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[DDLC MMD} Welcome to the Club (Model Update)

By GameME6
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Someone in the name of CoreWorldDA was kind enough to not only fix the minor bugs in my models but implement new eye textures to fit the game itself. I have recently updated the model links in each respective video and I would like to them as I owe them my graditude.…

Also if anyone got these models on VRChat, yknow man. Hook a boi up will you? 

All models belong to me

School Crafts Room- Maddoktor2

DDLC belong to Dan Salvato and Team Salvato. 
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I know this thing was made 3 years ago and shit but these models have been used in some games I play (as addons). Thing is, LITERALLY NOBODY makes a casual outfit version for any of the girls who have them in the base game. I just want to make the request for you to make a casual outfit version of these packs for the girls that do have them in the base game. It would be highly appreciated.

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I'll make good use of this...

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Can you make your model and textures more higher plz

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Monika is best girl. End of story.
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Psycho thots

except sayori shes cool
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Kisses Monika Thank You
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If DDLC Is So Good Why Can't There Be A DDLC VR?
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Sorry but I'd rather not experience the twistedness of DDLC in VR. Having Yuri in your face with her eye switches is a big no for me ty. Same with Natsuki sprinting towards the screen with her neck broken.
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*loads up Unity3D with evil intent*

I may get back to you.

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If you need help putting models into VRchat, watch this video. I'm not 100% sure it'll work for these models, but it should if you do everything in the video correctly
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need help importing into unity
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Brilliant. I will certainly use them. But also you'll be credited. ^^
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sourcefilmmaker when
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dab dab dab dab dab dab dab dab dab dab dab dab dab dab dab dab dab
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"All models belong to me"
Doesnt know how to put them into VRChat.

Also the Yuri have serious issues with the chest (boob area) and armpits, look really bad, especially when viewing the vertices in blender.
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Beautiful models!(Sayori ftw) I can help you port them to vrchat if you want!
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