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Jewels of the Oracle Fan-art

Probably the world's only Jewels of the Oracle Fan-art

Sorry, no background... couldnt think of a good one >_>"

Character and stuff (c) ELOI Productions (I think)
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There are sites online that talk about this game and feature walkthrus and solutions, but here's a game page from the person who made the original Jewels game…
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Also, as of now, this is no longer the only Jewels of the Oracle fanart!  I've made one myself:
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Jewels of the Oracle!  This game was really cool, from what I can recall---played it back on the first PC I ever had.  Sadly, none of my subsequent computers with newer operating systems have been able to run it.  I continue to look for a way to get it to work...

I'm so glad to see a fanart of it!  I didn't think I'd ever find one, so this is a very nice suprise.
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"Probably the world's only Jewels of the Oracle Fan-art."
Very easily true with most adventure games unfortunately, especially with one as little known as this.

I was curious as to what sort of fanart would be possible to create from this game, but what you did worked well.