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TwentyTen Wallpaper

I've never seen a wallpaper for these guys in a group like this, so here you have it! After trying alot of different effects for the background, I decided to stick with solid black, because I thought it looked better that way. The original screenshot is from their song Filly Cannon at about 1:41.

From left to right: Mic The Microphone, The Living Tombstone, IBringDaLulz, WoodenToaster (Glaze).

Mic the Microphone Vector by MyLittleLuckyWish
The Living Tombstone Vector by Helhoof
IBringDaLulz Vector by TomA62975
Wooden Toaster Vector by Helhoof

TwentyTen Screenshot by Game-BeatX14
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Seriously, wooden toaster is a male pony, or a tomboy female pony?
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Wooden Toaster is a guy in real life, but he chose the female design for his OC because he didn't like how the stallions looked.
Oh, thanks! I get a bit confused after watched nightmare night video. She wear a fairy costume but her voice more like a male pony (and a bit sexy).
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This got 20% cooler!
hey i see just 4 of u where is 8 more "twenty ten"
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These are my altime favorite bronies!
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This is my new wallpaper.
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you did a good job.
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carrot top go beyond your garden and be the queen you know your'e destined to be!
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Ya' gotta, fill up your heart!
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