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PMDUnity Great Science Errand 3




Client: Chelle
Errand no: #3
Date Issued: 3rd May 2014
Date Due: 7th May 2014

This was important to get up because since I am a bit held back with Team Dark Rangers Comic I needed a way to show a preview of the relationship between the two in case anyone were to get the wrong idea (Of course their side of the mission makes their relationship make more sense). Btw I was thinking of having Team Great Science and Team Dark Rangers be side by side in the SAME comic but I feel like maybe YOU can help me decide? It would basically be just cutting from back to fourth between the two (Mission 1:… ). This was also important because I wanted to give the relationship between Gavin and Chelle (Flints releationship with them is shown in Mission 1...). So yeah... Meet Team Great Science!!!

Team Great Science:…
Team Dark Rangers:…
Dark Rangers experience:…
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