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Every owner of an artwork related to the story "Game Master dit GM®" who wants to commercialize it, must register it to GMTANK.net and accept the terms of use of the service.
GMTANK.net is the service that assigns commercial licenses to quality artworks related to the story "Game Master dit GM®". The service is used to reference and archive licensed artworks, but also to link the "Creative Commons BY-NC-SA" versions of the artwork and the commercial versions.

Provided that the artwork has never been published in a form that could compromise its commercial exploitation, gmgmdesign (original author of Game Master dit GM®) and ZeFish Virtual Machine (publisher of Game Master dit GM® website) grant its owner a non-exclusive and non-transferable commercial license for the artwork registered on GMTANK.net.
ZeFish Virtual Machine is aware that the use of certain file formats can unintentionally facilitate the extraction of the original artwork, but the owner of the artwork is strongly encouraged to think before publishing anything under the Creative Commons license "BY-NC-SA" (non-revocable license).


This License allows you to obtain rights beyond the Creative Commons "BY-NC-SA" license which normally applies to all derivative works based on "Game Master dit GM®".
The artist (or different authors) states that he provided accurate and up to date informations to the GMTANK. If several co-authors participated in the creation of an artwork, they indicate they agreed the future distribution of royalties, the publication date and places where the work will be commercialized : A distribution of royalties that couldn't be subsequently amended without the consent of all co-authors.

ZeFish Virtual Machine allows the owner(s) of an artwork which have a license to commercialize it anywhere in the world, in any medium known or unknown to date.

The owner(s) may modify the original artwork at any time, but the changes may cause the revocation of the license. When in doubt, the owner of the artwork can always contact ZeFish Virtual Machine to find out whether any major changes may lead to the revocation of the license.


The owner(s) of an artwork which have a license states on his honor that the artwork is original, and if any material protected by copyright are included, it is with the explicit permission of copyright holders.
The owner(s) of the artwork claim to be able to list all material protected by copyright that are included in it. That list may appear on GMTANK.net upon request of copyright holders, or artwork's owner.


The owner(s) of an artwork which have a license authorize ZeFish Virtual Machine to reproduce, store, archive, reference and collect metadata from the original artwork in any medium known or unknown to date.
The GMTANK.net service is provided "as available" and ZeFish Virtual Machine reserves the right to modify, suspend or discontinue the service at any time in its sole discretion.


The owner(s) of an artwork which have a license remain holders of copyrights and moral rights which protect the artwork, but allow other artists, authors or translators to adapt or modify it within the Game Master dit GM® project.
That authorization will be automatically canceled in case of obvious plagiarism or if the derivative artworks harm the honor or reputation of the original author.


ZeFish Virtual Machine may under no way be held responsible for direct damages, indirect damages, punitive or exemplary for the damage resulting from the current license or use of the artwork.


By submitting an artwork to the GMTANK, you understand that its license may be canceled at any time, for reasons independent from the control of ZeFish Virtual Machine or members of the Game Master dit GM® project.

In the absence of agreement between a brand and the Game Master dit GM® project, the trademark owner may at any time request not to appear in an artwork. ZeFish Virtual Machine will make the artwork inaccessible to the public within seven days, but won't automatically cancel its license. The work will be accessible and marketable once again if the owner decides to modify it.

Any violation of the conditions stipulated in the license will automatically results in its termination.
ZeFish Virtual Machine will cancel all licenses granted to any individual or group involved in any activity that may harm the reputation of Game Master dit GM® project or its members. ZeFish Virtual Machine reserves the right under certain extreme circumstances to create a black list of individuals to whom the commercial license will be automatically refused for a period of 5 years.

This work is licensed under Creative Commons License
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