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Journal Entry: Mon Jun 13, 2011, 12:22 PM
Q: Hello! I want to become a member of your group!
A: Good day. Click "Join our Group", please.

Q: Can I submit my WIP or sketch to your group?
A: No, you can't. Sorry.

Q: I have contributed my work to your group. Why can't I find it in the group's gallery?
A: Be patient. Your application is waiting for confirmation.

Q: Some time ago you accepted my work into your group. Why have you removed it now?
A: Maybe your art was accepted by mistake of one of the administrators. Maybe you should read our policies.

Q: Why didn't you notify me that my art did not conform to the rules?
A: This means you have not read our rules. Make sure that you have read them. Thank you.

Q: You allowed WIPs and sketches into the group before. Why are they not allowed now?
A: Because "before" was "before" =)

Q: Who's allowed to enter your competitions?
A: Group members. Anyone can become a member. This means everyone can participate.

Q: Ever since I have become a member of your group, my messages have been filling up with spam. What can I do?
A: That's pretty easy. Go to your "Manage Friends" page. Find our group on this list. You can remove the green dot / tick in paragraph Deviations. Done!

Q: I contributed my art. Why was it declined?
A: Perhaps your request is against the rules.

Q: The group leader speaks strange, and I can't really understand him.
A: He is Russian. Try to forgive him for it.

Q: How often do you clean/edit your gallery?
A: Not so often. We did general cleaning of the gallery only once, do not panic.

Q: Can I submit my works to the Featured folder?
A: NO! You can't do that. Administration reserves the right to put your art into this folder.

Q: Can I submit art from someone I watch but who isn't a member of the group?
A: Yes: Admins have to approve it and that artist has to approve it to be submitted.

Ask questions. It is not excluded that they will get into this list.

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Welcome! Read our rules.

We accept:

1) GAME fanart only.
2) 3D models, digital and traditional art.
3) COMPLETE art only (not WIP and Scetches)
4) Qualitative, colored fanart only.
5) HQ Cosplay

Read our FAQ:…








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