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Heyo Guys! (hehe, first time using this :P)
I was thinking about something that could work either way... and then I thought... WHY NOT I ASK YOU!?
So... Here is the question... (Also keep in mind I will probably delete this once I choose)
With My Applications (Check the description), you will notice there is a part of the description saying "Relationships". Underneath that will be removed and something better will be put in its place... Series relationships! For instance, it'll look like this:
Season 1 (Hyperlink)
Season 2 (Hyperlink)
the hyperlink will take you to a relationship meme that will show the relationships and what is in the description underneath "Relationships" will be put there.
HERE IS MY QUESTION: When it comes to the Seasons: do I show what the relations look like at the end of the Season or at the beginning?
I will be rating this through... its... like a point system!
So, depending on how many comment will be how many points there will be need to
:icongameplayerdani:GamePlayerDani 1 38
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There's been nothing happening, uploading-wise, on my account, especially on PMDUnity. So I thought(don't know why... or how...? jks) that I might explain why...!

Honestly, I kinda made this account solely on the reason of "I wanna try out this PMDUnity group..!". I know right? Honestly, this isn't actually the kinda stuff I draw all the time (which I have to admit is at least pretty good and has nothing to do with Pokemon, kinda my own possible games characters, stories, etc. which is what I do outside of DeviantArt cause its uh...) Since I only draw on paper.

But I am getting off topic! The reason I stopped is cause... well... It sounds stupid and I know it is but... IM TOO TALENTED, ITS A CURSE!!! Well I wouldn't say talented...? See I made way to much story with my characters and the work kinda overwhelmed me and it got in a bad place. That and it felt more like a job then a free time thing since its difficult and hard drawing on the computer and I also had school work and everything!

I kinda planned out ALOT! I'll just tell you HOW MUCH story there was going to be and how MUCH I had to do (NONE OF THIS IS SPOILERS! Since its just been impossible hence the nothing uploaded part). Monique was a careless, evil thief taking after her father (A Cincinno where she got Tickle from "The King of Thieves") and Mother (Basically extremely epically good and devastatingly bad) in a "Thief team" of Zang (a babyish adult Zangoose), Crone (A common head-to-earth Murkrow) and Burnie (A ninja Smeargle from Iapon [who she would have learned was in Andullusst in her confrontation with the Ninja Greninja which was not done...] who knows Fire punch and was technically an unofficial boyfriend...?). ]

Basically Burnie betrayed her and killed a kid that she was growing attached to and was turning good, as such got shown of what they were doing, regretted, and fled (to Andalusst). But she runs into a priest Absol (Dante's father) and gets a suggested location to flee to with some advice and help.

Monique also happened to ruined the life of a certain Plusle and his grandfather (Romeo [RO-MAY-O]. May draw cause he is so awesome) during her ignorance and 'past-self' which you would've found out and met the Plusle during Part 2 of 'Look into Thief's Past' but never got to doing it (also would've found out about her team [Zang] during Part 3!). Romeo also wants revenge when he finds out its her and stalks her like Team Great Science and soon would've (reluctantly and "the using of idiots") joined as member 3.

A possible 3rd member to Dark Rangers was a multiple persona Spiritomb who has [how many spirits a Spiritomb has] "personalities" or "characters" whereas the main two were going to be Boombox (a loud obnoxious rude 'dead' Rhydon) and Jeffery (A butler type polite 'dead' waiter Sylveon who call everyone by Mistress or Master, e.g. Mistress Monique, Master Dante) and would've had eye colour change and text change to suit which voice was speaking. Though looking at the work I had i was very slightly needing to drop this character as it puts alot of work in...

Ruben would've joined as the 4th member of Dark Rangers. Before Monique found Dante (and Absol) Dante saw Ruben betraying them and Ruben had to take care of him. Thus Ruben betrayed Dante, fought him and won (used Trump Card to give him the scar and would've been shown in Dante's history in his app). Ruben put Dante on a convenient trailer, since he is still his friend, and later regretted betraying and leaving him to 'die ("If ol' Dante could!" is what he would say') and looked for Dante. Dante got dropped off later on his ride and was left on the road, where a certain Mawhile would find him.

...YOU SEE ALL THAT!? I HAD TO DRAW ABOUT THE MUCH! AND THIS WAS A QUARTER OF EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!! GEEEEEEEZ! So you see? I just ruined myself for doing it. Of course there is a small chance that I could continue it but it ain't likely (as I said, working on other stuff and school). Now a bit after my last 'peice' I was actually working on the re-done (in HD type thing) Dark Rangers App which I will put up to see the last thing I did.

Now this doesn't mean I'll quit PMDUnity (sorta), since I find that this group is one of the greatest! The admins are so kind and understanding, the environment is safe and playful and even family like, Yeah! All I said (i think) is that I can't continue all my current teams cause of all the story!

I was able to take away great stuff which was my whole reason of joining! I wanted to experience digital drawing and this group was perfect to try (that and I loved Mystery Dungeon and making my own story from it). I was able to take an experience of how hard it can be to do comics, a great original character called Gavin, great friends and ideas, and this account that I may comment on others amazing works! I thank PMDUnity alot for these things!

Now I may actually start again (not any time soon?) and go with a 'VERY MINIMAL STORY TEAM'. This (If I do) would just be very, if I got time and not "I HAVE TO DO THINGS"! So it would be very light hearted and short stuff everywhere. I could either use two characters I've had up my sleeve since i was young, Romeo which I really wanted to debut before I 'quited', both, Gavin with maybe A different or alternate Dante/Umbreon cause they were my best with PMDUnity, or even more! I'd love to get back in there but not if it feels like work! Maybe if/when I got a tablet, time, and a drive of doing it!

So... yeah, I think I covered everything. Sorry if this was long! I tried cutting it short with leaving out half the story of what was there. If you care, cool, if you don't, don't really mind. Just thought it be there for whoever might have...? Dun know, I felt like I should've at least said. So I may get a drawing of Romeo the Plusle when I can and I will put up my progress of when i was making the updated Dark Rangers

Hope ya'll had a good day, God Bless!


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