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TAONK Visual Novel version 5.8 by EriksBlue
Resources and Tutorials
Placing Figures in Perspective by kiolia
Concept Art
Alexandria by EriksBlue
Asher Concept Art update by EriksBlue
Mamoru concept 1.0 by ougaming
Yes, he IS just that sexy. by ougaming
Character Art
Colored version of Mischief. by ougaming
Blast From The Past by ougaming
Mamoru and Susa, full color. by ougaming
Prelim sketch, Norah and Mamoru. by ougaming
Cast Sprite 1 by Waterlilyvn
Monster! by ougaming
Pixel Art Detail Practice. by ougaming
Pixel Art 2. by ougaming
Backgrounds and Maps
Republic of Rafhelt by EriksBlue
Glen's Cottage by EriksBlue
PDA Journal Sample by ougaming
PDA Inventory Sample by ougaming
BCM: Screenshots by Auro-Cyanide
Color and Texture Tester by ougaming
Newest Screenshots V by ougaming
Newest Screenshots IV by ougaming
Mock-Ups and Promo Material
Mitsumata Logo. by ougaming
Con Of A Blade Title card by EriksBlue
BCM: Demo game release by Auro-Cyanide
Prelim Minigame UI sample. by ougaming
Mamoru: Attack. by ougaming
Roman: Magic Attack. by ougaming
Roman, Attack. by ougaming
Roman: Idling. by ougaming
Kin-Ou Games is in production of a new visual novel called ミツマタ [Mitsumata (c)].

ミツマタ is a full length horror/drama game taking place in Japan 1992. It has entirely original art and music, and a compelling, frightening story that follows the lives of a small group of characters all thrust together thanks to terrifying circumstances.

* * * * *

We're often gonna pose questions to people who love VNs, and see some of the things they like most about other VNs all in one amazing spot.

So our first set of questions is:

Minigaming in visual novels. Yes? No? What minigames are your favorite? How would you like to see minigames implemented (to be necessary to the story, unnecessary, or to affect the story in small ways)? How many minigames do you think should be in a full length game?

Art style. Some people say that the art for visual novels is sometimes too childish and that turns a lot of people away. Do you prefer the child-like art? Or would you prefer to see an older style? Do you think theme matters when choosing a style? Would you be interested in seeing an art/color style that goes in a more ominous direction than your normal cell shaded VNs? (Think something like Hotel Dusk or Animamundi.)

What one thing do you dislike MOST in visual novels?

Extra artbooks and soundtracks? Worth their salt or worthless fluff?

What is your favorite VN character archetype?

Also, please feel free to IM us, or email us with questions and comments!
More Journal Entries


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Writing Tips - Organisation
Writing Without Confusing Yourself (Or Your Readers)
Writing is a very personal, individual undertaking. Everybody approaches the activity a bit differently from the next guy. Some people can come up with concept, plot, characters, and everything else and just sit down and write. Others need to take time to figure out what's going on; what's going to happen in the story, and how it all fits together. Others still will find themselves getting stuck somewhere along the middle, losing track of everything or changing an idea mid-way through, or never know how to end. These are the people for whom this has been put together. Those of you who can barrel through a story overnight are still welcome to look, though.
There are different ways in which a writer can and will get stuck on any given piece. Motivation, immediate environment, too few (or too many) ideas available, lack of organisation; the list goes on, but life is short and I am lazy. The sticking point that we're going
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Visual novel coloring tutorial by Puffsan Visual novel coloring tutorial :iconpuffsan:Puffsan 253 16
Writing a Novel
Writing a novel is different for everyone. However, here are some things to think about during the journey of writing your novel.
STEP ONE - Prewriting
What message do you want to send the world?
It may sound like an obvious question, but the message of any literature can be very abstract or become lost in the literature. Keep the "message" or theme specific. Every event that occurs, every character added to the story, ask yourself whether or not it helps delivering the message you want to your readers.
Characters are vital to the book. You cannot have too many, nor too few. Choose characters that people can easily relate to. All people are different, so make sure there are a few good guys for people to have favorites of. Create your characters to be different from one another, but with a common theme.
In my opinion, the most important piece of a character is its name. Novels almost always have a hero and a villain. The hero has admirable qualities, the villain
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Flash game movement tutorial by samuraichi Flash game movement tutorial :iconsamuraichi:samuraichi 186 113


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Game Makers Guild

:bulletred: ABOUT THE GROUP :bulletred:

This group is dedicated to the encouragement and development of any kind of game that features or includes Yaoi and/or Yuri themes. Anybody wanting to create any type of game, from an RPG to a board game, is welcome to join us as long as it has either yaoi or yuri included.

Got a Ygallery account?

Come join our Ygallery chapter
On Y-Gallery this is a Yaoi only club, but since we are here on DA I'd like to extend an invite to our Yuri sisters and brothers to join us as well.

:bulletred: RULES :bulletred:

+ No arguing or flaming. It'll get you kicked out of the group.

+ All types of games are fine. Wither you wanna do an RPG, a dating Sim, a visual novel (pick your story), board game, trading card game, ext... Your only limited by your imagination.

+ Yaoi and/or Yuri doesn't need to be the focus of the game, but it should be in there SOMEWHERE. Example: if you wanna do an adventure RPG that focuses on saving the world, where the main male character just happens to be in love with another man, that works.

+ Original games AND Fan Games are allowed (just remember to put all the proper disclaimers in any FanGames you make. We don't want anybody getting sued or anything...)

+ Same as with games, all manner of styles are acceptable. Your characters can be as realistic, super-pretty, super-manly, or cartoony as you want them to be. Even tech and furries are welcome.

+ Hetero couples are allowed as long as there is yaoi and/or yuri too. But any artwork/materials submitted to the group gallery can't have Het as the focus. They can be in the BG

+ Post only as much as you are comfortable with and are willing to share. That can be as little as only a few promotional images to as much as all of your character and BG designs. It's up to you. This group will not be responsible for any stolen ideas, except for those who steal within the group.

+ If you steal another member's ideas/artwork you will be banned from the group! On the first offense, no EXCEPTIONS! This counts for stealing exact images, characters, ext. But taking a common idea and adding your own personal twists, in your own art does not fall under this rule.

+ If you have materials (like bgs for VN games) you'd like to share and allow others to use, please submit them to the resources folder (please remember to state any usage guidelines in your artist's comments).

....any more I think of will be added later.

:bulletred: JOINING :bulletred:


Anybody is free to watch the group or join as a member. However members will only be able to submit suggestions to the group collections, but not to the group gallery. Only Contributors will be able to submit content to the gallery. Members will also be able to post blogs.


A Contributor is somebody who is actually in the process of developing a game (or at least plans to be at some point in time). To be a contributor you must first join as a member, and then submit a note to the group, expressing your desire to be a contributor and confirming that you at least have a project in mind. But you don't have to provide any details about your project if you don't want to. After that, you will be sent an invitation to join.

Contributors will have access to the admin area, where they can post on the group forums and make announcements. And they will be able to contribute to every part of the gallery, except Featured.


I will be looking for a couple of co-founders to run the group.


~~:bulletred: arai-chuusei








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DrawOrDrop Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2016  Professional Digital Artist
Hello, we are developing a boys love VN called Charming Monsters and we'd like to join as contributors (but can't find the note button )
1234567891011234 Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2015
Hey im trying to get into game design and would like some help does anybody hace any tips or could help
Thank you
Waterlilyvn Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Hello, I forgot to submit a note of being a contributor. Could you change my status? Sorry.
arai-chuusei Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
An invitation to Contributors has been sent....I think. If you don't see it just let me know and I'll try again. It's been a while since I've been on DA, trying to remember how this stuff works. lol
Waterlilyvn Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Okay, thank you. It seems like it had worked. And don't worry, I'm kind of new to this as well. 
GrowthAndDecay Featured By Owner May 27, 2015
But stuff without yaoi or yuri is not allowed.... mhmm....
Finaldistance23 Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2014  Student General Artist
Um...can I join?
(I'm mainly good at art. But can't animate.)
epeldoll Featured By Owner May 19, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist

I'm currently making a visual novel but i don't have an artist who draws the background,the cg and the characters..

pls contact me if you are interested..
JuurianChi Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2013   Artist
My name is Juurian Chi and I'm a composer of many different styles of music. I'm now offering free use of any of my music, provided that credit is given (I need to pay my Rent soon as well, so I'm hoping that a little exposure will help to sell a few albums or attract a few donations). My music is freshly written and entirely original, so if you're looking for stock music that has not previously been used elsewhere, or wish to use tracks of differing moods but still retain a certain stylistic cohesiveness, all of my music is available under a Creative Commons license.
I'm always creating more music, so you can follow me on Twitter @JuurianChi and on facebook: [link]
If you are looking for custom work, you can contact me at:
~Thank You :D
Almadeia Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2014  Professional General Artist
This is great!
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