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Can't Escape (Commission) by gamer2332
Mature content
Can't Escape (Commission) :icongamer2332:gamer2332 7 16
Out of Reach (Commission) by gamer2332
Mature content
Out of Reach (Commission) :icongamer2332:gamer2332 12 42
RP Starters: Cruised and Crashed
As passengers of a cruise ship, you simply took a load off and relaxed. However, after a while at sea, the ship suddenly crashed and caused some of the passengers to fall unconscious...
You wake up in an air pocket of the ship’s wreckage. A nearby window shows that you are stranded at the bottom of the ocean. Someone else comes into the room...
:icongamer2332:gamer2332 2 359
Seafolk Scandal
  Emmet and Melody were at Seafolk Village. "Woah. This place... isn't as big as i thought" Emmet said as she took in the sights. Tempo and Emm sent them to do some chores while they were at work. Emmet was excited to swim, but he knew that he needed to get the things Emm sent them out to do. "We need some potions, and some bottle caps." Melody said as she checked the list. Emmet rushed to the Pokémon Center to buy Potion with the money given by her mother. After a minute she came back out with some. "Ok, now the bottle caps." Emmet said as she put them in the bag she was given by his father.
 The two started to talk to the Pokémon around the place to find out where to get them. Melody ends up bumping into a Minccino with a blue scarf. The Minccino was surprised to see an Oshawott looking like a friend of hers. "Are you looking for something lil' girl?" she asked. “Um, yeah. Bottle caps.” Eric answered for Mel. "Those are tough to find. You can find them
:icongamer2332:gamer2332 3 1
Trials of Hope
   [Tempo. Met me at the VR center. I think I have a plan to make fighting the Ultra Beasts easier. -Daru]
   Tempo arrives at the VR center. "So, how good are you in Alolan History?" Daru asked as he went in. “Not very good in it...” Tempo admitted. "Thought so. Perhaps I should give a bit of trivia about Emm. Being a native to Poni Island, she is a follower of the land spirit, Tapu Fini." The Tapu's fought against the Ultra Beasts before, so if we can get them on our side, we can get a serious edge." Daru explained. “Alright. How do we do that?" Tempo asked "That's the tricky part. Only those born on the respective islands will they truly trust. You will still accompany Emm to the Ruins of Hope. Its near where you found Chloe when Cino's siblings were captured. Emm should be at the Kahuna's residence. Head there" “Alright!” He heads there
He meets Emm near the house. “Hey, Emm!” Tempo said. "Hey Tempo." Emm
:icongamer2332:gamer2332 5 1
Celestial Penguin
Poro was swimming in the training pool. Cino was there as well. “Ya know Poro?” She said
“Yes?” Poro asked.
"The two of us are starting to get along."
“I guess you’re right.”
"I mean, yeah, we are the best friends of the most well known couple in the entire agency."
He giggles. “I didn’t realize!”
“You remind me alot of my fathers."
“Hm? How so?”
"You're always so protective, not too much of course."
“I am?”
“What about him?”
”You are always besides him. Very encouraging."
"Yeah. And I really know how it feels to be separated from your parents, or at least, I heard of someone else that did of course."
“Yeah... But mine aren’t...”
“Edgar often tells me a story of Mizu.” 
"She's a Minccino Edgar found on one of his mission. She was getting harassed by an Oshawott and a Squirtle." 
:icongamer2332:gamer2332 5 2
Magician Story
Arle heads into the computer room to see Daru giving Tempo a basket of Wacan-like berries. “So why did you call me, again, daru?” She asked.
”Well, you see, we managed to find another Ultra Beast: Blacephalon, or Codename Blaster, down at Poni Island.” Daru replied.
“So I assume I’m going to go fight it?”
“Yeah. Emm will come with you.”
”And Tempo, here, is...”
”He’s eating these Spicy Wacan-like berries we found after Owen beat Kartana. I call them kartan berries!”
”Ah, I see. Well, I’ll leave you two be, alright?” Arle heads out.
”Good luck, alright?” Daru said as she left.
The two eventually reached Poni Island, and found smoke coming out of the canyons. “Is that...” Arle heads to the smoke, with emm following.
Emm activated her Turbo Mode while Arle prepared her stick as they reached the smoke. It was indeed Blacephalon. Arle and Emm threw attacks to no avai
:icongamer2332:gamer2332 3 2
Paper Samurai
After about two days since the Xurkatree battle, Tempo meets Daru and Emm in the tech center. "Ah, Tempo! You're here!" Daru greeted.
"i came as soon as I heard! So what did you find about Emm?" Tempo asked.
"Well, let's start with this..." Daru set up a projector showing an organ inside Xurkitree. “This is how Xurkitree builds its power. And apparently...” He flips to an X-Ray of Emm, with the same organ inside of her. “Emm has it, now." Daru flips to a picture with both side by side. "Xurkitree can discharge a million volts of electricity at once..." The number appears under Xurkitree. "But Emm..." Another number appears under Emm: 10 million. "That... will kill me... Maybe I should be careful next to Emm..." Tempo commented. "I can help you with resisting electricity. Here. Emm ate some Yacha Berries to resist ice, so this might help you." Daru pulls out a Wacan Berry and gives it to Tempo, who proceeded to eat it... and spit it back out. "Agh... It's sweet..." "Oh
:icongamer2332:gamer2332 4 4
New Encounters
Tempo meets Emm at AQUA-16. She was reading a newspaper about an attack and two Pokémon being dragged under. "Hey, Tempo, you saw this right?" Emm asked, but noticed Tempo looks wet, and saw he was coughing.
"No, not really..." Tempo replied, as he looks at the newspaper...
"It seems to be some kind of... Legendary or something... worse... Also, are you alright? You look like you just-"
"I played that roulette game with Daru, again. Barely edged out the time."
"Ah, right... Anyway, we should focus on this..." Emm reads on, and finds out the Pokémon are a Pansage and a Bellossom, both living in Sinnoh. "Let's head there and ask them."
"Alright!" Tempo heads off to the boats with Emm, and starts to drive to Sinnoh.
They arrive at Canalve City and see the two in the paper head into the library. Tempo and Emm follow them inside. "Hey, uh, Pansage? Bellossom?" Tempo asked them.
"Yes? What do you two need?" The Pansage responds.
"We're from the ESA. We want to know your encounters
:icongamer2332:gamer2332 3 0
RP Starter: Mystery of the Lake
Legend tells of a lake that is haunted by victims of its waters... They also say that it hides incredible secrets, as well, but are they real?
:icongamer2332:gamer2332 4 62
When Pat and Emmpo got back to base, they headed to one of the training pools to relax. "So what happened?" Pat asked. "Well... It's a long story..." Emmpo replied, before she explained what happened to him. "So you're a genetic copy of my two friends?" "I guess..." Tempo and Emm entered the room, as well, unaware Pat and Emmpo were there. "And so I said "Playtime's over!" and hit him with the doll!" Emm said. "Now that's comedy right th-" Tempo was interrupted by the sight of Emmpo...
Emmpo: Uh... H... Hi...
Emm: Did Daru make this to tease us?
Tempo: I'm sure it isn't... Who are you?
Emmpo: E.... Emmpo... I'm a copy of you two...
Pat: She says that a Carracosta scientist made her in the Insurgency. I'll see if we can find and arrest him. Until them, maybe Daru can help you.
Emmpo: Alright...
Tempo and Emm take her to the VR Center...
Daru was in the VR Center, turning around to see the crew.
Daru: What's going on?
Emmpo: Um... H... Hi...
Daru: ...Tempo? Emm? Did you two-
Emm: No! Of
:icongamer2332:gamer2332 4 4
Testing Beyond Limits
Inside an Insurgency base was a Carracosta, working inside a lab on a creation of his. Seismic walks in. "Hey, Professor Lakesworth! What in the bloody hell are you doing here?" He asked. "Just finishing up on this, aaaand..." He pulls a lever, and a capsule opens up revealing an Oshawott... with ears and membranes like an Emolga's? "Crieky, mate... How did you do this!?" Seismic asked. "Hilda's collection of DNA allowed me to create this. I call it Emmpo." Lakesworth replied. "A professor, but you can't come up with a better name..." The Emolga Oshawott hybrid starts to wake up and look around. "Umm... W... What's happening?" She said, looking timid. "We're gonna be doing some tests on you, first... Follow me." Lakesworth led her and Seismic to another room...
They were at a training pool. "Alright, then... First off, let's get you into the water." Lakesworth told the hybrid. "B... But... I don't know how to sw-" Emmpo was suddenly interruped by Lakesworth pushing her into the water,
:icongamer2332:gamer2332 4 3
RP Starter: The Drowned Island
Recent reports have told you and a friend/couple of friends about a mysterious island which has recently sunk below the ocean. It had tall mountains, however, and these mountains have now become tropical islands. Its residents, which include many different types of Pokémon, have been said to have adapted to the aquatic atmosphere. It sounds mysterious, so your team decided to check out the island, both over and under the water.
:icongamer2332:gamer2332 6 156
Electric Rockin'
"Alright... I have the Virtual Portal set up! I'm setting the coordinates to Hilda's base, now." Daru said, as he set the coordinates for the base. Tempo, Ruju, and Discord were there, ready to carry out the mission. Daru opened the portal, and the two entered.
When the three entered, they spawned at the top of an aquarium. Hilda was inside. "Hmm... What is this place?" Ruju asked. "No clue... Maybe it's her training room?" Tempo replied. [It's a training simulation she made. Looks like she's enjoying berself!] Daru said to the two. "Guess she swims in her free time..." Tempo said. Hilda surfaced. "Haaa... Wait.... You three!?" She said in surprise. "Alright, Hilda! Your time for hacking is over!" Opmet said. "Well, let's see you try... Twopo!" Hilda taunted. "THAT'S IT!" Opmet jumped into the tank of water. The others followed them underwater.
"Blublt fblirsblt... Leblt's evblen thble tblidbles." She opened a computer and disabled stat changes and hacks for the entire simulation. "Nbl
:icongamer2332:gamer2332 5 0
Ice Cold Showdown
Tempo, Opmet, and Cedric were in the VR center. "What is it this time?" Tempo asked. "Well, I'll need another piece of equipment known as a Virtual Portal. Once we have it, we can hack Hilda!" Daru replied. "But how do we find one of them?" Opmet asked. "Well, the Winds of Despair have one on Mount Silver, but the base its in is gaurded." "We can take it!" Cedric said. "Alright! I'll teleport you there now!" Daru activated the teleporter and sent the three out.
Cedric was changed into his climbing leg before they headed up the mountain. It was a pretty long climb. They eventually reached a pair of Gollet. "Please show your IDs, please!" One said. "Here's our ID!" Opmet used Freeze Dry on the two! "How did you..." "Thank Hilda!" Opmet said to Tempo. Suddenly, more Gollet appeared! Tempo and Opmet sprayed them down, while Cedric took them out with Icicle Crash! "That was exhausting..." Tempo said. "Let's continue, though..." Cedric said as he continued climbing. The others followed.
:icongamer2332:gamer2332 3 9
Tower Defense
Tempo was telling Emm what's currently happening around the ESA. "And that's essentially what happened in the past week..." Tempo finished. "That's... crazy, honestly..." Emm replied. Suddenly, Daru comes in from over the intercom. [Can Tempo please head to the infirmary room?] He said. "Looks like we should head there... Wanna come, Emm?" Tempo asked. "Sure." Emm follows Tempo to the infirmary.
Ches was in one of the beds. He had a bite wound on him. "Ches!? You alright?" Tempo asked. "Yes... Hilda escaped and freed all the prisoners... I tried to stop her, but Hunter attacked me while I was chasing her. My brother, Quensent, and his friend, Flames, were attacked by the escaped convicts, as well. I need to see if they'r-" Alarms were suddenly blaring everywhere. "Looks like we're being hacked! Let's hurry!" Daru led the four to the VR Room.
In the VR room, there was a display showing 8 firewalls. One was already broken. "We need to stop it before it gets through them all! Tempo! Ches!
:icongamer2332:gamer2332 3 1

Random Favourites

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Close Encounters, Closer Relationships
   Two days after seeing Tapu Koko, Emm and Tempo were at the hidden pond; Emm's home. Tempo swam around the water "Enjoying your time in there?" Emm said as she was cleaning her goggles. “It’s relaxing, yeah.” Tempo said back. "You know Tempo. We have been hanging out for a couple of months.... Maybe its time-" Emm was interrupted by Tempo's Holo-caster. Emm also got the same message. [Aether Foundation is under attack.] “Again!?” Tempo complains as he and Emm go there.
   They reach the basement, and the two look around. "It's awful quiet down here." Emm said. Suddenly, Tempo is stabbed in the arm by Stella. "Hah. Got you now little otter!" He screams in pain as he pulls her out. His EFS heals him afterwards. Tempo looks at Stella, but was instantly knocked down by Striker with First Impression. Emm was also knocked out by Smack Down. “Ngh...” Tempo looks up, and sees a Carocosta before he and Emm pass
:iconaquamon16:AquaMon16 2 2
Melemele Pest Control
   Tempo and Emm return to the VR center “Hey, Daru! We’re back!” Tempo said as he entered "Good. Next we do Tapu Koko." Daru said to him "What happened anyways at the ruins?" “Well, Fini’s trial had us solving riddles while underwater... And at the end...” Emm said as they show the crystals the two got "Are those... Z crystals?" Daru asked "And check this out." Emm used Misty Terrain. “It looks pretty!” Tempo said, smiling. “Now try running around the room!” Emm does so does so and seams to be moving faster Tempo smiled and hugs Emm. "OK. so who is going next?" Emm asked "Pic and Les. His pack's history goes back to Melemele. I sent Ches and Sni as well. Maybe you two can patrol Melemele for Ultra Beast sightings." Daru said. “Alright. we can do that.” Tempo said. "Also, nice hat!" “Thanks, Daru! Emm gave it for me for my birthday!”
-Later, at the Ruins of Conflict.-
:iconaquamon16:AquaMon16 3 0
Tempo: Birthday Cap by AquaMon16 Tempo: Birthday Cap :iconaquamon16:AquaMon16 7 5 Pluset and Mino in an UW tube by kuby64 Pluset and Mino in an UW tube :iconkuby64:kuby64 27 20 Oliver (gift)  by GuruTeaTree123 Oliver (gift) :iconguruteatree123:GuruTeaTree123 5 7 Oshawott and Popplio by kuby64 Oshawott and Popplio :iconkuby64:kuby64 60 44 Diantha Midgard by SG-mijumaru Diantha Midgard :iconsg-mijumaru:SG-mijumaru 9 3



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