Two Year Anniversary, Request Raffle! [closed]

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Edit (9/21/17):

Alright, everyone, the raffle is closed, and the winner, as chosen by, is...

wannafat!!!!! (I'll be contacting you soon to discuss the story.)

Thank you to everyone who participated for all the lovely comments you left.  Finding out how much my stories mean to so many of you has been an amazing way to celebrate the second anniversary of when I posted my first gaining story.  You really blew me away with your responses, which makes me want to keep writing stories that will hopefully affect you and future readers just as deeply.  Here's to more!


Two years ago today, I posted my first gaining story, The House that Time Forgot. It’s almost difficult to believe, but here we are, two years and 48 stories later, and I’ve been going strong ever since!

On my last anniversary, I celebrated by rewriting The House that Time Forgot into a story that more closely resembled what I originally had in mind when I started that story. And thus, we got The Haunted Cabin, and judging the reception that story got, it was a pretty good way to celebrate that anniversary. But I don’t want to just recycle that idea for this anniversary.

So how do I want to celebrate this anniversary? With a giveaway! But I won't be giving away something material like a Macbook. (I’m not a YouTuber, after all.) Instead, I want to give away what it is that brought you all here in the first place: a story! The winner of this giveaway will get to send me a plot summary, and I’ll bring their idea to life!

So how do you enter? I want this request to go to someone who really appreciates my stories, not a random passerby who clicked when they saw “raffle”. So here’s how you enter: leave a comment on this post telling me:
1. Your favorite story of mine, and
2. Why you like that particular story.
#2 is especially important, so please write a little more than “it was great!” I’m not asking for an essay, or even a whole paragraph. Just enough to convince me that you actually read and liked the story you named as your favorite.

I’ll make the pick next Thursday, September 21st, some time in the 6:00-9:00 EST range. (With my schedule, I can't make any promises more specific than that.) Afterward, I’ll contact the winner to discuss their idea.

Now, some ground rules: your idea must be for a weight gain story with a male character gaining that weight. (Vanilla erotic stories or romance will be considered, as long as it’s male-male and involves at least one chubby guy.) I will not write a story that sounds like it will go longer than any of my existing stories. I will also not write any of the following:
• Female gainers. Female encouragers/feeders are fine.
• Weight gain to the point of immobility or blobbishness.
• Inflation to the point of popping.
• Vore.
• Fanfiction of series I have no familiarity with. (Which is most of them, to be honest.)
• Minors (characters younger than 18) in any erotic or kinky scenes.
• Erotic scenes involving family members.
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Just logged in now to see that I won! Wooooooo! Thanks haha.