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Besides me needing a new job. I added Other 3 folder. If you need me I will be in the Employment forums looking for work. Happy New Year. Sorry for not being here much. Working 18 hours at $9.00 and going to school at night just to make ends meet and not be homeless is hard but doable.
Yes fanfics are allowed!
Crossover, ships, pairings and what have you...sorry for not updating much, I barely manage my dA as is because I am so busy (and dA mobile is no way to manage a group). I'll start blogging more artwork to our official tumblr every once in a while (right now there is mostly reblogs).

NOTE: We do NOT accept: stolen work, hentai and work that violates TOS, everything else is permitted.
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Fanart from the bad ass retro gramer to the up and comming hot shots of the day, a place for fans of people who love playing video games and their fanart! We enjoy from any and all videogames, everybody's welcome! Submit your fanart today!
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nasty wound by Scump
Link VS Cloud (2021 fan-remake template) by Darkvader2016
Catch Of The Year by Rocketknight56
Lady Alcina Rouge Dimetrescu The Bat by Rocketknight56
Sanctum The Hedgehog by Hellbound-Hellhound
GIFT RP art Chloe Singer AU Close-up by CecilMateus
Meme with Prrick and Brice ships by CecilMateus
Amberprice and Prrick RP scenes by CecilMateus
Devil May Cry Series

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Predator: Dark Fate by MysterMysterious
By the river. Part 2 by Taitiii
By the river. Part 1 by Taitiii
Devil's night at the hotel by Taitiii
Zelda Series
The Valuable Deku Mask by Eli-J-Brony
Zelda's Swordsman School by Eli-J-Brony
Saria's Astral Observatory by Eli-J-Brony
Mask Fairies by Eli-J-Brony
The Mysterious Relic

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Dr Veronica Carbonite by charly2018

Mature Content

Dr. Veronica on Display by Ader441 by DarthArchanist
George Makes A Point by DarthArchanist

Mature Content

Nude sprite Redraw by Cartoontriper
Metroid Series
Samus Aran Helmet by DanielBrother
Happy 15 Anniversary by lordtrigonstar
Samus walking (NSFW optional). by TattiArt
Samus 1(+NSFW optional). by TattiArt
Mario Series
Galaxy Riffs by Mystar21
Smashverse Bowser/Mario Bromance by GodDragonKing
Rising Temperature by Mystar21
Yoshi's Snow Land by AceDojoFox
Resident Evil
I see red by LingLostHappinesXiao
Lady Dimitrescu by ElizabethBeals

Mature Content

Candor - OC Commission by MadBedlam
Bela (Corset version) by minnhsg
Final Fantasy Series
Ramza and Alma 2021 - Wind-whipped by Myst-Knight-Reborn
Tifa Lockhart by KrazyKamikaze44
Sephiroth: One Winged Angel by Zecrus-chan
Yeonjun X Reno FFVII by codetriptych
Far Cry Series
Anton and Diego Castillo (unfinished) by PatrisB
Far Cry 6 - Anton and Diego Castillo by PatrisB
Modern Problems Require Modern Solutions by URANUS-DUCK
Oliver plays tennis on the Wii by URANUS-DUCK
Gears of War Series

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00.   EVE (The One) Gears of war by sashaAZNone
Metal Gear Series
Raiden, metal gear by Ururuty
Sonic And Lilac: Heroes Of Speed by CaseyDecker
Street Fighter
Chun-Li -- Street Fighter by emilynguyenart
Pokemon Series
Pikachu - 25th Anniversary of Pokemon by AceDojoFox
Morrigan Aensland by MidnightDJ-SK
Cosplay - Any Series
Oh You're Here (Misaki from Railgun) by Heatray2009
Halo Series
Halo Weapon Idea:  CQC Carbine (or CQC) by Mryayayify
Mega Man Series
Treat Man - New Robot Master by CaseyDecker
Spyro Series
Happy Spyro The Dragon by pink-ninja
A warm summer evening in Perfect World ~ by KuroMur
Im Not Sure (Teresa from Full Metal Panic) by Heatray2009
Crossover - any series
Circus Baby Friday Night Funkin' FNAF mod Artwork by FritzSmith1st
#417 by Aurora-Silver
Game-Fans design art
Cereza on the bedding - Cover by MallezRChisto
World of Warcraft

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Demon Succubus by IacolareComics
Okami Series
Nanami (Okamiden) by chachaXevaXjeffrey
Ninja Gaiden
Amaterasu Figure  by Dissidialex
Mrs. Arrow by Putcherillust
Band of Bandits by Dee-Artist
DWOAH: Harry Flynn vs Alec TrevelyanDeadliest warriors of all historyHarry Flynn vs Alec TrevelyanWhen money means more than loyaltyHarry Flynn info:Height: 6 foot 2Weight: 174lbsWeapons: Bare Hands, Desert - 5 Pistol, GrenadesStrengths: Worked with Nathan Drake as his treasure hunting partner for a short while before betraying him for the prospect of greater riches, Above peak human strength (Matches Nathan Drake in physical combat, Can knock out and even kill grown men with single blows, Can support his own weight with one hand whilst climbing with ease), Above peak human durability (Can be roughly scaled to Nathan Drake in durability), Peak human speed/hypersonic reactions (Can react to and dodge bullets), Is highly skilled in both hand to hand combat and marksmanship.Weaknesses: Is overconfident to a fault, Despite his above peak human attributes Harry is still human and can be killed just as easily as one.Alec Trevelyan info:Height: 5 foot 11Weight: 176lbsWeapons: Bare Hands, D5K Deutsche, US AR33 Assault RifleStrengths: Was one of James Bond’s closest friends and allies before he defected from MI6, Above peak human strength (Is considered to be Bond’s perfect equal in strength), Above human durability (Is considered to be Bond’s perfect equal in durability), Peak human speed/Hypersonic reactions (Is considered to be Bond’s perfect equal in speed), Genius intellect, Alongside Bond Alec was considered to be one of MI6’s finest Agents before his defection, Is a master of both hand to hand combat and marksmanship.Weaknesses: Despite his incredible skill and durability Alec is still just human and can be killed as easily as one.Battle begin!(Janus Control Centre)“T-MINUS TEN MINUTES TO LAUNCH OF GOLDENEYE SATELLITE”.“So that Satellite goes off, the world's grids go down and we get every single pound and penny in England’s banks? If I didn’t know any better I’d think that was the plot to a really great spy movie” Harry commented as he stood beside Alec overseeing the dozens of solar panels being aligned into position “just remember the deal, a clean 50/50 split of the takings”.“Oh yes, the deal, about that” Alec started with a dismissive tone in his voice “after observing your performance against Bond I have come to the decision that you’re undeserving of fifty percent, perhaps fifteen is more appropriate of your skills”.“You sent me against him without telling me just how skilled he is! Plus I shot him!”.“Oh, you shot him did you? I guess you deserve a reward then because ‘you shot him’, if Bond could be dealt with simply by shooting him he would be long dead” Alec pointed out condescendingly as several of his Janus Guards began to surround Harry, a silent threat for him to take the new deal.Eyeing each Guard around him Harry sighed, seemingly surrendering to his circumstances before suddenly drawing his Desert - 5 and aiming it at Alec’s head “new deal, I take everything and you don’t get one between the eyes” he stated pulling back the hammer on his Pistol as he pressed it to Alec’s forehead.Completely unphased by the Gun to his head Alec just sighed “you truly have a terrible habit of betraying the wrong people don’t you?” he commented before suddenly smacking the Gun away from his head so fast that Harry could barely react, the Treasure Hunter panic firing as his hand was knocked away causing him to shoot a Janus Guard instead before Alec sent him flying back with a hard kick to the stomach “kill him!”.With that command the remaining Janus Guard readied their Weapons and opened fire as Harry scrambled for cover, diving behind a console as a hail of bullets rained in his direction, hitting several of the Scientists that couldn’t get out of the way in time.As the bullets shot over his head Harry drew a Grenade, popping the pin and blind throwing it around his cover sending several of the Guards scrambling away to get away from it, Alec grabbing one of them as they ran passed and holding them in front of him as the Grenade went off, forcing them to take the shrapnel for him before throwing the body aside and drawing his D5K SMG.Cocking the SMG Alec started to walk towards where Harry was hiding, mockingly spraying the console with barrages of bullets causing it to spark and smoke threatening to explode forcing the Treasure Hunter to move from it.“Shit!” Harry exclaimed as some of the sparks from the console burned his arm as he hurried away from it, blindly firing the rest of his Desert - 5 bullets in Alec’s direction narrowly missing each shot as he ran across the room to avoid Alec’s own gunfire.Scoffing as the Pistol bullets whizzed by him Alec reloaded his SMG and took off after Harry who ran out of the room hoping to find some kind of tactical advantage outside, the Treasure Hunter hurrying up one of the flights of stairs that led to one of the metal walkways of the compound, sweat starting to run down his skin as the dozens of solar panels reflecting the sunlight increased the heat to an easy 90 degrees fahrenheit.Shooting any Guard that came his way Harry then exclaimed as a bullet struck him in the thigh making him stumble and grab at the handrail next to him, the metal burning his hand as he turned around to shoot at Alec as the Rogue MI6 Agent outright threw his SMG at him, the Weapon colliding with Harry’s knocking the Pistol out of his hand “damn it!” the Treasure Hunter exclaimed as he dove for his Gun only for Alec to grab him mid dive and drag him away.Heaving Harry to his feet Alec slugged him hard across the face sending him reeling before Harry righted himself, bouncing off of his heels to punch Alec back with surprising force for his fairly lean build, knocking the Rogue MI6 Agent back much to his surprise and even forcing him to raise his arms to block another punch from him, feeling the bones of his forearms bruise from the hit as Harry slammed his Fist against them.“Not bad” Alec commented as he then reacted to another punch from Harry, grabbing his forearm and spinning to throw Harry around him, sending him slamming into the scolding railing on the side of the walkway before delivering a sweeping kick to his back sending him over the edge of the railing to fall down a good twenty feet to the walkway below.Arching his back in pain as he slammed down onto the sun heated metal Harry then quickly rolled to the side to avoid a volley of Assault Rifle fire from Alec, the Rogue Agent having drawn his US AR33 to shoot down upon the Treasure Hunter who made a mad run along the walkway.Cursing as he dashed along the walkway Harry then suddenly stopped as an intense beam of light from one of the higher solar panels suddenly passed in front of him, heating the walkway so much that the metal the light touched turned bright red and the screws and bolts that held the walkway together were forcibly fired from their moorings causing the walkway to collapse in front of him “damn it!” he cried out in frustration, quickly turning to run back as more bullets from Alec rained down from the walkway above.Sneering as Harry ducked and dived to avoid his casual gunfire Alec was just taunting him at that point, taking a moment to reload to which a Grenade was thrown up by Harry, the Explosive landing a few feet in front of Alec prompting him to backpedal away from it as it detonated shaking the entire walkway he was stood on.As the walkway shook Harry’s Desert - 5 rattled across it until it fell over the edge to the walkway below to which Harry dove to grab at it, the Treasure Hunter quickly reloading it before taking aim and firing above him, the much more powerful bullets from the Desert Eagle-like Pistol punching through the walkway and scoring Alec in the side.“Damn!” Alec grunted dropping his Assault Rifle to now clutch at his bleeding side, the Rogue Agent then vaulting over the edge of the railing to avoid another shot from Harry, swinging down with one arm to deliver a diving kick to the Treasure Hunters face sending him off of his feet and crashing onto his back again with his Pistol sliding over the edge leaving him unarmed.Jumping up Alec tried to slam his foot down upon Harry’s chest only for the Treasure Hunter to roll out of the way before spinning around to sweep his leg out across Alec’s sending the Rogue MI6 Agent onto his back as well, the metal of the walkway slowly turning bright red as another ray of concentrated sunlight passed by dangerously close, destroying part of the walkway roughly a metre away behind Alec.Both men scrambling up as another beam of sunlight passed by closer to Alec destroying more of the walkway the Rogue MI6 Agent throwing himself at Harry and narrowly dodging a hard right hook from him to slam his own hand to the Treasure Hunters throat, severely winding him and making him choke as Harry clutched at his neck, his eyes wide in shock as Alec then grabbed him by the shirt before heaving him straight over the edge of the walkway.Flailing as he fell Harry frantically grabbed at a hanging chain that ran down from the edge of the walkway above, just managing to catch the end of it to stop his fall “ha! I lived arsehole!” he shouted out in premature glee as he swung from the chain, only to scream as he swung straight into a passing beam of concentrated sunlight, his skin and clothes burning and igniting as he screamed, the chain becoming so hot he was forced to release it sending his burning still living body falling down to one of the solar panels below.Crashing down upon the solar panel Harry somehow survived the impact, his burned body now beyond broken with huge shards of glass impaling him in several vital areas, the Treasure Hunter weakly looking up just in time to see what was left of the solar panel around him shift and turn to face the sun, unable to even scream as he was once again engulfed in the Weaponized sunlight, frying his body to near ash in moments.Watching from the walkway above Alec just scoffed disdainfully before turning to head back into the facility only to stop when a very familiar face stepped onto the walkway in front of him.“Hello James”.Winner: Alec Trevelyan Sean Bean...didn’t die….*suffers stroke*.There, I made the joke before any of you lot can, bite me.Anyway, why does Alec beat Harry?Well when comparing the two Harry seems to have the major edges in both strength and durability but what gave Alec the advantage he needed was sheer skill, there’s not much point in being stronger than your opponent when your opponent has the martial arts and fighting skills to use and turn your own strength against you in several different ways.So whilst Harry can be considered one of Nathan’s greatest enemies and threats he simply couldn’t compare to Alec who was James’s match in every way.
Artwork From AOE 2 DE 12 by lordtrigonstar
YOUR 3D generated Art

Mature Content

MEI: See All Booty, Feel All Booty by DarkOverlord1296
Sleeperhold bodyscissor_cropd_FULL view on Patreon by bodyscissorfan
PC Games
Mona by xXxOnee-samaxXx
Assassins Creed Series
Netxad Reviews #3: Assassin's Creed Odyssey by Celebi734
Fallout Series
Sole Survivor - Fallout Cosplay by Dragunova-Cosplay
tomb raider
120416_Doppie_and_Lara_on_the_road_again by McGaston
Morgana  by Dissidialex
Battlefield Series
Dark ages|Last minutes of silence by DanStrogg
elder scrolls
Gorrthok - Tesv 2020 01 03 05 18 18 852 by swept-wing-racer
video game oc's
Debra (Mii GUNNER) by Dee-Artist
reddead series
Sadie Adler by G-Matoshi
deus ex series
Whisper of the wind by Rayner80
Batman Arkham City series
Poison Ivy by Velmozha
League of Legends
Bad apple by Zuckergelee
mass effect
The Zha'til Attack - Metacon War by Euderion
Link VS Cloud (2021) by Darkvader2016
Star Wars
Better Bodies By Black Sun by lordtrigonstar
Mortal Kombat

Mature Content

Mortal Kombat - Mileena's Thirst by hombre-blanco
Donkey Kong
Twirling Tiny Kong by Redhead64
Silent Hill
Insomnia || Harry MasonAvailable on Wattpad // AO3// TumblrWarnings: NoneHarry stared at the illuminated computer screen, unsure how to finish the chapter. Whenever he had bad days, Harry had always found peace when it came to writing. It was a healthy coping mechanism for him to turn to. However, when it to came to writing his own works, it was different. Lately, he’s been struggling to obtain new ideas for his upcoming book. It’s been nearly 10 minutes since he’s touched the keyboard.Two soft knocks had pulled him from his frustrated work. Harry glanced over at the clock on his wall, reading after 10:00 at night.“Harry. I brought you some tea.” You opened the door to his small office.And there he was. Bags under his eyes from the restless nights he had from the past week and his brown hair had became a mess. You could tell he hasn’t taken any care of himself at all.You saw how much he had changed after returning from Silent Hill; with a new child and a cult that was searching for him. It had significantly put a strain on him.Poor thing.You set the mug of hot tea in front of him. “I haven’t seen you since this afternoon, so I just wanted to come check up on how things have been.”Harry leans back in his chair, removing his reading glasses to attempt to wipe the tiredness from his face. “Not good.” He sighs. “I haven’t been able to finish chapter 6 for the past hour.” He sits back up to take a sip from the tea. The taste of honey lavender soothed him.“How about you come on to bed? You’ve been in here for hours.” You suggest.“I wish I could, but I’ve got to get this done. At least another hour?”“Nope. No can do.” You shook your head. “And besides, you haven’t been yourself.”“I’m really sorry that I haven’t been giving you much attention lately.” His tired eyes glances over to where you hand rested on his shoulder. “I’ve been such a nervous wreck. I’m scared that the cult is out there looking for me.” His voice slightly trembled.You frowned watching your lover wiping the oncoming tears with the sleeve of his sweater. “I’ve just been so paranoid.”“Harry…” With one hand, you gently lifted the side of his face to look up at you. It broke your heart seeing him in such a bad state.“There’s no need to worry. They’re far from where we are. They can’t get us. We’re safe.” You gave him a reassured smile. “Promise me that you’ll be in bed in 15 minutes?”More tears rolled down his faded stubble beard. “I promise.” He croaked.“Come here.” You outstretched your arms to welcome him in your embrace. He immediately takes up your offer, taking no time to wrap his arms around you and breaking down into tears.Nothing but choked sobs came out of him. He held on to you as if it was the last time you’ll see him.Not knowing what words you could muster up to calm him, you continued to hold him for awhile, running a hand up and down his back to relax his trembling figure.“You know none of this is your fault, right? You didn’t know what was gonna happen.”He slightly nodded in response. “I know. It’s just that…I don’t want them to take you away from me. You’re all that I have left.” He softly whimpered.You pulled away from the tight embrace to caress his face. “I promise you, that nothing will happen to me.” You wiped the stained tears from his face. “I love you Harry and no matter what happens, I’ll still always be here with you.” You tilt his head downward to plant a kiss on his forehead. “How about you go get ready for bed now?” You flashed a soft smile.Returning a teary smile, he nodded.
Bio Shock
One Evening In Rapture by TheMadArchitect
Dragon Age Series
Tale of Gray Wardens (DA:O Fanfiction) #1-17 by Lisu166
Diablo series
Andariel: Prime Evil by splaty
Dragon's Dogma
Land-of Eternal Sunset-2 by SimonJody
king of fighters
The King of Fighters - Angel by KrazyKamikaze44
Someone else. by koshnika
Cold Sharpness by Den4ik6655
Elder Scrolls Folder2
Facing the Facts by Foolish-Hearts
Dead Space

Mature Content

When The Nothing Shines Upon (SFM) by Herioc107
crash bandicoot
kingdom hearts
Sam Samsung Assistant by Emerald--Weapon
red dead redeption series
Anna by ranshin06
What Can I Do For You (Misaki from Railgun) by Heatray2009
beyond two souls

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