Do you like my speed art style?
13 votes

NO!!! Don't ever do those ever again!

Yeah! They are cool!

Please spend enough time to create high quality art or go home!

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If you enjoy your style in art and can be fully satisfied in your on mind that your artwork looks aesthetically pleasing then that's all that matters. Personally you do a fine job with art and Style. Keep it up I say !

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Thanks a lot buddy for this nice and encouraging comment! :)Well said! I do like a lot of the pieces I do. But some are sketchy and I must remind myself to polish those unless they are the sketches I do purely for relaxation and fun ;) :hug:

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Hm, I may need a fourth option- speed is okay, but maybe not too fast.

Or maybe medium-ish speed. :) But if you enjoy, go for it. ;P

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Hehehe ;)Good point and thanks for feedback! I get so carried away when I am doodling and having fun. It takes me a lot of discipline to pause and wait to polish the artwork the next day. I'm so eager to post it lol ;)