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Spanish Slices chapter 4
Bemusement crept over the features of Ramon Berr's face as he listened to the British representative John Johnson continue his tirade about the conflict with Spain.
“Now I ask you, Ramon: why has Spain violated the sovereignty of the British colony of New London on Mars with this savage attack?” John asked Ramon.
Ramon stood up slowly in his seat and looked around at the representatives at the United Nations assembly room. Finally he spoke.
“Johnson, the reason has remained the same as before: the British hacked our government servers containing geological survey data of certain areas on Mars and then stole our location in the martian region known to have the highest amount of usable minerals to mine,” Ramon said.
“We have heard your baseless accusations before, Ramon. I don't think the civilized world will stand for an invasion made without warning based on your flimsy excuses.”
A few of the other representatives in the assembly hall quietly talked
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Spanish Slices chapter 3
Wasted and drained, Suarev was almost on the verge of nodding off to sleep when a beeping noise alerted him. Their platoon had been holding the auxiliary air defense control room for half an hour and his guard shift had recently finished.
“Looks like we've got plenty of Spanish and British ships jumping in, this should be interesting,” Hernandez said.
“Hopefully we'll get new orders, I'm tired of just standing here waiting,” Suarev complained.
“Hah, you rookies from the academy are all the same. You expect grand battles to happen right under your nose. Instead, you wind up in a hole hoping to live to see the next day,” Hernandez laughed.
“Well it's not always that bad, but you should probably be thankful that the Brits haven't arrived yet to take back this crummy room,” Flieg chipped in.
Suarev didn't want to admit it, but part of the reason for his mood was that he kind of needed to go to the toilet. Unfortunately the nearest one was too
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Spanish Slices chapter 2
Doubt crept over Captain Fernando Haz's features as the long-awaited words crackled over the communications system: “New London anti-air defenses disabled.” He tried not to let his worry show, however he had been in command for a long time without being tested with something like the upcoming mission.
“It's about time,” he heard himself say.
Fernando glanced at the radar screen and saw the other Spanish spacecraft jump away from the nearby space station. He almost wished that he could follow them.
“Commander Fred Grau, our orders however are a bit different to the originals; please jump to these co-ordinates instead,” he said as he handed a seemingly innocent piece of paper to his engineering officer Fred.
“Sir, these coordinates take us behind the moon, why would we go-” Fred began before Fernando raised a hand to silence him.
“We have a slightly different mission men. Fred please jump the ship when ready,” Fernando tried to
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Spanish Slices chapter 1
Fear gripped the heart of Corporal Suarev Lua as his squad prepared to disembark from the transport. His second in command and trusted friend was Jonas Diz, who he'd known from before the academy. He had hoped that his squad would see action but to his surprise they were only to be used to defend the transport and provide support for the disembarking troops.
“What do you think, think we'll actually see anything interesting?” Suarev asked Jonas.
“Don't know, this is the first time anything like this has been attempted,” he replied.
Their transport lurched slightly as it re-entered the Martian atmosphere. On the console Suarev could see the domed city of the British colony, New London. He could hardly believe that they would be invading it with such a pitiful amount of troops.
“Given how thinly stretched we are out here I'm sure you boys will see plenty of action,” Lieutenant Hernandez Gonzales remarked grimly. Suarev thought about the grizzled veteran
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I've done a smattering of creative stuff throughout the years like making web sites, game development, stories, videos, 3D and 2D design.

Right now I want to mostly work on my 2D drawing skills/design and story writing and as a result you'll get plenty of varied bits of artwork here. Be sure to check out the categories of stuff available!


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