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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Nintendo fan who loves drawing my favorite characters Plessie & Yoshi and others related in the Yoshi Clan. I see these characters very differently from others and know a lot of Mario & Yoshi trivia due to a years long unfinished art called The Yoshi Clan Project (TYCP for short) which is the drawing above.

(Note Me For Request: It's easier to keep track of them and not fill up my notifications)
FOR REQUEST: Keep it simple, for I'm strongly lazy so don't expect it soon. ._., But I may actually be super quick than usual at times. It really depends on the request and how I feel in motivation to draw. For the kind of request I take, it should be subjects I know or find interesting or give me a suggestion to draw Yoshi Clan members(or other Mario characters) as other characters of outside series from movies, shows, games. I can do Pokémon and some other Anything as long as I can relate. Also don't mind OCs. But no nudity, any fetish with humans or tickle fetishes. Not into that. I can draw humans, just not fetishes. Of course I also have to say Humans in general are tough for me to draw.

NO ROLE PLAY: I kinda used to as Yosh & Pless on Miiverse and Pless on YouTube for small jokes. But no role playing.
NO TAGGING: I don't care about answering random questions.

ONLY GIVE llamas in return.

Things I hate:
Penguins(Part of a joke with Plessie actually)
Snow because it's cold and ruins traveling
Roaches, Flies & Mosquitos! Why do these disease giving creatures exist!?
Use of the word "Dope" is extremely cringe to me. Very few are ok saying it.
People who trash WiiU like Virtual Boy. It's not WiiUs own fault it failed, that's Nintendo making poor decisions. Switch isn't there to mock it, but to do what Nintendo screwed up. I still love WiiU & Switch the same.
Paper Mario Offensive Trash! Offended Yoshis badly like animals.
Overrated stuff like Fortnite, Minecraft, Starwars, Minions & (kinda fine with now)Waluigi for example because they're EVERYWHERE in ways I find annoying. Was fine with them at first but some point I couldn't anymore.
Deltarune Spoi... I think it's too late for that. But I noticed a odd trend in video games that if there's a Jester, he/she is jesting to be chaotic & evil and even have the best personalities and music. Maybe someday I'll draw these and other twisted Jesters together. I didn't think Jesters were such interesting characters and realized how much I enjoy them.
Untitled by GameKing427 Motley Bossblob from Super Mario 3D World. Always looks like a mix between Larry & Lemmy to me. He had a unique design. Wish to see him & Hisstocrats again as they seemed more interesting than Bowser. I actually mashed Motley's theme with Jevil's theme "The World Revolving" and it's not bad.Untitled by GameKing427Marx. Easy boss in the Kirby games, but still gotta love his cute insanity.

Untitled by GameKing427Dimentio from Super Paper Mario. He was really Dimented. Too bad he'll never see the light again... ever.

Untitled by GameKing427Mad Jack from Donkey Kong 64. Great theme for a psychopath that sounds like Donald Duck.

Untitled by GameKing427I got spoiled by videos about this guy in Deltarune, Jevil, but I don't care. I love his character design & theme. Wish Jacksepticeye played more to get to this fight, but I might just watch someone else fight him.


Well, I beat Super Metroid. Gotta say... Mother Brain was sadly easy. Probably due to how the boss fight is scripted. Zero Mission was harder with Mother Brain as I died like once or twice, which makes sense, being a GBA remake of the original. Even finding items was easier. I managed to get 89%
There was one part they made me look up something and that's after you fight Ridley in Norfair. I had a feeling walking back through the acid couldn't be it. Apparently there's a hidden path that not even the X-ray vision can reveal. To me that feels like a bullshit move where there is like one spot the X-ray doesn't reveal hidden paths or objects, thus you HAVE to look it up or just find it by complete accident. But I did the huge majority of the game on my own. I felt like some of the controls were weird like the space jump(multi somersault) and those God awful quick sand effects. Well, I may try to 100% the items, however unlike later games, this doesn't save your progress after you beat it and tell you what areas have any items left. Yeah, it's one of those "Hit reset to leave the ending screen". I kinda hated that of older games. So for that I may look up a walkthrough if I get tired of it or something. I guess for 2D Metroids my favorite may have to be either Zero Mission or Fusion.
As for 3D Metroids, well I've already played the main ones Prime Trilogy & Other M. Because Prime 1 was my first Metroid, I have to say that one. It was also very simple than the other Prime games. No alternate worlds, no going from planet to planet, just a simple adventure on a mysterious planet. 
For Other M, I know it gets shit on because of Samus' character(and bad voice acting) and relationships with Adam, but first time I played it, I thought it was ok for gameplay. Though that was one time and very long ago.
Only ones I've yet to play is Prime Hunters, Pinball & the 3DS Metroid ll remake, which speaking of, I just started playing the original Metroid ll... this isn't gonna be easy... I love GB/GBC, but this looks like something to tolerate with. Well that's my status update for my 2D Metroid playthroughs.
Just finished watching Jacksepticeye play the end of chapter 1 of Deltarune. Now I wanna draw 2 or 4 characters together.
The new Smash Ultimate trailer memes are even better! Look at this one! It's GRAND!!!…
Wait, Stan Lee passed away today!
Very upsetting to hear.
R.I.P. one of the most greatest superhero legends of all time.

It's the end of Stan making cheerful cameos in films and games of his work, but he'll always be remembered through his creations as they continue on with his spirit.
So recently I'm playing some Metroid games. 100% Zero Mission and just 1 item left for Fusion. Very hard games full of dickery. But if I had to say which Metroid I've played that has the most biggest bullshit ever, it is Super Metroid. Why? WHO THE FUCK DEVELOPED THOSE QUICK SAND MECHANICS, I HOPE YOU BURN IN HELL AND RIDLEY RIPS OFF YOUR ASS!!! I thought obtaining the Gravity Suit would make things easier. Freaking BARELY!!! I still have an issue with jumping out quick sand. I'm suppose to jump while moving forward somersaulting out. But it's very awkward to do, like I have to time it pixel perfect. If I land it's either I do short jumps or luckily get a high jump.
Also this is all in Marida. If you get stuck too below the map, you have travel all around to the Wrecked Ship, to Crateria, then Brinstar JUST to get back to Marida. In other Metroid games(Zero,Fusion,PrimeTrilogy) I've played, the water areas are fine. Sure it's a struggle, but it's nothing too bad. Your just slow and can't jump high.
Water in Super Metroid is weird for me and made the quick sand a tad difficult but even as I said, with the gravity suit, the quick sand is still a bitch to get through. Well, I think that's good venting. I'ma go work on some art.


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