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A Sly Encounter Part 9

Poor Sally, right after learning about her new body she had to get her understanding of clothing challenged as well. Luckily, she wasn't going to have any of it and stood firm on her beliefs.

Honestly, I wasn't exactly sure how to treat the dress code of Sly's world, but between Mz. Ruby and the fact you never really see pedestrians in the games, I decided to just go with the idea that ladies "can" dress like that and it's just not as common as seeing a guy like that (kind of like how in the past it was strange to see a lady in pants as opposed to a dress or skirt, etc.).

Here's the next collaboration comic between :iconwaimbert: and myself, where he draws the outlines and I do the rest.

Feel free to comment ^^

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Poor Sly, he'll have that image stuck in his head now ...