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Knight rider by gamera1985 Knight rider by gamera1985
in a fantasy world, a knight is riding her mount.

though the mount is somehow really human, and is as smart as her rider ^^
and she's more than 2m50 tall too

considered as a sub-human, she's in fact from a cursed specie, the Kolms. 500 years ago, her people were normal humans, until they were cursed by the gods. Since then, they have been used as mounts by normal humans.
Indeed, because of their armless bodies, they can barely live alone, and they need the help of normal people. So, even though their mind si still as sharp as normal humans, they are just mounts in most of kingdoms, with as much rights as slaves.
They are very considered as mounts, since they are intelligent beings that can talk, which make them expensive. Besides, they can be pretty fast, and their legs and tail can be deadly.
They don't have really any social structure anymore, because most of them come from breeders.

However, some owners still give them proper education, and allow them to get some social status.

I'm also trying to imagine some story for them.

The pink rider = Amara (means "that never wither" in greek)
The mount = Chilt (means red in nahuatl)
The centauress = Sezja (means protective in russian)
The sorceress = Petra (means "stone" in greek)
The princess = Anne Marie-Louise de Lacourt-Valière (no meaning, just a long name to make her noblish)
The elf archer = Najla (Big wide eyes)

so Amara and Chilt are adventurers, working as a duo. Generally, Amara would just be considered as an alone adventurer, but since she calls Chilt her "partner"... still have to find how they end up together, but there is a great friendship between them (that can be associated to lesbian relationship).

Oneday, they were called at some kingdom's castle... while Chilt has to stay outside (because she's considered as a mount), Amara went into the throne room... Here was a bodyless crowned head on the throne. It was the princess who gave them the mission to find her body, stolen by some sorceress. (it is not revealed yet, but the sorcerress has been petrified up to the head, so that's why she was searching for a new body)
After Amara accepts, she has to accept one of the royal guard knights, Sezja as a travelling companion, to be sure that there's no problem with the body. Also, they took with them Najla, an Elf whom head has been petrified by Petra and who is also seeking the witch in order to get back to her normal state

-Amara is an elf who has been rejected by her people. As a castaway, she prefered to live by human standards, and never learnt archery for example. Though her age is unknown, she is said to be an adventurer running from town to town around 30 years now. Naturally cheerfull, she can use basic heal spells, like every elf. As weapons, she use a two-handed sword, plus a dagger sometimes.
-Chilt is a Kolm who has been raised in a cattle farm since her childhood. Bought a first time at the age of 14, her rebellous attitude has lead her to be sold to various owners throught time. She finally met Amara when she was 22. Naturally agressive but protective at the same, she loves to learn (Kolms are barely educated generally). She wants to be treated as a normal citizen and for such, try to imitate humans a lot, though she's a bit clumsy about it (for example, she wants to wear clothes because people wear clothes, not because she feel ashamed to be naked). She's 31 years old.
-Sezja is in fact a centauress, who was the personnal guard of the princess since she's young. Very proud of her task, she always talk about the righteousness of being a knight. Very protective about her princess, she's quite proud and cold towards everyone else. Her weapon is a long claymore. She's 34 years old.
-Anne Marie-Louise de Lacourt-Valière is a princess from the little kingdom of Larrhis. Though she has been spoiled since her childhood, she is very concerned about her people. A bit clumsy about real life, she think highly of Sezja. She's 19 years old.
Najla is an Elf Archer whom fronthead has been petrified by Petra few decades ago. Since then, most of her hair, her fornthead and eyes have been turned to stone. Though being unable to see, she use her ears to listen to her surroundings, and can still do archery because of that. As a very conservative elf, she likes to remain silent and stay calm at any price. She has hard time dealing with Amara, that she considers to be a traitor, someone that doesn't deserve to be called "Elf". She use a very big longbow as a weapon.
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karagachataya Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2017
Sorry, but I live in Russia, but never heard word "Sezja" (Сежа).
The only meaning I found - sezja is a type of fishnet. And there is a river with such name near city "Tula".
karagachataya Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2017
Sorry, such name really exists, but i never heard it))
Maybe this is old name, or something from syberian folks.
Strikecomment63 Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2017
the01angel Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2017  Student Digital Artist
I've never seen anywhere that "Chilt" meant red in Nahuatl...
But, I do know that it is the name used by a composer for the BEMANI rhythm game series, including Pop'n Music.
fivelmousekewitz Featured By Owner Edited Sep 12, 2014
A human Yoshi minus the arms?
gamera1985 Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
somehow....  i wonder if her tongue is that long though...
fivelmousekewitz Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2014
Or if she could handle getting repeatedly smacked on the back the head to stick her tongue out XD
Skill-Point Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2013  Student General Artist
well :iconiyellatyou:
MustardMan333 Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2011
A very interesting idea... Almost reminds me of Yoshi...
Blackrhinoranger Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2009  Hobbyist Filmographer
Looks like a dinosaur
Cybernetic-Phantom Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2008
Were they armless before they got cursed or after?
How did they get cursed?
And can I see the entire structure of the mount?
gamera1985 Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2008  Hobbyist Digital Artist
they were armless because of the curse... about how they got it, sounds like a god was upset of the city inhabitants and turned them into "animals".

humm, as for an entire drawing, I don't have any. ^^; Her legs are a bit like between the ones of and ostrich and a velociraptor.
Raakone Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2007
You've got a nice background story. And I like the colors.
gamera1985 Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2007  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Blaireau-Garou Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2007
really great !

and the fantasy world description is very interesting

(sooory for Poor words, i'm not englih speaking born )
gamera1985 Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2007  Hobbyist Digital Artist
it's ok!

entre français, on se comprend ;p
Blaireau-Garou Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2007
le monde décrit a l'air pas mal développé, y a-t-il d'autres œuvres en rapport ? (dessins, nouvelles même en anglais ...)
en tout cas c'est tentant d'en faire univers de JDR ^__^
gamera1985 Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2007  Hobbyist Digital Artist
nope, pas encore ^^;
aintn0body Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2007
LOL I wonder how long she had to level up to get that mount
gamera1985 Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2007  Hobbyist Digital Artist
in fact, they are comrades.... her mounts is also an adventurer, but since she's armless, it's better for her to get a rider to help her.
ttnn Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2007
Great idea!

We'd love to see more of those characters, and their world!
gamera1985 Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2007  Hobbyist Digital Artist
that would be a good idea ^^
supernautacus Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2006
Seriously Cool!
Arbok-X Featured By Owner May 18, 2006  Hobbyist Digital Artist
This is an interesting find. I wouldn't mind riding on one of those.
Only kidding. This is a nice piece. :)
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