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This group is for all Gamers of the deviantART Community who love Video Games, who take interest and pride in creating Fan-Art for those games in a variety of artistic mediums and like to share their talent with the world. I personally accept/deny every piece that passes through this group.

Please refer to the rules located to your right --->

If you want to affiliate, please go ahead and send me the request. I'd prefer that you don't ask to affiliate, just go ahead and send the request. I accept all Affiliations anyway so theres no reason to ask me first.
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4,616 Members
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Ratchet Clank
CLOSED|Adoptable #4 [AUCTION] Weeping Willow by Reilixin
Silent Hill: Rebirth - Chapter 6James turned the key over in his hands, studying it intently. It didn’t look like a utility key, so he doubted it would unlock the door in the stairwell. Uncomfortably, it reminded him of the key to his and Mary’s hotel room; the one they stayed in during their honeymoon. What was it doing in a hospital? He wiped his thumb across it to reveal the number ‘312’. With a flinch, he tucked it inside his pocket for later. One thing he remembered was that nearly everything he found had a purpose, if not now then later. He pressed the heel of his palm to his forehead and thought. Okay, there’s at least one more open door on this floor. Which happened to be right behind him.He turned to face the door. It was already ajar slightly. With the tip of his shoe, he nudged it open further. His heart fell through his stomach at the sight. Empty. Completely empty. It didn’t even look as if it had ever been used. There were no other doors open on this floor. Which meant the only other place he could go was back down to the first floor. To that monster. It was still a monster, right? Damn it. He leaned against the wall. Why couldn’t he just wake up? Wake up in his padded cell with his white jacket.Wait a minute. He removed the map and flicked it open. There was one more place he could go, although he wasn’t sure it was any better. But it would at least get him outside. On the roof. But maybe there was a place he could climb down. He stuffed the map away and walked swiftly down the hallway, keeping the far side, away from the open doors. He tried not to think about how any of the others could spring open and something grab him. He made a mental note to never watch anymore horror movies if he ever made it out.He entered the stairwell and took the stairs upward, two at a time. When he reached the top, he shoved the door aside and was met with a gush of cold, fresh air. It was pitch black, the town still blanketed by the night. He took a deep breath in and held it. Suddenly he was feeling overwhelmed again. He wanted to drop to the ground and scream. To cry, possibly. He couldn’t take much more of this. How long had it been? How many times hadn’t he done this? An impossible amount. He turned, and walked toward the fence surrounding the roof’s perimeter. The diary of his dead wife was no longer on the ground where he usually read it. There was a hole in it that he slipped through. The toes of his shoes hung over the edge, leaving him unbalanced. He didn’t want to do this anymore.He jumped. * * * * *James groaned, his eyes fluttering open. His vision swam at first but began to clear after a few blinks. This was it. He’d finally woken up, in his padded cell. He could feel it beneath him, just make out the walls. But, why was there a red spot on the wall? He groaned again as he forced himself to sit upright. His body hurt. He patted the breast pocket of his jacket. It was empty. His hands glided across the floor, coming across rocks and rubble before finally landing on his flashlight. Fuck. He hadn’t woken up after all. As usual, he was in the special treatment rooms.James gripped the light tightly and pushed himself to his feet. He held it so that he could examine the spot on the wall. It usually said something. It remained true, even this time. Except he didn’t particularly care for the word dripping blood.DAMNED.He pushed the door open and stumbled out into the narrow hallway, the beam of the flashlight bouncing wildly. Something glinted near the door out of the area. He kept a hand against the wall to steady himself as he made his feet move forward. A silver key sat atop a note:“Dan,Elevator’s broken again. You’ll have to take the stairs.”Thank you, whoever. Now he could get back to the stairs and get the hell out of dodge. But the hospital on the other side of the door didn’t look like the hospital he just left. The place hadn’t been clean by any means, but it was truly disgusting now. Everything seemed to be covered in a thick layer of rust and grime. A thin layer of water coated the floor. Great. Just great. Nightmare hospital. Surely there would be monsters to come, and he was defenseless…...Or was he?Sticking out of a slight hole in the wall was a sturdy looking pipe. He gripped it in both hands and pulled. Tugged. Swore. Yanked. It came free with a loud pop and he fell back against the wall. Shit. Someone, something, would have heard that. He wobbled toward the nearest stairwell. That door was jammed. He tried the door to the patient wing. That door was locked. Of course it was. He’d have to go around through the day room, then.He approached the door and pulled. It barely budged. He strained, putting his all into getting it open just enough to slip inside. It immediately slammed shut behind him. He looked around in confusion. This was no day room. It looked like an operating room. There was a bare operating bedright in its center, with large, busted lights looming directly above. What looked like a vitals machine sat nearby, along with a metal table. A blue paper sheet concealed what was placed on it. He reached for it absentmindedly.James spun around quickly. What was that? He swore he just heard something move. The beam of his flashlight darted from corner to corner but fell on nothing he hadn’t already been aware of. Maybe his imagination was finally getting the best of him. He returned his attention to the table, swiftly tugging the corner of the sheet covering it. All that was revealed was a, what appeared to be, a single tarot card. Carefully, as if it were somehow a trap, he lifted it to examine it. The image was of a stone tower, an explosion shattering its top and a naked man falling to his death. The card was, appropriately, labeled The Tower. He knew nothing about tarot cards, other than what they were. But, this was Silent Hill. Obviously, it was something important he would need at some point. He tucked it into one of his jacket pockets.Having no further business in the room, James walked quickly to the double doors on the other side. He pushed in the bar and shoved. Surprise, surprise, the door didn’t budge. He tried the other with the same result. Out of frustration, he rattled it, hoping it would shake some rust loose or something. Whatever was keeping the door closed would let go. But it was fruitless.Tap tap tap tapJames whirled around, the pipe raised instinctively in the air. His grip on it faltered briefly when he saw what was coming toward him. It may have been a person once. It’s grey skin was pulled tight over where its eyes and mouth should have been. It rolled sickeningly as it worked its jaw. It wasn’t feet it was walking on. Bony protrusions stuck out from its rib cage, arching and moving like spider legs. Because of this, its chest cavity was unprotected; he could see the lungs heaving under the skin. A heart racing. Its actual legs thrashed about ahead of it, blood dripping from between them, and its arms hung uselessly beneath it. The creature’s stomach was largely distended, and whatever was inside appeared to be attempting an escape.He tried to take a step back but only met the door. A bony leg shot toward him. It just grazed his shoulder as he rolled away, tearing his jacket and leaving a gash in his skin. The pain seared, but he pushed through, lifting the pipe and bringing it down on the creature’s belly. It shrieked and backed away a few paces, giving James just enough room to escape. Which he did. He tried to run behind it, so he could bash its head. But it recovered before he could do so. It spun, one of its human legs stretched in front of it. It crashed into James’ shin, making him fall flat on his face.Move, he told himself.Again, he rolled, barely dodging another stab. Shit. He scrambled to his feet, the pipe held like a baseball bat. It took a few steps closer. He swung. The pipe made contact with a spider leg and, with a loud crack, busted it in half. The creature screamed again, the sound piercing. It was not happy. James quickly glanced around. Obviously its weak spot was where its chest was exposed. But that would be nearly impossible for him to get to without being skewered. The lights. They looked heavy and appeared to barely be holding on. He needed something to throw and break them loose.James danced away from another blow, moving so the operating table was between him and it. The metal table would be too awkward to throw. A machine even more so. His gaze turned to his metal pipe. The creature climbed onto the bed, screeching. Well, he thought, here goes nothing. He whipped his weapon toward the lights. It collided with the little bit still supporting them, breaking through the rust and flimsy metal. The surgical lights dropped, landing squarely on the upper half of the spider, crushing its chest and head. One leg twitched and then it was still.A sigh of relief, that was actually more of a hysterical chuckle, escaped him. He hadn’t actually expected that to work. He retrieved the pipe and then faced the creature once more. Its belly still stretched as if something were still alive inside. --Attack --Leave it and move on
Resident Evil
Chris Redfield - Village Resident Evil by FrankAlcantara
Formidable by Emerald--Weapon
Life Is Strange Fan Art Maxine's Butterfly Variant by theofficialRobertMan
Saffron City: Sabrina and Kadabra - Victory Road by Zer0Mechan1sm
Tomb Raider
Angelina Jolie as Lara Croft - RHenderART by AndersonGSM
Star Ocean
Adopt open(#25) by fisnishan
15 Years of Mother 3 by Melanchollyanna
Forgotten Tower - Diablo II Fan Remake by NikolayAsparuhov
WoW: Undead Warlock by SerpentisIctus
Mortal Kombat
SCORPION // MKX by nahuel-amaya
Teresa from Full Metal Panic 2 by Heatray2009
[Adoptable]wolf oni girl by Milky3Times
Killzone 3 Wallpaper 3 by jaz350z







Please read the rules.

I don't have much time for the group, so the rules have been relaxed.

1:Keep nudity/mature themes to a minimum. If you think a submission is too mature for general audiences, submit it to favorites instead.

2: Cosplay is allowed but it must follow all group rules.
ZappuZebura :iconzappuzebura:'s new group, Fakemon-Contesta :iconfakemon-contesta: is looking for some new members if anyone is interested.

It is all about fakemon contests. Once it gets around 50 members the first contest will begin.  It's a great opportunity to advance your skills, ideas, and performance with technology.

Fakemon-Contesta is also hosting a feature similar to this "advertising for members" thing that I've been doing. If you are having a fakemon contest of your own, you can advertise it with a blog on Fakemon Contesta. Allowing not only the group to gain members/participants, but maybe even a few new watchers.
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