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Never made a Celestia wallpaper before, so this was a nice change. I know it's really bright but I wanted it to be this way. Also, there won't be a non-pony version this time since I messed up and didn't keep backups of certain layers :(

Vector: Princess Celestia by 

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Wow muy good she is so beautiful I like Calibri is overjoyed [icon] 

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So pretty! What program do you use to make your wallpapers? 
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Paint.NET, Apophysis 7x, and sometimes Wings 3D + Blender.
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Yep, it's all free software.
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Okie dokie! Thank you very much! :D 
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Nice mane~ al naturale ;)
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wow, beautiful!!
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Impressive Princess Celestia is muy beautiful I like Heart Love 
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she looks awesome! love the colors here!!!
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Wowsa, I really agree with Budgie. The colors are amazing! And she looks so elegant. :iconamazingplz:
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Love the colors!
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That was my favorite part of it, so thank you! :D
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