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This group is for all Gamers of the deviantART Community who love Video Games, who take interest and pride in creating Fan-Art for those games in a variety of artistic mediums and like to share their talent with the world. I personally accept/deny every piece that passes through this group.

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DWOAH: Ayano Aishi vs Alice LiddellDeadliest warriors of all historyAyano Aishi vs Alice LiddellInsanity is a bitchAyano Aishi info:Height: 5 foot 4Weight: 95lbsWeapons: Knife, Axe, Pipe, Circular SawStrengths: Despite being an unfinished mess Ayano has become the image of Yandere’s in gaming, Peak human strength (Despite her petite stature Ayano possesses impressive strength, Can kill any other student and faculty member with single hits, Can push large dumpsters several times her size, Can snap peoples necks with ease), Peak human durability (Can withstand hits from a Martial Arts Master), Athletic speed (Is the fastest student in her school), Gifted intellect (Can create complicated plans to remove supposed ‘threats’ to her happiness without anyone realising), Is highly skilled with stealth and deception (Killed at least ten students over ten days without being caught, Can frame other students for her crimes), Can see peoples auras even through walls with Yandere Vision, When pushed to the brink Ayano will enter SNAP mode granting her far greater strength.Weaknesses: Despite her abilities Ayano is completely human and can be killed by normal means, If her Senpai is killed or rejects her Ayano will lose all will and reason to live, SNAP mode can only be entered if her Senpai is killed or rejects her and will end in her own suicide.Alice Liddell info:Height: 5 foot 5Weight: 99lbsWeapons: Vorpal Blade, Pepper Grinder, Hobby Horse, Umbrella, Teapot Cannon, ClawsStrengths: Is the main character of American McGee’s Alice and one of the most powerful characters of that universe, Above peak human strength (Can harm the many Monsters and denizens of Wonderlands, Can shatter stone walls with her heavier Weapons, Can harm the likes of the Red Queen, Skeletal Dragon and the monster version of Angus Bumby), Above peak human durability (Can survive the fall to Wonderland with ease, Can tank hits from the likes of the Red Queen and Angus Bumby), Athletic human speed, Can transform into Butterflies to dodge attacks, Can become Invisible for a short amount of time via the Looking Glass, Can shrink and grow at will thanks to the Drink Me Potion, Can grow to a giant size thanks to the Eat Me Cake, Can float/glide for a short amount of time thanks to her dress, Can enter a Demon Rage state to increase her power, When on the brink of death Alice enters Hysteria which grants her increased power and temporary invincibility, Can enter other people's minds/Wonderlands, Can manifest her Wonderland abilities in the real world.Weaknesses: Suffers from extreme survivors guilt from being the sole survivor of her family’s murder leading her to be completely uncaring towards her own life and survival, Her insanity can greatly warp Wonderland and turn it against her.Battle begin!Humming softly to herself as she walked through the empty train station Alice headed to the platform seemingly unaware that she was being followed, a teenage girl in a schoolgirl uniform keeping a close distance behind her with a Knife hidden behind her back.As Alice stopped at the train platform Ayano prepared herself to strike, the schoolgirl seething with hatred for the new girl that had appeared in their neighbourhood and had dared to bump into her Senpai making him drop his textbooks, what was worse that she then had the nerve to help him pick them up in an obvious attempt to court him all whilst the Yandere spied on them from a nearby street corner.This of course was all in Ayano’s head but it didn’t stop her from making it her mission for the day to take out this newest threat to her happiness, readying her Knife as she crept up behind Alice before lunging forward, aiming her Weapon straight for the back of the other girls neck with a manic smile as the Knife made contact.But instead of the cathartic spray of blood she was expecting like with her previous murders an eruption of Butterflies caught her of guard, making her stumble back waving her arms wildly in front of her face.“How rude” Alice’s voice then sounded behind Ayano to which the Yandere wildly swung her Knife around only for it to meet Alice’s Vorpal Blade, her crazed hateful eyes meeting the other girls uncaring almost tired eyes, the sheer nonchalant-ness of them making the Yanderes blood boil even hotter as she pulled her Knife back before starting to wildly stab and slash at Alice.Like before however Alice simply burst into Butterflies to avoid the mindless Knife swings before drawing her Umbrella, waiting for Ayano to lunge at her with a scream before opening the Umbrella to deflect the stab, the Yandere outright bouncing off of the Umbrella leaving her open as Alice swapped back to her Vorpal Blade and slash across her midsection, cutting through her school blouse and drawing blood as she cut across her stomach.Staggering back and clutching her now bleeding stomach Ayano then noticed a broken Pipe on the wall and promptly grabbed it, wrenching it from its moorings before rushing at Alice to swing it at her head, Alice not moving until the last moment before suddenly shrinking down to only a few inches tall with the sound of a hiccup.“What the hell?” Ayano gasped before growling in annoyance, bringing her foot down upon Alice only for her to disappear into a flock of Butterflies again, dodging to the side over and over as Ayano tried to crush her under her foot, the Yandere quickly swapping back to her Pipe bringing it down with a crazed scream of rage as Alice continued to seemingly mock her by dodging with ease every time.Dodging another Pipe swing Alice regrew to her regular height as the sound of an approaching train echoed through the station, Alice then pulling out her Umbrella and opening it behind her as the train sped by, the sudden gust of air it brought with it whipping her off of her feet to drag her several dozen yards down the platform to make considerable distance between the two mad women.With that Alice put away her Umbrella and drew her Pepper Grinder, pulling the novelly large Peppermill out of seemingly nowhere before starting to crank it making it fire out large pieces of pepper at the rate and speed of a Machine Gun.As the pepper tore down the station with enough force to tear pieces off of the stations support pillars Ayano ran behind one of them for cover, smashing a fire extinguisher as she ran to blanket the area and cut Alice’s field of vision.Steadily walking forward ready to fire at a moment's notice Alice listened for the sound of Ayano’s echoing footsteps through the cloud created by the broken extinguisher, turning sharply and blasting to her right when she heard the sound of shattering glass but her shots hit nothing.Her eyes continuing to scan the area Alice didn’t notice Ayano’s shadow creeping around her until it was too late, the Yandere striking her from behind with an Axe that she had gotten from its holdings near the fire extinguisher, hitting the other girl hard enough that it forced her to her knees making her drop her Pepper Grinder “DIE BITCH!!!” the Yandere then screamed as she brought the Axe down on the back of Alice’s head only for her to burst into Butterflies again to avoid it making Ayano shriek in frustration.“You seem really frustrated” Alice spoke from behind her again “you know what really calms me? A spot of Tea!” she then declared as she rematerialised from her flock of Butterflies to now be holding her Teapot Cannon which she promptly fired, blasting a large orb of the scalding hot beverage at Ayano which she narrowly dodged, leaping out of the way causing the Tea to splash against the ground, some of the splashback hitting her on the leg making her hiss in pain as it scalded her skin.Clutching at her leg Ayano then gasped as Alice then marched towards her and planted her hand on her forehead “let’s have a little trip” Alice then spoke cryptically as the world then began to melt away around the Yandere and the ground beneath them disappeared sending them both plummeting down a strange multicoloured vertical ‘tunnel’.Landing hard whilst Alice floated down using her dress Ayano picked herself up to find that they were now in a severely warped version of her school, with the other students portrayed as bloody corpses strewn up in multiple ways “where…where am I?” she questioned as Alice floated down near her.“Wonderland” Alice explained as she swapped her Teapot Cannon for her Hobby Horse ‘Warhammer’ “well more specifically YOUR Wonderland, your personal little world in that pretty little head of yours and my, how gruesome it is”.Hissing in annoyance at Alice’s tone Ayano outright through her Axe at the other girl, Alice sidestepping the attack this time before running towards the Yandere, Ayano standing her ground in turn as she pulled out a small Circular Saw she somehow managed to hide on her person, grinding the teeth of it loudly before raising it to block a swing of Alice’s Hobby Horse, making sparks fly between them as Alice then hopped back and swung her Hobby Horse upwards to strike the Yandere in the midsection, striking her hard enough to send her off of her feet and flying back.Flying through the air Ayona cried out as she suddenly slammed into a large statue, the Yandere hitting the ground in a heap before looking up to find that the statue was that of her Senpai, the centre of her entire world and ergo, her Wonderland.And upon the statue's head stood Alice.“DON’T YOU TOUCH HIM WHORE!!!” the Yandere screamed up at Alice who just coldly looked down upon the statue.“All this for him? Funny, so much violence over a boy who doesn’t even know your name” Alice commented drawing another scream of hate from Ayano “this is unhealthy and from what I’ve experienced the best way to instil treatment is tough love”.With that she readied her Weapon, raising it high before bringing it down upon the statues head with enough force she outright shattered it, Ayano only able to watch in wide eyed horror as the statue of her beloved them crumbled to dust, the image of her Senpai falling to pieces as Alice silently floated down to the Yandere’s level.Watching in shock as her Saw fell from her hands something then snapped deep inside her mind, the sound of shattering glass echoing out as her eyes got even wider, her shoulders starting to shake as she then exploded in a mad cackling laugh, her face twisting into a painful looking manic grin as Alice casually walked towards her.“Sometimes the best way to fix something is to break it down entirely first” she spoke to explain her actions, reading her Hobby Horse again only to flinch as she suddenly felt a stabbing pain in her stomach.Looking down Alice gasped as she found Ayano’s Knife buried up to the hilt in her stomach, the Yandere having thrown it whilst she was speaking making her stagger and drop her Hobby Horse.Now fully SNAPPED! Ayano ran forward to grab hold of her Knife, ripping it out of Alice’s stomach tearing a deep gash in it before spinning around aiming to slash out her throat only for Alice to sudden grab hold of her arm, her skin now a devilish red and her fingernails giving way to Claws as she entered her Rage form.With curved Ram-like Horns jutting out from under her hair and her eyes now a burning gold Alice lashed out with her Claws to force Ayano back, slashing along her arms and abdomen to which Ayano seemed barely phased, simply continuing to laugh as she lost all care for her own life, in her eyes her reason to live was gone, destroyed with the statue of her Senpai.Both lost in maddening rage the girls slashed and clawed at each other until Ayano’s Knife sliced across Alice’s throat, making blood gush out as her eyes went wide with shock, staggering back as she clutched at her neck leaving herself open for the Yandere to rush in and start feverishly stabbing her in the stomach, cackling with every splash of blood that burst out every time she pulled her Knife out to thrust it back in.Ripping the Knife out Ayano then flipped it in her grasp before bringing it down, aiming to ram it through Alice’s skull right between her eyes only to be stopped by a blinding flash of white light emanating from Alice as she let out a scream of pure madness, forcing Ayano to shield her eyes for a moment as Alice’s visage changed.No longer looking Demonic Alice now looked a twisted form of Angelic, her dress and skin now a blinding white save for her blood soaked forearms, her eyes a matching shade of scarlet as blood ran down her cheeks like tears as she gave into her Hysteria form.The transformation didn’t stop Ayano for long though as the Yandere went on the attack again seconds later, hacking, slashing and stabbing at Alice all whilst continuing to cackle maniacally seemingly not noticing that her attacks now had no effect on her opponent.As the Yandere stabbed at her chest again Alice then reposted her, redrawing her Vorpal Blade in the process before harshly slashing at the Yandere’s arm, cutting so deep that it forced her to drop her own Knife, blood pouring down as the Vorpal Blade tore through skin and muscle until it revealed the bone of her forearm.As Ayano desperately tried to grab for her Knife with her left hand Alice shot forward to drove her Vorpal Blade through her stomach, stabbing her so deep that the Blade tore out through her back making the Yandere spit blood before Alice repeatedly the action again and again, mirroring what Ayano had done to her, with each stab the Wonderland around them began to break down, crumbling to nothingness around them until finally the two were back at the train station where their fight had started.As the Wonderland completely disappeared Alice reverted back into her normal form, harshly ripping her Vorpal Blade out of Ayano’s body before pushing the Yandere away making her stagger backwards towards the train tracks as blood poured from her many stab wounds, her eyes still wide and grin still twisted as she was completely lost to her insanity “as much as I would love to continue this little chat of ours” Alice spoke as she sheathed her Weapon and calmly walked towards her opponent as the sound of a horn was heard down the tunnel “you have a train to catch”.With that she harshly kicked Ayano back, sending her over the edge as the train sped by, striking her with such force that her body exploded in a shower of blood and viscera, her blood splashing over Alice as she simply watched the train zoom by silently, her expression unchanging and stoic unmoved by what was before her.Winner: Alice LiddellOk first of all I’d like to apologise to my friend Kirk for ‘kinda’ stealing his kill move from his Spider-Man vs Speed of Sound Sonic fight, it was one of my favourite kills from one of my favourite fights of his and it really fit into this match up.But anyway, why does Alice beat Ayano?Well simply she has the Yandere beat in practically every category even without her transformations into her Rage and Hysteria forms, both of which I really added more for flare rather than Alice needing them.Yes Ayano is better when it comes to stealth but in an outright fight she is simply lacking in everything that matters needed to take Alice down grinding Miss Liddell the victory here.
Anya Forger Spy X Family by deum1
[Closed] AUCTION YCH #2 by ElsiLacker
Tomb Raider
Lara was tutor to Nathan by Figaro-17
Star Ocean
Star Ocean 2-My Angel by Vera-White

Mature Content

Then, she did the last thing she could think of by ElegiacMarquise
[open] adoptable auction by karameruru
Mortal Kombat
FREE Design of steam profile ILoveMK by ValuevDesart
art by yfjyrcnkirsgte
[OPEN] Custom Adoptables by asayumori
Killzone 3 Wallpaper 3 by jaz350z







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ZappuZebura :iconzappuzebura:'s new group, Fakemon-Contesta :iconfakemon-contesta: is looking for some new members if anyone is interested.

It is all about fakemon contests. Once it gets around 50 members the first contest will begin.  It's a great opportunity to advance your skills, ideas, and performance with technology.

Fakemon-Contesta is also hosting a feature similar to this "advertising for members" thing that I've been doing. If you are having a fakemon contest of your own, you can advertise it with a blog on Fakemon Contesta. Allowing not only the group to gain members/participants, but maybe even a few new watchers.
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