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Star Flower - Everfree Network

Wanted to take a break from fractals and make something colorful, clean and simple again. I know it's pretty generic, but anything more that was added looked jarring and out of place... This was not requested by Everfree Network, it was made on my own free will because I felt like it.

Vector: Crystal Star Flower by TheShadowStone
Logo design belongs to Everfree Network

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Changeling Swarm by Game-BeatX14  Eternal Twilight by Game-BeatX14  Knight Dash by Game-BeatX14
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You're still making in Paint.NET? Or no? Phone cases? Only for iPhones, and S3 and S4? Why :(
If you remove "Everfree Network" logo, that will look better. With this, i feel its free ad on my desktop...
Thanks :)
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Yeah, I still use Paint.NET

As for the phone cases, Redbubble manufactures and ships them. I don't have any control over what they offer, sorry :(

This was made for Everfree Network, I wanted to use their logo so it wouldn't make sense to remove it :D
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So i must remove logo by myself. But only for my desktop :P

I must learn how to use Paint.NET. Do you use any plugins, or clear Paint.NET? With this free software you made awesome wallpapers. Long ago i used Paint.NET, you can see effects in only one wallpaper on my deviant profile... :)
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Just look through the plugin forums and download anything useful, I have too many to count…
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Wow Truly beautiful is muy Good I like ^^ :D
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Haha! Glad to see you finally pulled off a EfR wallpaper that I suggested! Looks great man!
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According to my Gmail inbox I had emailed them and asked for a vector of their logo on March 20th... It wasn't until they got an OC that the idea came back to me.
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Well none the less it turned out perfect! good job man.
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Awesome work Game~ I require more Star Flower hoersgradients.
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We all need moar starhoers gridiants.

There's only 4, and that's a disgrace. I expected better from this fandom…
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I should really make one, goddamn. I've been slacking.
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diagonal stripes...
I like it! :D
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small text implying that I use them too much...

Glad you like it, man! :D
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Wrong link to the vector
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Oops... Fixed it, thanks for letting me know :)
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That looks really cool!


Good job!

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