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Welcome To GamePride

What is "GamePride"?

This group is mostly about meeting new people to play games with while also admiring art and photography and original stories all by fans. It's a place to band together and have fun no matter who you are or how you would identify yourself. Because no matter what, we are all people that have our own geeky interests, making us all common on the same level.

"A group for those proud to be out of the nerd closet."

Group Rules

:bulletblack: No insulting other members
:bulletgreen: No racism, sexism or bigotry of any kind
:bulletblack: Submissions to featured are no longer allowed
:bulletgreen: Just use common sense

Folder Workings

All art should go into the corresponding category and each folder has a description.
"Other Geeky Goods" mostly being like drawings of Youtubers, or miscellaneous pics of things that aren't related to another category.
Something that's like Joker from Arkham City would go into DC despite being video game fanart, or Batman vs Superman art would go into DC because it's based on a DC property. Video games is just for video game fanart.

Television and films corresponds to anything that's not anime or manga but is a film or television show that's not based on a novel. So all things Dexter, Game of Thrones, etc. all go into "Novels" and other things like that.


Feel free to ask us admins anything and everything, we don't bite (hard).

Gallery Folders

The Rocket Grunt  by Championx91
Bowsette in the Mushroom Kingdom! by FKDemetri
felicia , monthly patreon drawing by RoseFromSin
Bunny Girl Poppy by RoseFromSin
Video Games
Omanyte Beach by ToxicWyvern
Goldeen Bowl by ToxicWyvern
Ezreal : League of Legends by SuweetoHaato
Jinx : League of Legends by SuweetoHaato
Video Games 2
Spiral by Ricsnake
Sekiro by Ricsnake
The MisAdventures of Tron Bonne by Ricsnake
Tron Bonne by Ricsnake
Warhammer 40K Tech Priest Cosplay - SKS Props by SKSProps
Warhammer 40K Tech Priest Cosplay - SKS Props by SKSProps
Torbjorn by BlueBlackDiamond
Gears of War Theron Guard Cosplay SKS Props by SKSProps
Call of Ctholho by ScoxyThepiratescout
Warhammer 40k -Tech Enginseer Elon Musk by DarjingWriter
Senran Kagura X Devil May Cry - In The End by REXY-STARK
Triple Threats by ScoxyThepiratescout
Anime and Manga
Sailor Moon - Fighting Evil by Moonlight by IAmABananaOo
Blake - From Shadows by IAmABananaOo
Sailor Mars - A Vision in Flame by IAmABananaOo
Art Jam: Ladies of Shonen Jump by animequeen20012003

Mature Content

Cheetah's 'Got Milk?' Ad by hombre-blanco

Mature Content

Wonder Woman Corupted By 10 Starro's by xlob2
DC: A New Dawn by Ladycrysanthemum

Mature Content

Wonder Woman - ''Got Milk?'' by hombre-blanco
VENOM Poster by Cisper97
Spider-Gwen Web Yo-Yo by NAMIxALEX

Mature Content

SHEVENOM 143-BLACKCAT -full venom suit by xlob2

Mature Content

Shevenom 142-blackcat by xlob2
Other Graphic Novels
Cassie Hack - Kiss It by IAmABananaOo
Dazzler - Born with Glitter in her Veins by IAmABananaOo
Rogue, Marvel by AnoleaNova
Ayane - Cattack! by IAmABananaOo
Television and Films
RAKKA (updated) by Cisper97
Art Jam: Back to School by animequeen20012003
Art Jam: Sexy Aerobics by animequeen20012003
Stevonnie - Got Nothing to Fear. I'm Here. by IAmABananaOo
The Call of Cthulhu by Cisper97
Card and Tabletop Games
Other Geeky Goods
Schattenjaeger Talisman II - handsculpted Replica by Ganjamira

Mature Content

YCH Commission - Shinji TG by UkyoDragoon
AO for Adults Only

Mature Content

:Fearful Pheromones: (Salazzle OC) by Karmas-Camera
I mean no Harm by ScoxyThepiratescout
Original Characters
Autumn night by Miooy
OCs Cosplaying

Mature Content

AC3: The Day The Phantom Was Born by RavenBlake666
Original Comics
Knight of my Kingdom by Kurotatsuo
Death Battle Series
Sosuke Aizen vs. Malefor by ScarecrowsMainFan
Game Fucking Pride by ImagineRain9731
GamePride has always been, and will continue to be, a place for video game enthusiasts and nerds of all kinds to meet, share, and support magnificent artwork. Moving forward, we intend to keep that as the heart and soul of GamePride as the group evolves and expands to include many different forms of fan-art not confined by being within a video game.

Lately, we have been very busy attempting to clean up the featured folder, and improve the group as a whole. There are a lot of ideas that we have that are up in the air at the moment, and hopefully you guys will start seeing changes around the GamePride group soon. Your feedback is always welcome, and will always be welcome as we move forward, so if you have any ideas or suggestions, please note me (DemonAngel91) or the GamePride group.

Once the Featured folder has been cleared, we may begin opening up features to help shine the spotlight on our various members and their amazing artwork.

As always, stay awesome, keep gaming, and be proud:
your GamePride Administration Team.

Additionally: This group is starting to get more popular, too popular for just one person. We need some admins so if you are looking to help admin a group, please send me a note (DemonAngel91) and we can discuss adding you as an administrator.
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