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Here's something a little different from my last few uploads, needed a break from the usual crazy textures. I also bumped up the resolution to 4K, hope you guys like it! :D

Text free version: Rarisocks (Textless)

Vector: Rarity in socks by alexiy777
Font: Borgsquad

Wallpaper Gallery | Fimfiction

Twilight-Em-Up by Game-BeatX14  Icosphere by Game-BeatX14  Happy Spitty by Game-BeatX14
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Can I use this on my account? I will credit you!
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Hi, I am Vitreous. I am a reviewer on Youtube for My Little Pony and I have been trying to do more Fan stuff lately And am doing a Fan Art Spotlight Episode and this time my mind has settled on a Rarity focused spotlight. And I was wondering If I Could spotlight this pic. I am planning this episode for August 18th 2016. I will give credit in both the video and in the description along with a link to your DeviantArt page. You can contact me through Deviantart by replying or Email me at

Anyway, the cut off date is August 12th. Please contact me by then. Oh and I might as well give you a link to my channel and the previous spotlight episode.


OC Pony Fan Art Spotlight:

Have a nice day. I hope to hear back soon!




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Yep, go right ahead. You can use it.
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Awesome I will send you a link when I finish the video!
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Here's a link to the Fan Art Spotlight!
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She is cute and beautiful !!! :)
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What program do you use?  I asked this before you said MS Paint, but what editing program?  So I know its safe to use as my screensaver, I use edit wallpapers and i destroy computers.... :(
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It's made almost entirely in Paint.NET. Texture design, editing, everything.

Though I'm not sure what you mean with that last part, how can an image ever destroy your computer?
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Well, screensavers use to make the computer lag and then break down because of the editing program I used.  But I have like a hundred of your screensavers in a slideshow on my screensaver XD
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looks like stockin from paswg
Love this! Any chance of a version workout the text?
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Check the description, right at the top there's a link to the text free version =P
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Fuck yeah socks :D
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Classic Game-BeatX style! I like it :)
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No textures, but still awesome :D
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OMG SO CUTE. This is now my new favorite plz account :iconrollinrarityplz: :la: :iconrollinrarityplz:
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cute rarity wallpaper
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