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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
My name is Rene, I am a visual artist and writer. I use to live in Corpus Christi but Hurricane Harvey came so I had to move. My previous home was close to the shore so it got some flood damage hehe ;w;. So we moved up north.

I joined Deviantart so I can upload my comics or mangas for everyone to read. I'm currently working on a manga called Bloody Life. The story is about living in a post apocalyptic world where zombies run rampant, mad men hide behind shadowy corners waiting for their next victim and monsters in disguise hide amongst the people. It has mix humor and action and hoping this'll be it. I'm hoping this will be the story that I'll illustrate and write non-stop, no hiatus, and be a professional made piece.
I made other comics too; Smokey Memories, and Cold Demons but they're put on hiatus until I feel inspired to produce more pages but until then, enjoy Bloody Life.
Bloody Life updates almost every month with a new chapter, the pages will be uploaded to deviantart bi-weekly in every Sunday to Friday.

I am free for requests so drop a note to let me know if any of you want me to draw something, I'll draw for free.

I draw anime and a little bit of furry art. If your interested in anthro or furry content then check out my furaffinity account… if not then don't bother looking, it's not for you. If anyone is wondering then yes I am gay but I'm also a bit straight so I'm... Bi I guess.

I love anime like for example Tokyo ghoul and especially Devilman Crybaby. Devilman was crazy lewd, littered with sexual content but it was an amazing anime. It isn't bad at all, it has an amazing story, the characters were well made in background history and design and the ending was tragic, beautiful lol. So please watch it if you can stomache everything it has to offer from gore, to major NSFW content and a sad ending. It is not for everyone lol. And please don't watch it for the NSFW bits, sickos. >;/

So fav, comment and/or watch me please, every little bit of attention helps me and other artists become better and more inspired. Thanks for checking out my page.

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I hate my ocd. OK so first of all I'm going to rant about why being gay is not a sin because I want to relieve my headache, I need to say my answer to my question in this way so don't read at all if your super religious, or anything just don't read it. OK I tried to research on where on the Bible it says that being gay is a sin because I can't stop asking myself and what I found is pretty heart breaking. It's true the Bible has mention that, but after more research or looking up shit on my phone I conclude that the Bible is filled with bits of truth and stuff to be taken by heart and a chunk of it is complete bull shit! There are forty author's that contributed to the Bible and those forty are humans who make mistakes and have opinions of their own so the author believed we're sin because we're not natural because god made Adam and eve and their supposed to be a straight couple so people believe that god wants only straight couples because it's natural and they're the ones that populate. The authors believe we're sin because we're not common like straights, we don't populate, we're gross in their eyes. No one knows if god told them to record that fags are sin or not so how do we know if being gay is really a sin? By looking at the straights and realizing how similar we are to them since we both involve being with a partner in consensual love. Also I heard that love is god so if love is god then homosexuality is a form of love which is god which is the same as heterosexuality love. The real sin is hate and discrimination, it divides humanity.
Homosexuality is natural like heterosexuality which is another reason why it's not really a sin.
Slavery, discrimination towards women were alright in the Bible but they are ignored or forgotten to this day because we know how immoral it is which is some of the bulletin from the Bible.  I believe in god, but I don't believe what some of the Bible has recorded, Homosexuality should not be a sin otherwise I we shouldn't exist in the first place or be good people like everyone else.
OK I think I'm done ranting. I still feel like shit though.


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