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Yuriko Gender bender

This is a commission for Cordelia [link]

Yuriko lives with his mother and three sisters and gets in trouble a lot... His eldest sister, before moving away to college, put a curse on him for causing her so much trouble and now when he hears a snap of the fingers(other than his own) his body changes shape to fit whatever clothing he's wearing. At younger ages Yuriko is easily tricked or physically forced into clothing and then changed, at older ages he is prone to being coerced or blackmailed into wearing clothes that might change him.
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You need to re-make this one in the form of a story

Kinda want that curse but with my own finger snap as the activator

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Hot dang!

If only I had a curse like that...

*thinks about that phrase* Nevermind!

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Sounds like Ranma 1/2.

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i'd love to be more in tune with my female side.
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The link doesn't seem to work anymore.  Does the thing this was made for still exist somewhere?
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I would love that curse. I can become whatever I want, whenever!
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Wait, does that mean if he puts on maternity clothes he’ll become pregnant?
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How do i get this change ?
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Where is the manga for this. Because a concept this good cant not have a manga
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Love That!
Would like to see a Story based on this ^^
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if only it was me
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i like the concept. how does he change back though?
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I just wanted to say that, this picture was a great inspiration for one of my story. (Which is a gender bender story, of course)
So, thank you for this great drawing. :)
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What is this? Also what kind of satanic ritual let's someone swap another person's gender based on snapping their fingers. God he might explode if he had to sit through the addam's family opening. 
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This would be an awesome comic series
If only trying on the right clothes could bring about change.  Love your work!
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That must suck to have to be cursed like that.
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