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Thy Royal Canterlot Voice

Here's the full vector I did for my 100 watchers special here. She looks cute when she uses her royal canterlot voice doesn't she? XD

Anyways, feel free to tell me any errors I made so I can correct and learn from them :)
Vectored from S2E4 Luna Eclipsed.

SVG file: [link]

Update: Seems like EQD posted this vector on one of their article header. Thanks EQD, even though the article is about the damn dress colour.…

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Characters owned by Hasbro.
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I would like it if they used the royal canterlot voice again.
Maybe that Celestia does it.
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i used in here :3

[ this :3 ]

thanks for share the Vector image ^^ 
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princess Luna : Behold, fair citizens of Equestria and esteemed bronies! We see a chocolate chip cookie in our presence, and we shall eat it whilst dipping it in yonder cold milk. Stand thou not in our way, lest we punish thee by making thee sit in yonder corner!

Derpy Clapping Pony Icon : Um.. derp... Princess Luna, ma'am... who's "we"? All I see is you.
princess Luna : (whispering and giggling) Just play thou along, mine wall-eyed friend. I'm on a roll!

 Clapping Pony Icon - Princess Luna 

Great drawing! Luna in her Canterlot voice reminds me of Thor on the "Super Hero Squad Show". Both are over-the-top and silly in their bellowing out Shakespeare's English for the most mundane of things. :)
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Can i turn some of your vectors into bases :o? ill give u full credit for the images!
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Of course, it really is pretty (:
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I'm using! Thanks so much!
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No problem, just remember to credit me :)
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... "Thou's Royal Canterlot Voice" makes absolutely no sense at all. Here is the translation: "You's Royal Canterlot Voice"

I think you were trying for "Thy Royal Canterlot Voice" which translates into "Your Royal Canterlot Voice"
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is luna sounded like an americanized version of a shakespeare? or just a european?
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She was speaking with Old English, which puts the language around Shakespeare's time. And surprisingly, English people (those From England), didn't start getting an accent until after the Revolutionary war. At that time our Accents and use of language started differing. Americans' accents changed very little or not at all, while English's accents started changing heavily. So those with English Ancestors, are likely speaking with the old English Accent, that is now recognized as the American Accent.

So technically, there is no such thing as "Americanized Shakespeare," since it is highly likely that we still have the same accent that Shakespeare had.
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that makes more sense... old english people are real.
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Oh really? Thanks for correcting me then :)
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no problem. I love Old English, and do not wish to see it improperly used.
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Used here and here.  Amazing work!
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Huzza! The fun has been doubled!
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Another wonderful Princess of the Night. Great work. You can never have two much Luna. IS THAT CLEAR?
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