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This pic is one of my "Godzilla Female Personification Project". It will be collected in my book and release in this summer.
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This is what Godzilla would look like if he was wearing a Super Crown.
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Really classy, she definitely exudes that haughty atmosphere of royalty. Very nice.
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Could you make Anguirus?
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Waifuzilla for the win
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Good Lady! You nailed it.
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Godzilla is so hot.
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The indisputable Queen Of The Monsters!
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Good God...or should i say Godess?!
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Don't know if you knew, but this was featured in a Kancolle fanfic:…
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and i'm eagerly awaiting when more Kaiju get summoned
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so cool!!!!!
I love godzilla,I love cosplays
It's just perfect
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So.... Goddesszilla?
Make her into a body pillow!
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I like this idea.
Also nice drawing.
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 [Icon] Mother of god... that thing... that's not Godzilla...
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yes, it is. Just not Godzilla from the games, movies, and comics.
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