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I love a lot these 2 totally big giant epic, naughty, perfect & delicious FEET mmm... they are totally epic & naughty big giant FEET.Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart 
FEET by GamePonySly FEET by GamePonySly FEET by GamePonySly FEET by GamePonySly

also has 14 videos of these 2 epic & naughty FEET... 14 videos of lot of epic & naughty scenes of these 2 epic & naughty FEET:meow::love:
The videos hehe >…
well yesterday I just received 200 points from my friend Jose :iconsusanzx2000: and I was surprised with that but at the same time I noticed something, deactivated account... what happened to him?
I have no idea about that, I even haven't talked with him for a while by being busy and not being so much active here as on the past.

Did him is going to take a break from here or what? Someone knows what happened to him? if someone has still contact with him please I would like to know.

Now about the points I don't know if this is really for me or he just gave me to save them after he's back... but if this is really for me, cool I was with 0 of points and now I won 200 for some more new future possible arts.
Mane-iac and Sphinx 2 totally amazing, wonderful & perfect big villain girls!! Villains many times are more awesome then good characters and that's the case of Sphinx and Mane-iac.:love:

I love a lot Sphinx and Mane-iac, I have a giant love for them... Sphinx and Mane-iac 2 big girls!:love: Lot of fun with these 2 big girls!:love:
Sphinx and Mane-iac 2 totally perfect girls.:heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:

This is just a journal saying and showing my big love for these 2 girls. I always will update this journal when I get a new art of them. I still need get an art of me with Sphinx and Mane-iac together, I just have separated arts with them.

Big protector by GamePonySly Sphinx by GamePonySly Sphinx by GamePonySly Sphinx by GamePonySly Sphinx by GamePonySly Sphinx by GamePonySly Sphinx by GamePonySly Sphinx by GamePonySly Sphinx by GamePonySly Sphinx by GamePonySly Sphinx by GamePonySly Sphinx by GamePonySly
Mane-iac by GamePonySly Mane-iac by GamePonySly Mane-iac by GamePonySly Mane-iac by GamePonySly Mane-iac by GamePonySly Mane-iac by GamePonySly Mane-iac by GamePonySly Mane-iac by GamePonySly Mane-iac by GamePonySly Mane-iac by GamePonySly Mane-iac by GamePonySly Mane-iac by GamePonySly Mane-iac by GamePonySly Mane-iac by GamePonySly Mane-iac by GamePonySly Mane-iac by GamePonySly Mane-iac by GamePonySly
Aye :iconroof8910: is the name of that wonderful person.
Aye is a totally amazing person that someone can have, even being just on the internet, she's amazing and probably in real life she's much more than the internet, much more amazing then what she already is.:meow:

To everybody who see this journal please give a check and probably a (Watch) on Aye, she's amazing and she do lot of amazing arts!:love: She's a totally RECOMMENDED artist do get wonderful arts, Aye can do probably everything! Not all I guess but probably everything!:meow: You all will not regret it.;) Aye deserves more attention.

Check and Watch Aye :iconroof8910: and say you came from me Sly (GamePonySly), if you want of course.

I have lot of arts from Aye but arts just of me and her will be on this journal below.
Painting nails by GamePonySlyGiant Ten by GamePonySly
Hey people give a check and a watch for this amazing person Lahiru :iconlahiruj:
He does amazing car drawings, very detailed arts!=D 

Lahiru did a totally wonderful draw of me with cars.:love:
Beloved cars by GamePonySly
Checkout this person, lot of amazing works and cosplays!

Check also the youtube channel.…
Today I saw an user with the same name of mine, don't talk or contact with this fake user, he's trying to copy me! Block and Report him by trying to copy me. 
He's using my name and my icon! 

(GamerPonySly) >…

Don't talk with this guy, he's trying to be me.

Also this fake user commented on a draw saying wrong things... he said about boots... BOOTS fucking BOOTS... I don't talk about boots and I don't enjoy boots.
Here the draw that this fake user commented >…
My special friend Cheetah :iconcheetah-gt: is doing to be a bit more active on my house Deviantart.:meow:
Please give to him some more love and a watch, Cheetah deserves, he's totally lovely, sweet, cute & kind.:love:
If you watch him, say you came from GamePonySly or just Sly.^^

His real profile is on Furaffinity (link below)…

Cheetah:heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:
Reference by Cheetah-GT
Just an simple journal saying (thank you) for these 2 amazing artists.

Thank you very much Giovanni :iconrasmussen891: for making a totally wonderful reference of me on my anthro form with everything that I wanted, especially the clothes.:love: A work full of respect!:hug::love:
Sly anthro body reference by GamePonySly
Thank you Nyck :iconx-dead-fish-x: for making a wonderful reference of me on my original pony form.:heart: 
Sly pony body reference by GamePonySly
Old reference >…
2 totally perfect draws of me and my big love Ratchet together:love:
To GamePonySly^_^ by GiuliaDraws95 To GamePonySly^_^(2) by GiuliaDraws95

Giulia :icongiuliadraws95: the artist who did these 2 totally perfect arts of me and Ratchet.:love: 
Giulia has a very wonderful art style on her hands!:meow:

You all should check her and maybe give a Watch on her too. She's so lovely, a very lovely girl.:heart: :heart:
Fury Foxy:iconfuryfoxie: here has a totally sweet, cute, wonderful, perfect & delicious arts!:love:
Give a check and also a watch.:meow:

Her FA profile for more delicious arts heheheh:meow:…

I love a lot this art below... she's totally perfect & delicious!! Especially the PAWS.:love: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:
Fury Foxie by FuryFoxie
I also love a lot this delicious art…
Sharing and giving a help for a friend.
:iconknobbit: is an totally amazing artist, he does many beautiful, cute & delicious drawings.:love:
His arts are totally awesome!!!
Will deserves much more watchers and more love too of course ;) , so be cool and watch him if you want or at least give a check on his profile.:) Will is a very cool friend and a very kind person.:heat:

The perfect draw that he did for me:love:
Sly by GamePonySly
(NOTE) has 4 links I know but the 3 firsts are the same one, just a bit different but still are the same.

1. (Planning the Big Score (Subtle) / Stingers Mission / Driller/Gauntlet/Surveying The Score / Sidetracked)

2. 2. (The Paleto Score Setup)
Hey I need a big help to take these shits down!!! The artist is totally ridiculous!! I don't want my Wego in this shit stuff. :v 
I already told this fool to delete to first art and nothing yet and now he did another shit of my cat.

first pic
<da:thumb id="709338854"/>

second pic
<da:thumb id="711429557"/>

GO FUCK YOURSELF :iconrebow19-64: ... you drawing my cat Wego in your shit art, I don't wanted and I don't asked to you draw her, I'm not interested in that shit stuff you have. :v man FUCK YOU ASSHOLE MOTHERFUCKER.
DELETE both shit arts you did.
I was thinking here on the many cat girls characters that has, so many cat girls... and I was thinking in having an art with them together, me and them.:meow:
One little pony boy and many big perfect & delicious cat girls hehe :love:

Wego (of course, it's my cat wife)
Deborah (from Wendel :icondrawing-4ever: )
Nicole Watterson >…
Kitty Katswell >…
Callie Briggs >…
Blaze >…
Felicia >…
Mittens >…
Jenny >…
Mirage >…
Marie >…
Penelope Pussycat >…
Bagi (Bagi the Monster of Mighty Nature) >…
Clover Ewing (cat version) >……

I don't know but I guess still has some others but... these cat girls that are in the journal are the cats that I remember very well and if I find another one I'll put here but as I said (I don't know) I think these are the female cat characters that I love more.
Today is a day of honor for me! 


Because the totally amazing Metal :iconmetalfoxxx: watched me here!!! I'M TOTALLY HAPPY & HONORED ABOUT THAT!!! Metal is an totally amazing artist that I love a lot! So many delicious arts from him!! Especially his OC girl Amber, she's totally perfect & delicious!!:heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: 

This strange person wrote a journal saying things about me... WTF?? I don't know the why about this but... I'm not nothing like that about that bitch said... who actually needs be blocked, reported and ignored is her... another enemy/hater for me haha... at least I have much more cool friends around me than these people who don't has a good heart.
who is my enemy/hater... FUCK YOU! I don't care about you, you're nothing.

Link > Please read this. (WARNING: OPEN COMMENTARY)

GO Report and block her and don't think that I'm those things about this bitch said. Who knows me knows I'm a cool person.
Hoje meu o doce avô morre! Tristeza pura em perder ele, sempre o amei, eu ri o maximo possivel junto com você e hoje foi o ultimo dia que ele viveu. =( =( =( Irei sentir muito sua falta vovô, descançe em paz e viva uma nova vida no céu vovô. =( =( =(
Ontem foi o ultimo dia que eu vi ele.

Today my sweet grandfather dies! Pure sadness in losing him, I always loved you, I laughed much as possible with you and today was the last day he lived. =( =( I will really miss Grandpa, rest in peace and live a new life in the sky grandfather. =( =( =(
Yesterday was the last day I saw him.
My favorite songs and the 5 remix of that music from Crash Bandicoot Team Racing :heart:……………

My other two favorite musics.
Hot Air Skyway…
Coco Park…