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If it is true that absolute power corrupts absolutely, then it is inevitable that deadly weapons arrive sooner or later in the wrong hands. Mankind always created the tools of its own destruction, but today this long history comes to an end : The last battle between the forces of destruction and those who seek equilibrium.

Welcome to the world of Game Master dit GM"

"Game Master dit GM" is a near-future science-fiction story of epic proportions.

At the beginning of the new millennium, in a world very similar to ours, a very powerful group of people decided to create their own private army in order to maintain their privileges at any costs. That secret organization called the "Base", should have become the fundamental piece of a plan that would have enabled them to consolidate their power for a long time. Unfortunately malicious and determined enemies took away its technologies, as well as its immense influence, and turned them against it... Opening the way for a merciless shadow war.

The story of "Game Master dit GM" explores this theses times of change and instability through the eyes of members of the "MX SQUAD". This small team must identify and neutralize all those who use the technologies of the Base without authorization... A huge task for such a small team. A task that will force them to see far beyond what things seem to be, and make choices that will lead them into unforeseen territories : Beyond their craziest dreams and their worst nightmares.

Glatz Mile

(Concept Art by
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The main quality of Glatz is his determination. A determination inspired by modern heroes like Bruce Lee, Mohamed Ali, Michael Jackson : Men who wanted push their limits, sometimes exposing themselves to great dangers. His perseverance could lead quite far, as it is the case with other children of the Base, but he doesn't seem to be interested in a prestigious career (he recently decided to slow down to better organize his life).
The opportunity to create the MX SQUAD came up after an operation that the Base considers a reversal (but not as a total failure)... A team that is actually a hideout for agents in disgrace, who thereby avoid the dishonor of demotion.
The MX SQUAD includes agents with very different profiles, as Glatz isn't very adamant regarding those that are considered "nonconformist" by t
أنيسة لاتينية

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Anissa is a living proof that the Base is an uncommon mercenary society, where some agents may inherit the prestige of their parents. Unlike Glatz and Aritz who live in the Base since their birth (and have no escape), Anissa had the opportunity to join it because her parents work for the Base for quite some time (mostly in Arab countries). If the scions can integrate the Base more easily, work and talent are the best ways to advance within the organization.
Bullet; Yellow Skin color : #E0A979 and #F6CCA5 (but a more realistic version would look like and
Bullet; Yellow Hair : Glossy brown #4F3322 with
Elona Hamaova
Элона Амаова (now Élona Hamaova)

 "Élona in action" by :iconkennoarkkan: // Concept Art by
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The Base recruited Russian-speaking agents for decades, given the importance of the military in Russia (and even if the base recruited 0.1% of its soldiers every year [a few dozens of agents], nobody would notice). Élona can be considered as one of the best of the last decade : A subtle combination of courage and discipline but above all a great flexibility.
However she doesn't seem to benefit from a considerable renowned, probably because of her lack of interest in the social life of the community. While the full integration of foreign soldiers isn't always easy, the base still offers opportunities that are difficult to refus
Raya Broveli

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Raya served in Europe before being recruited by the Base, and like many agents her destiny wasn't to see the arcane of the Base. The inhabitants of the Base are usually experts in their field, but some rules have recently been adjusted to give more flexibility : It's still very difficult to be admitted, but now almost everyone can have access to the core of the Base and benefit from all the advantages offered by the organization. Nevertheless, there still exists a hierarchy between the "elite" and the ordinary agents.
At the beginning of this story, Raya almost knows nothing about the secrets of the Base, because she's still considered has a newcomer. She takes part in missions during which she only meet quite a few remote teammates (often during video conferencing). It's almost by accident that she asked to teem with the MX SQUAD, which promises t
Aritz Fornao

Lire la version française >>>
Aritz is often regarded as a loner by those who do not know him very well : A loner who takes things too seriously. And his habit to check several times the details of an operation doesn't help much. But what people ignore is that he really actually enjoy doing a "perfect job" (because for him it's some kind of permanent test).
Over time, he adopted this mindset because he knows that in the end he will always have to face his responsibilities alone. Although his bitterness against the Base shows that he doesn't fully accept his situation. With his status of "troublesome creation of the Base", he knows that he has little chance to freely enjoy the benefits of Base.
In front of all these constraints, we can understand that he questions his ability to find happiness, even for a short time. This very pessimistic opinion is often hard to understand for
Ryo Beo
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Ryo Beo could be is real name... In general, the agents of the Base choose their alias when they begin to accept missions that could change their life forever.
He considers himself an "apprentice", whose role is mainly to ensure that nothing disturbs the hard work of the team. And it is a critical role, because it's often at the last minute you can detect your enemies' traps. On that point, nobody in the team consider him as a supporting characters, as it would be the case in a bigger team (or a more rigid organization) : We can even say that he's one of the MX SQUAD's founding members.
For now, his goal is to learn from people who have a way to work a little bit more flexible and intuitive. According to him, this is the only way to really know who he is, and better choose where he is heading.
The operations conducted by the MX SQUAD are often difficult, and nobody in the team can
James Nauman (Concept Art by
Lire la version française >>>
Before becoming an agent of the base, James Nauman was a normal soldier in a normal army. It did not take him long to understand that a normal army wasn't adapted to such a chaotic world. Unfortunately, he arrived at the Base before it implement some kind of moral principles : So he became a mere mercenary and slowly abandoned his dreams of justice.
Agents like Nauman are always useful when it's necessary "to solve a case quickly", when things are unreasonably blocked or a target isn't quite cooperative. Such a job necessarily makes them the black sheep in the eyes of those who use more "sophisticated" methods : Because since the Base does everything to no longer behaved like a criminal organization, that kind of work only involve about a hundred of agents (officially)..
He's the veteran of the team,
Gami Audiza

(Concept Art by
Lire la version française >>>
Magicians live in a world which is difficult to distinguish the outlines. A world that most people don't even bother understand, while it's the only way to access it. And once cut from that part of ourselves, our ignorance becomes their strength.
Magic met science by the end of the 20th century, because some people were brave enough to cross the ocean of incomprehension that separates the two disciplines. As it was the case of some secret societies for whom it was always important to move forward. After all, if magicians had as much resources as major pharmaceutical companies, they would certainly be at the cutting edge of innovation.
Bullet; Yellow Skin color : That tone is really hard to describe, but a more realistic version would look like or http://humanae.tumb

The main characters in this story will have to go through many challenges : Track elusive opponents, get used to a world where magic becomes a science, finding reliable allies. But that's certainly what makes them so untypical, because despite its modernity, the Base still applies the rule of 80/20 : It spends 80% of its time and resources doing things it knows best, and less than 20% for new ideas and experiments.
Their story will show that despite the rigidness of the system, it's always possible to think outside of the box... Even if it is very difficult, it's possible to stand out if you have enough determination.
Empower the people and projects that have the same ideas is always a bigger treat on the long term : Because the system inevitably goes mad when everyone starts to think in the same way.

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