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Something I write while waiting on a friend who promised to proofread the story I wrote before this one.  Hopefully that one will be up soon.  In the meantime, have some fast food feederism.  This one proved rather unwieldy as I kept revising the premise before I was comfortable with it, but I'm happy with how it came out in the end.

Synopsis:  Kevin is a stocky fast food worker who's taken to sneaking leftover food out at the end of his shift, even though everyone knows that's against the rules.  When his supervisor, Hank, catches Kevin sneaking out burgers, he makes Kevin an offer:  eat the food he was going to sneak out, and then some, before he leaves, or Hank tells their manager Kevin was sneaking out food.  One after-shift feast becomes many as Hank makes Kevin keep eating to ensure his silence, but things take a turn when it turns out they both might be enjoying it more than they let on.
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this is amazing/super hot! thank you for writing and sharing