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Kaguya's Final Trick
Although Naruto and Sasuke was able to defeat Kaguya, the goddess decided to make one last move on Naruto. She strike him with a spell that had merged him with Hinata. However at the same time she also went and decided to make the new Hinata even better by using the parallel reality Hinata from a while back.
In addition, Kaguya went as to made the new Hinata have her personality, a badass attitude and to be flirty towards others whenever she felt like it.
Finally she went and made Hinata a futa so that she can have sex with the females whenever she pleases.
Although the world was free however they now have to deal with a new Hinata that also used to be Naruto since Kaguya did show the process to everyone which there would be no problem. Luckily Hinata does have Kurama with her and both wanted to be together in mind as well which made things better.
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Stephen Hawkings RIP by GameDemonKing Stephen Hawkings RIP :icongamedemonking:GameDemonKing 4 3
Dragon Ball Super Chapter 1
It's been four years since the events of Tarble's return as he incinerated Kid Buu and Babidi and the Earth was at peace.
A few months into the peace that Goku and gang with the dragon balls they revived all the humans killed by Majin Buu and then they also made it so that the humans thought of the events as a nightmare that they have woken up which at first there were some confusion for them but they then went back to their normal lives.
Once they were done with the regular dragon balls they then went to the Namekians on New Namek and used the dragon balls to resurrect Planet Vegeta after Vegeta apologize to the Nameks for all the trouble they cause. Then with the second wish they revived any sayians that were able to be revived since the majority of them have passed into the afterlife. The more important ones were Raditz, Nappa, Turles and Bardock's old team.
Needless to say that Tarble had found a way of making sure Turles, Nappa and Raditz would suffer for what they did to Goku and
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Mature content
Zelda's new sister Chapter 1 :icongamedemonking:GameDemonKing 17 1
Mature content
From enemies to girlfriends chapter 1 :icongamedemonking:GameDemonKing 9 0
Dragon Ball Z Supreme Kai's student Chapter 7
"What did you do?!" Babidi said.
"I made sure a person like you will never reach Majin Buu ever again. But don't worry you and Kid Buu will soon be destroyed. When you see King Yemma, he will make you suffer!" Tarble said with a dark grin on his face.
"King Yemma, I have a request, I want you to make Kid Buu a good person and have a new chance at life." Tarble thought.
"Now you will see my true power." Tarble said as he screamed to power up. As he screamed the whole Earth, no the universe itself was shaking like an earthquake.
In another part of the universe, a planet had felt a small tremor of the power that Tarble is unleashing.
"Well that was strange, luckily he wasn't awake so I will have to investigate it later." A man said as he went back to his business.
The power spike even reached to the multiverse and it had caught attention to some of the best fighters from each universe and thus caught more attention to one individual.
Back at the lookout, everyone have felt the earthquake
:icongamedemonking:GameDemonKing 4 3
Dragon Ball Z Supreme Kai's student Chapter 6
Supreme Kai was able to detect Gohan's faint energy.
"Thank god I wasn't too late. I will have to use that plan after all." Supreme Kai said as he grabbed Gohan and teleported back to his world.
Meanwhile, Piccolo and Krillin sees Tarble catching up with them.
"Hey guys." Tarble said.
"What happened Tarble?" Piccolo asked.
"It's not enough, Vegeta's sacrifice was in vain and right now, Majin Buu is growing back." Tarble said.
"No way, that should have taken out Majin Buu." Krillin said.
"Tarble is right, even I can feel it now and we have to come with another way of defeating Majin Buu." Piccolo said.
"Is there any hope at all to beat him." Krillin said.
"There is but it's a huge gamble. If it works, well it will give them powers that is similar to my own." Tarble said.
"Your powers?" Krillin asked.
"Let's get to the lookout." Tarble said as he speed up and the two followed as the reached to the lookout.
The three arrived at the lookout where they saw both Dende and Mr. Popo.
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Dragon Ball Z Supreme Kai's student Chapter 5
Back at the World Tournament, the audience were leaving the arena and was shocked after all the damage that Vegeta has done.
Once they all left aside from Bulma and the others, they were surprised to see the damage was repaired like it was brand new.
"That should do it." A young woman said as she had clear purple skin, was wearing a modified uniform that the Kais were wearing and had spiky hair that resemble the sayians.
"What's up with this girl?" Bulma asked.
"What should we do?" Videl asked.
"We need to find the dragonballs." Krillin said.
Earlier at Babidi's spaceship Gohan, Tarble and Supreme Kai re-entered the spaceship as they descend on the spaceship when they came across a large group of Babidis' soldiers.
"It's those guys." One of the soldiers said as the group started to get afraid that for them they can't win against their opponents.
"Should we hit these guys?" Gohan asked.
"No, I have a better idea. Hey guys, did you want to fight us or did you want to surrender?" Tarble a
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Dragon Ball Z Supreme Kai's student Chapter 4
"Is this some sort of joke boy?" Dabura asked.
"No." Tarble said as he punched Dabura in the gut.
"How did he get to me so fast." Dabura thought as he started to match all of Tarbles' attacks.
"Vegeta, looks like your brother is very strong." Gohan said.
"Tch. He's going to have to choke up sooner or later." Vegeta said.
"Impossible, Tarble is holding back. He's hasn't shown his full powers yet." Vegeta thought.
"I wonder who Babidi will send next if Tarble beats Dabura." Goku said.
After a few minutes, Tarble stopped fighting as he caught Dabura's punch and whacked him in the head.
"I had expected a lot from someone that is a Demon King. But you haven't yet went full power. Tell me, why even serve a wizard like Babidi when there will be a day that you will be disposed of in an instant." Tarble said as he gather energy to surround both he and Dabura in a dome while everyone else including Babidi is frozen
"Why does it matter to you?" Dabura said before he noticed that the arena was fro
:icongamedemonking:GameDemonKing 1 3
Dragon Ball Z Supreme kai's student chapter 3
The group saw both Yamu and Spopovitch waiting for their master to show when when Pui Pui, one of the loyal henchmen was guarding the door.
"Did you get the energy?" Pui Pui asked.
"No, Lord Babidi asked us to come back." Yamu said.
"Why haven't we attacked them yet?" Goku asked Supreme Kai.
"We don't know what will happen yet and we have to keep our powers low to not bring their attention." Supreme Kai said.
"But I can easily wipe those two out." Vegeta said.
"No brother, we don't want that yet, the moment we draw attention we can possibly give Babidi what he wants which is the energy for Majin Buu." Tarble said.
The group looked around the area and they saw the dead bodies that looked like they were shriveled mushrooms. This gotten Gohan angry.
"Gohan, calm down. I know that it hurts seeing those innocent lives died for selfish reasons by a madman but we can bring those back to life with the Dragon Balls. But if you release your anger, those lives would be in vain. If not for them, t
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Dragon Ball Z Supreme Kai's student Chapter 2
Both Kibito and Gohan entered the ring.
"You are an interesting person."
"Wait, you can talk?"
"Well of course I can talk but like to observe things more. Get ready." Kibito said as he started to attack Gohan. Gohan started to match blow by blow of his opponents' attacks.
"What the heck is this guy?" Krillin said.
"He looks interesting and yet from the three fighters, Shen, Hiro and Kibito, they look like they have been trained in similar regiments but can't tell whose the leader of the group. Either they answer to someone or one of the three is the leader." Vegeta said.
"You have no idea big brother." Tarble thought with a grin on his face.
"What you think of Gohan?" Supreme Kai thought telepathically to Tarble.
"Goku said that his son was angry over the damages that was done to Videl earlier. Very much that it's similar to my own anger but something tells me that there is something wrong with this tournament and we have to prepare for the worst if it comes. I know that Kibito was you
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Dragon Ball Z Supreme Kai's student Chapter 1
The night of Planet Vegeta's destruction
Another sayian pod aside from the others that already taken flight before Freiza destroyed Planet Vegeta was heading into the depths of space and as it went on its course, the ship was pulled by the gravity force of a nearby planet.
As the ship crashed to the ground, it was stopped by a green aura.
"How interesting, a ship that was about to explode on impact." Supreme Kai said as he used his powers to set the ship down.
It wasn't long until he ripped open the ship and be in shock as he saw a young sayian. Not to long after, Supreme Kai's bodyguard Kibito saw the young man.
"A sayian huh. Seems that we find the oddest of people here. The fact the person is still breathing is a good sign."
"Yes Kibito and also that the child has a soothing aura makes him a kind person, which is hard to find in sayians these days. Let's train this child and he will go far in surpassing anyone. When we see him deem ready then he will surprise all of them." Supreme K
:icongamedemonking:GameDemonKing 3 3
The Flash Velocity The Flash of Earth 2 part 2
"You're Tommy's doppelganger?" Oliver asked.
"Yes and I heard it from Cisco on what happened to Tommy. Sorry about that, I really am. It's very ironic that we had to meet now rather than never considering that what I went through."
"Explain." Felicity said.
"It was about a year ago, I had saved a group of people from a gas leak on a bus but by the time I gotten them out, it was too late as I was nearly killed by the gas leak. It was a few moments before my death when the particle accelerator explosion from my Earth happened and the shockwaves from that had struck my body, thus giving me the powers of the speedforce and also that I regenerated my body in perfect condition. My father, Mayor Slade Wilson of Starling City after I told him about my powers. He was amazed and he decided to send me to The Hood for training."
"Wait, if Oliver died, then who was The Hood in your Earth?" Thea asked.
"Robert Queen, Oliver's father. You see you died Oliver when you boarded the Queen's Gambit and th
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The Flash Velocity The Flash of Earth 2 part 1
Last time on The Flash and Arrow
"No, please stay with me Tommy. I'm so sorry." Tommy dies from impalement
"I have failed my own city and because of that, Tommy died."
"Welcome to Earth 2."
"Take a good look Flash. Because this will be the last thing you will ever see."
"What shall we call this new brave world you have whipped for us. I was thinking Flashpoint."
"Hello Flash, I'm the Flash of Earth 2, Lucifer Wilson."
"In every moment of your life, you are given a chance to meet people and if you trust in someone then after a while, they will place trust in you."
3 years ago on Earth 1
As the particle accelerator explosion occurred, a brute of a man that had short black hair was at the power plant as he was working on the electrical towers as then the shockwaves from the explosion thrusted him to the towers, shocking him to death.
"No!!!!!!!!!" The man said as he was being fried by the electricity but very soon his eyes were glowing as he then appears to take the pain. In the matter of
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The Flash Velocity Magneta part 3
"So this is the result of Flashpoint, isn't it Barry?" Wells said as he pointed at Frankie's picture.
"Okay, I don't have to be reminded of that already." Barry said.
"You must have really found a way of angering a lot of people Barry." Lucifer said.
"Okay could we use something to find some leads?" Iris asked.
"Yes, her stepfather had some abusive problems in the past." Catlin said.
"Thanks, I can investigate him at the hospital, hopefully find a solution."
Later on, Iris and the hospital was going to be attacked by Magenta.
Lucifer and Barry raced to the top of the hospital where Magenta had the boat on top of the hospital.
"Okay, any ideas Lucifer."
"You both have to do a figure 8 formation Barry and Lucifer." Harry said.
"Well, that we can do. Come on Barry." Lucifer said as Barry nodded and they started to do a figure 8 formation.
"Guys, it's not enough." Cisco said.
"Cisco's right. Jesse you need to go."
"Are you sure dad?"
"Yes, now Run, Jesse, Run." Barry said as Jesse raced to
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The Flash Velocity Magneta part 2
"So how did you get your powers?" Barry asked.
"Well I give you the fast one. I saved a group of people on a bus that was set to explode from a gas leak and was a burning walking corpse that had a few seconds left to live when thunderbolts laced with the particle accelerator explosion strike me down. It was after a few months that my body regenerated with the speedforce, turning me into the Flash or as I call myself Velocity. In addition, I gain a lot of other abilities such as super strength and increased intelligence."
"Very sick threads Velocity." Cisco said.
"Okay so now what the hell do you call this world Earth 4, 66, the Saw Earth?" Lucifer asked.
"It's still Earth 1 but it's called Flashpoint due to the new altered timeline. Why did you call it the Saw Earth?" Barry asked.
"Cause that the Saw movies is like a parallel Earth." Lucifer said.
"Okay enough with the jokes Lucifer. I need help with her." Wells said as he pointed to her.
"That wasn't on me dad and you know that." Jess
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Petra Parker by LadySolonna
Mature content
Petra Parker :iconladysolonna:LadySolonna 23 4
Succubus Family -Kibitko- Pg3 by Kibitko Succubus Family -Kibitko- Pg3 :iconkibitko:Kibitko 36 1 Naruko, My Style, better eyes! by rickchart Naruko, My Style, better eyes! :iconrickchart:rickchart 4 0 Pan - Bikini by pgsrule34 Pan - Bikini :iconpgsrule34:pgsrule34 24 4 Fan Art | Misty~Bitchy Gal Trainer~ by XrosMediaYT Fan Art | Misty~Bitchy Gal Trainer~ :iconxrosmediayt:XrosMediaYT 7 5 Sakura Haruno [+ NSFW available] by xHarunka Sakura Haruno [+ NSFW available] :iconxharunka:xHarunka 50 1 Justin's Wish: Page 8 by meowwithme Justin's Wish: Page 8 :iconmeowwithme:meowwithme 122 20 Naruko Sexy Jutsu by qpmjcv
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Naruko Sexy Jutsu :iconqpmjcv:qpmjcv 11 2
Falling Ahsoka 1 by voradorst
Mature content
Falling Ahsoka 1 :iconvoradorst:voradorst 15 4
A new kingdom by flechitas A new kingdom :iconflechitas:flechitas 105 12 NaruOppaiDesu by keijienogawa
Mature content
NaruOppaiDesu :iconkeijienogawa:keijienogawa 35 4
Domino by Dante-Grapes
Mature content
Domino :icondante-grapes:Dante-Grapes 352 9
Festival by Soul-Yagami64 Festival :iconsoul-yagami64:Soul-Yagami64 17 1 Chirai! by KUSPIRITOM
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Chirai! :iconkuspiritom:KUSPIRITOM 75 14
Zone-tan - TG Sequence by TheMightFenek Zone-tan - TG Sequence :iconthemightfenek:TheMightFenek 641 15 Silver haired queen(ROB)(C1P4)(Lisanna twinning by Kaiou12 Silver haired queen(ROB)(C1P4)(Lisanna twinning :iconkaiou12:Kaiou12 16 0


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