzers:Uberzers 1,205 188 Connections by aquafyrefly Connections :iconaquafyrefly:aquafyrefly 2 3 .:: death::.. by larenn .:: death::.. :iconlarenn:larenn 2,823 166


This picture, while I will admit does not usually fit into what I look for pictures, finding this amongst the submissions in DarkArtist...

by Estruda

It looks interesting, to say the least. I like the lighting that was put on this image and the clothing overall seems to fit well. The ...

A very descriptive piece. I can just feel the angst that you wanted to display in this. It is very hard, in my own opinion, to be very ...


GamerDruid's Profile Picture
Nathan A. Oberly
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
My name is Nathan, but I prefer to go by Gamer Druid. I'm 26 years old. Happily taken.

Astrologically, before the 13th sign was discovered, I was Cancer. Turns out, I'm supposed to be born under Gemini all along. I see them both in me, so I accept myself as both. Monkey by the Chinese, Holly in the Celts. I'm versed in a lot of philosophical and spiritual beliefs and practice many freely.

Messianic, Taoist, Pagan philosopher and interested in a healthy amount of science.

When I'm not at work, I play Xbox One and Playstation 4, both by the tag TrueGamerDruid. I also like to play MTG, both in paper and online on Arena. I occasionally write poetry, hoping to publish a poem book when I get around to it.

Anything else? Shoot a message.


Discord: TigerSage-69384
MTGA: TigerSage#69384

Journal History

We're still alive. 

Thought the world might've ended by now.

I'm 26. 

Hair is beginning to bald.

Cut off half...before cutting it all off.

Growing back slowly.

None of my projects are done.

Probably gonna start re-reading poetry, editing and writing my first poetry book to publish online.

Working for Walmart has been depressing.

Married friends having fights left and right.

New girlfriend, possibly wifey material. Might move to her in coming future.

I am not wearing pants.
I now hunger.
  • Listening to: Silence
  • Reading: Your minds.
  • Watching: Naruto Shippuden...for the 3rd time
  • Playing: The Not Sleeping Game...
  • Eating: Whatever I find in the fridge now...
  • Drinking: Hahahaha--Soda. Woot, sugar.


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